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  1. Charlotte says:

    Hi, is there a UK Webiste? When I try to complete my order they ask for a country and UK is not an option. Really excited to try these products.

    1. TréLuxe is sold at Naturalistic Products, House of Curls UK and Kiyo Beauty in the UK. My discount code only works on the US TréLuxe website.

  2. Hi Gabriella! How would you say the ReFlex serum compares to the Innersense I Create Lift foam? Is it more moisturizing? (Thinking about switching to a styling product with more moisture for the winter, but my hair really likes the protein in Innersense.)

    1. Hmmm….I would say they’re completely different. Innersense I Create Lift Volumizing Foam is a lightweight foam that adds texture and volume, with some definition and minimal hold. TréLuxe Reflex Curl Styling Serum is a serum that enhances and defines curls and ringlets, with medium hold. They don’t do the same thing. From what you’ve described that you’re looking for, then I’d definitely suggest switching to the Reflex Serum. However, if you really love the Innersense foam, then just leave more of your conditioner in your hair, helping your hair to stay more hydrated and moisturized until the next wash day. Hope all that helps x

  3. Brinda Rajendran says:

    Is it shipped to EU? I tried ordering treluxe serum and gel, but the postal options are only available for US, Canada.

    1. TréLuxe only ships within the US and Canada. For the UK/EU, check out Naturalistic Products, House of Curls UK and Kiyo Beauty. However, they sell out fast, and I don’t have a discount code for them I’m afraid.

  4. Robin Garabedian says:

    What’s your preferred application method for the reflex styling serum?

    1. There’s a full styling application routine video using the TréLuxe Reflex Serum and Hi! Definition Gel on my YouTube channel, and linked in this post.

  5. Hi Gabriella. Are any of the Treluxe discount codes you have applicable to Ireland or UK?

  6. Great Video as always. Your hair rocks and def fits your awesome keeping it real self. Thanks Gabriella