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  1. I love your products! Do you sell a travel size kit of products?

    1. Gabriella says:

      Hey, this is just a review of TréLuxe products, it’s not my brand. They don’t do travel sizes unfortunately, but you can buy various kits and bundles of their products, as per this review and other articles on my website about TréLuxe. I hope that helps x

  2. Aldiene Fuller says:

    I am just learning how to take care of my curly hair. I have thick hair, however, I had straight hair but lots of volume hair til I hit mid to late 50s. The aged color that is coming in has changed from wavy to curly. Been using Aussie line lately combination waves shampoo and conditioner, serum and their curls cream ans adding tressme styling glaze. I have seen lots of ad for TreLuxe, but have been a little apprehensive about this product. I don’t know anyone personally that has tried it or uses it. So I am going to try it.

  3. Lynda Tesney says:

    I just ordered but am wary since I have very thin and fine curls. Will this work for this type of hair or do you know?

    1. Gabriella says:

      I don’t know which products you ordered, but the shampoo, leave in conditioner, mousse/foam, serum + gel are all great for fine hair.

  4. Laura Trigger says:

    Hi love reading your blog. I’m using treluxe. When I add the gel my hair goes knotty. Like I lose the slip I then find it harder to style. Am I doing something wrong. I use floracurl leave in then treluxe serum then gel.

  5. Hi Cailin,

    I think you have great defined curls. I did notice at the root of your hair it kind of looks like there is some flakiness and build up. Ia this something you jus deal with despite all the steps you take? I feel I have experienced the same thing when i use products that are too heavy.

    1. Yep, those white flakes are from using too much of the gel, which I mentioned in the review, and wanted to show in the images too. It can happen to everyone. It’s not necessarily that the product is too heavy, it’s that I was too heavy handed when I applied it, and applied too much. It can happen with quite a few products, MopTop Curly Hair Custard is another product that springs to mind and does this if I apply too much. Ps. My name is Gabriella, not Cailin. x

  6. Do you layer the Hi Definition gel over the reflex serum or use them separately on different days? What routine gives you the beat results?

  7. Hi, excellent review! It was really helpful to read. I’ve never heard of a hair serum and ringlets sounds amazing. I was wondering where does a serum fit in a normal wash day routine? I use bounce curl shampoo, cream conditioner, leave in, avocado clump & define and the gel. Thanks very much.

    1. Thank you! When applying styling products, I always recommend starting with the lightest formula/texture/consistency first and working your way up to the heaviest at the end. Hope that helps x

    2. I am currently trying the products you spoke about in your review. I have fine hair and I’m finding my hair is way too soft and will actually frizz with too much moisture yet frizz with too little moisture.. Any advise?

  8. I posted a looong comment here the day before yesterday, what happened to it? It took me over an hour to write it! Anyway, the point was I’ve been binge-reading and watching your blog, IG and YT and fallen in love with your hair, personality and knowledge! Thank you for all the great advice and please don’t stop! Also wanted to ask your suggestions on what to buy right now as I can’t wait for the 2020 overview! Managed to find B&B Sunday Shampoo, As I Am Coconut Co-wash, Matrix Biolage Hydrasource Conditioner, Giovanni Direct Leave-in, but TréLuxe isn’t available in Estonia (or anywhere outside the US?). Also I haven’t been able to find a protein product or a good gel that is available to Estonia and isn’t sold out. Maybe there’s some 2020 discoveries that you could unveil? And another idea I got reading and watching everything is thay maybe you could do a kids special post – what and how to use on innocent hair and how not to overdo it. Your daughter Éabha’s hair is amazing and she’s such a character (132 books in one year, wow!). I have 4 kids and 2 of them seem to be quite the curlies, I would love to give their hair the love they need (oppose to my own childhood where I thought I had straight hair that didn’t obey me!).

  9. I have been trying Jessicurl rockin’ ringlets lately and like it! I’m on an island like you (canada) so it’s not terribly cold, just wet and unpredictable! If you were to oversimplify the differences between rockin’ ringlets and spiralicious vs treluxe’s serum & gel ….. why would I pick which?? Any suggestions appreciated – love your blog!

