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  1. I am currently using the Marc Anthony Strictly Curls Foam. I love it. And I would call it a mousse, not a foam. It’s quite thick and seems to grow. For me, I don’t use a gel with it. If I do it’s a bit glazed and scrunched underneath, but I’ve used it alone and it works fine too. I was always a gel girl but for months now I have leaned to mousse and foam, and prefer it. I find the hold quite good with the Marc Anthony. I tried the UG gel, and it made my head itch! I haven’t seen the foam, but probably wouldn’t try it for that reason. I think it was the scent of the gel. My scalp is scent sensitive.

  2. Do you know they still make pantene defined curls? They just don’t sell it in the UK. Absolutely ridiculous!…I’m on a Greek island and they sell it here.ive Been using it all holiday and its been bliss.made me realise even more how much I love it. Damn pantene for discontuing in the UK. Nothing but fools!

    1. Gabriella says:

      Yes, and it’s still in Spain + the Spanish islands such as the Canary Islands, where they still have the Perfect Curls Shampoo + Conditioner too. But they’ve discontinued Pantene in USA, UK + Ireland

      1. Let me understand clearly two things. The Pantene mousse is still available in Spain?! How to order it now please.
        The Umberto Giannini mousse isn’t available to purchase?!
        This is not good at all.

  3. Shannon Kunkel says:

    Great info as always! I would love to hear your thoughts on the other mousses you’ve tried as well!

  4. Not sure if it’s helpful information, but the Curl Whip Mousse cannot be shipped to the United States (according to Beauty Bay website). It’s not available on the US Lookfantastic site so I was super excited to see it available here but it won’t let me purchase it. Thanks for all the hard work you do!

  5. zlata berman says:

    The mousse is not available in the U.S., what are we to do?? 🙁