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  1. Your blog is an amazing resource – it has helped me so much – thank you!

    Although heat protection is not necessary for diffusing, I would like to incorporate one in my LMG routine because I have just started out and my hair is still very damaged on top from years of highlighting and heat styling. I diffuse but sometimes smooth my fringe area (which is damaged and fine/frizzy hair) on gentle, low/medium heat with the Dyson Airwrap. I have fine, porous/damaged, 2c-3a hair, still with some highlights. I have just ordered Bounce Curl Clarifying shampoo, Innersense Colour Radiance Conditioner (which I won’t completely wash out), I usually use the Aveda Nutriplenish leave in here (as it has heat protectant) but not a huge fan – looking to try something else. I follow with a Clever Curl foam and gel (I think neither have protein, and I may tweak these later once I’ve locked in the cleansing and conditioning aspects!).

    Would you suggest the Innersense Serenity Smoothing Cream or something else?

    Thank you!

    1. Gabriella says:

      Hey, yes I really love the Innersense Serenity Smoothing Cream, and you don’t need much – although it’s still pretty lightweight so it shouldn’t weigh down your hair. You might not need to eliminate the stylers that contain protein – everyone’s hair needs a little protein. Use code CURLMAVEN for 15% off your first order at Innersense in the USA, or 10% off at Curl Warehouse in Canada, Kiyo Beauty in the UK or The Clean Beauty Edit in the EU – the last two also ship worldwide.

  2. Cannot believe i have only just discovered you! Luckily, I’m not too far into my curly journey. This is by far the best blog and information I have found on curly hair. I’m so grateful that you are writing and giving clear guidance rather than making 1000 over the top Instagram videos that don’t teach us much but get the views and algorithms going. I have booked in with you for my daughter and very excited to work Mt way through your blog for my own hair x

    1. Curl Maven says:

      Thank you for your kind words! I’m thrilled to hear that you have found my blog to be a valuable resource for your curly hair journey. It’s always gratifying to know that the information I provide is helpful and clear, and that it stands out from the noise of social media.

  3. Thanks Gabriella for this informative post! Loving the increase in blog posts this year (for as long as is right for you of course). Can’t wait for the blog post on refreshing, working out a better styling/drying/refeshing routine is one of my goals for 2023.

    1. Curl Maven says:

      You’re welcome! I’m glad you found the post informative. I’m also excited about the increase in blog posts this year and will continue to share helpful content.

  4. Josephine says:

    For sure helpful at the beginning of my new hair-care journey.
    Thank you for all the information!

    1. Curl Maven says:

      You’re welcome! I’m glad I could help you at the beginning of your hair-care journey.

  5. Always enjoy your content and continue to look forward to the next post!

    1. Curl Maven says:

      Thank you for your continuous support!

  6. Lindsey Cohen says:

    You say not to use purple shampoo- I have naturally silver hair (thank you pandemic when I grew out my died hair) and it does get yellowy. I clarify every three weeks and use Noughty purple reign (UK) every three weeks. Please advise. Thanks for your helpful posts. Greetings from London

    1. Gabriella says:

      Hey! what are you using to clarify every 3 weeks, because if it doesn’t have the necessary ingredients to remove those mineral and metal deposits, then it’s not a proper chelating, clarifying shampoo – which is why you’re having to use a purple shampoo. It sounds like you need to use a proper chelating, clarifying shampoo every 3 weeks. Read this post for more information and product recommendations and that key ingredient: https://staging3.curlmaven.ie/why-when-you-should-clarify-your-hair/

  7. Thank you so much!
    Loads of information and misconceptions.
    I’ve been loving seeing you back on the blog.

    1. Gabriella says:

      hanks so much Sofia! I have to say, coming back to writing and publishing weekly posts makes me feel so much better than slogging it out on social media. I feel like my website (which I’ve worked so hard on, poured so much of myself into and I truly own) feels like my safe, sacred space. I just hope that comes across to everyone else who comes here too x