    1. I have to same question!!!

    2. Great question and I’d also love to know how they compare.

  10. Looking forward to trying their products! I’ve recently been using As I am cowash, bounce curls clump & Creme, Bounce Creme gel and washing with Trader Joe’s/Biolage Hydrosource every other day. I also deep cleanse (BB Sunday) and rice water treat about every 2 weeks. My issue is that on the second day after a real wash, my products leave my curls heavier, not as light and certainly flatter on the scalp. I can’t fluff them as easily. I’m hesitant to add a leave-in conditioner, because I have fine hair, medium porosity type 3b curls that get weighed down easily. Would you recommend using the Reflex curl serum & Hi!Def gel together? Or try them separate first? I do wash with Trader Joe’s every other day because my hair is feeling product heavy on the second day, I’d like to stretch it out to at least 3 days. AND I’m using a small amount of each styling product, so I thought build-up wouldn’t be an issue. Lastly, since you are my current curl goddess … do you have any recommended scrunching paste, pal made, oil that you recommend? I hate to use hairspray if i can help it!

    1. I’m not surprised your hair feels heavy and weighed down, that’s a lot of products to be using so often, and a lot of moisture too. I don’t use oils or pommades. I scrunch out the crunch with my hands, and sometimes using the Aquis double sided silk turban. I don’t think the styling products are the issue here, it’s the co wash and the amount of moisture in your routine.

  11. Roisin Duffy says:

    Amazing. Just bought the serum. Fab ringlets. Just like you promised. Now to buy the whole range!!

  12. Fanny Todd says:

    Hi Cailín. I loved to read your blog. You are a very good writer and a hair expert. I would like to ask you: what do you prefer the most: TreLuxe products or Innesence products. Thanks

    1. Hi Fanny, I prefer Innersense cleansers, conditioners and some of their stylers. But I much prefer the TréLuxe gel, and their serum. Hope that helps!

  13. Love this review! I’ve been using the serum and gel for a while but have recently purchased the other products in the line! I would love to see your Treluxe routine at some point with how you apply the stylers!

    1. Thanks Joanne, I actually have a YouTube video up now featuring the stylers, my top tips for applying them and my results. I’ll link it here for you: https://youtu.be/0NC_vx9I5Y4

  14. Hi Gabriella,
    Another beautiful and complete review, thank you.
    So now that you tried this brand, can you tell us what are your favorites routines ?

    1. This is my favourite styling routine by far. I’ve been doing it consistently using these products almost all of 2020 and I really struggle to try anything else because the results are always so consistently good. You can see my full styling routine using these products here: https://youtu.be/0NC_vx9I5Y4

  15. Do you use the gel and serum together?

    1. Yes, every time. I have tried using them on their own, or with other products, but I find best results using them together.

      1. Jennifer F says:

        I’ve seen people use the gel first and others use the serum first. What do you suggest?
        Thank you!

  16. Those products sound amazing! You mentioned that they contain quite a lot of protein, do you think they’d be suitable for my low porosity hair?

    1. It’s a total myth that low porosity hair should avoid protein. Your hair is MADE of protein. It’s like saying short people should avoid drinking water.

  17. Question. Do you still a mousse when you use this serum and gel?

    1. I have done, but I get just as good results with jut the serum and the gel so for the first time in years I’ve not been using mousse as regularly as I used to

  18. Catherine says:

    I love your reviews and trust what you recommend 100%! I was anxiously awaiting which line you were using this summer.
    Before I purchase- I’m confused and I hope you can clarify this for me- Bounce girl has propylene glycol listed, along with parabens and other not healthy nor good for curly hair ingredients so they won’t use it. But this line has it listed as it’s 2nd ingredient after water, which is very high on the list. There is ethylene oxide in propylene glycol which is bad for us, and the reason why bounce girl won’t use it (I emailed them and asked). What is your take on having this as a very high ingredient on their list in most of these products? I actually read the list of ingredients carefully now because of the wonderful advise you’ve given us. Thank you for all that you do for us curlies!!

    1. I don’t get that caught up on ingredients like that, everyone has their own personal opinions and standards when it comes to certain ingredients, like parabens. For me, I don’t have a problem with them, Calpol one of the world’s leading pain relief medication for kids contains parabens for eg. Yes certain ingredients are important, but formula is always key. We can have an IDEA or a GUESS of the quantities based on where they appear on the ingredients list, but no one but the formulator, chemist and owners know the exact % quantities. Merian herself, owner, formulator and chemist of Bounce Curl says this herself.

  19. Christina says:

    Another great review and these products look amazing. You know when you’ve watched enough IG stories to be able to hear your voice while reading the blog!! 🙂
    Was really excited about this and was so looking forward to the giveaway information until I saw it was for USA only 🙁
    Does your discount code work on Naturalistic or is this just for the US site too?

    1. I actually get told that a lot, that people read my blog posts and can hear my voice. So sorry, I don’t have any discount codes for any of the UK distributors. Believe me, I have tried, on numerous occasions but can never get anywhere. I’m as frustrated as you are, trust me! Really sorry

  20. Benedicte says:

    Oh no my wallet
    But first:
    Does Trelux contain more protein than innersense? The Innersense pure line does not contain enough protein for me.
    In which web shops is the discount code valid?
    thank you very much for this great review

    1. You can check out the ingredients list to compare side by side

  21. I’m going to swap in the gel to try. I’ve been doing the CMG method. When do you use the serum? Instead of the mousse?

    1. Either/Both. Sometimes I’ll use the mousse, serum and gel. Most often I just use the serum and gel.

  22. Please can you tell me how you apply the serum to get ringlets as I understand it can be used a few different ways?

  23. Leigh Anne says:

    Your reviews are just the best and i totally trust you won’t steer us wrong! I’m definitely going to order these products!!

    1. Thank you! That really means a lot to me. I would never do a review or recommendation unless I 100% believe in the product, brand and have done significant testing x

  24. I love Treluxe! Their leave-in conditioner has saved my hair, no joke! A great hack for the Reflux Serum is to use it as a dry refresher! I rub a small amt between my palms, ghost it lightly over dry hair, and voila! Refreshed curls without water and in seconds!

  25. Another amazing review! I don’t think I’ll ever get over how honest and thorough your reviews are. I’ve been wanting to try this brand, but wasn’t sure about it for my fine hair. I always trust your reviews, so I will definitely give it a go! Thank you! 🙂

  26. I’ve been wondering where you got your beautiful ringlets this summer! I’ve been using Jessicurl and love it SO much, but I’ve found I seem to be short on protein most of the time. I have a hard time doing the protein deep treatments on a half-regular basis so I was wondering if I should switch to products that have protein in them.

    I have very fine hair that is easily weighed down. Spiralicious and Rockin’ Ringlets are too heavy. But Gelebration Spray and Confident Coils seem just right, and I love the moisture level.

    Would you recommend the same lineup you mention here? Or should I mix and match products? I would prefer to find a whole product line that worked well for my hair for both protein and moisture. I tend to stick to a routine and I don’t switch things up often.

    1. Yes that was my problem with Jessicurl long term, not enough protein for my hair either. There are definitely lighter products out there than the Spiralicious, and Gelebration Spray is a lighter alternative to Rockin Ringlets. I’m surprised Confident Coils doesn’t weigh you down though, as that’s heavier than both of those. The problem with sticking with one entire product line from start to finish, is it’s not catering to your hair’s specific requirements and needs. For me, I have to mix and match to get the balance of protein and moisture and weightlessness just right, that’s my priority rather than everything being from one brand.

  27. Awsome 🙂

    your review came at the right time.

    I have placed an order today and been so impatienced for products to arrive.

    Could you plase tell me the size of the gel when you are using it?

    Thnx a lot

  28. Michelle Harkin says:

    Excellent review. Love all your blog posts. You have taught me so much! Definitely interested in trying these products especially if it can help with the Holy grail of creating ringlets!! Just checking – is the discount code for the Treluxe site or Naturalistic Products. Based in Northern Ireland. Thank you! 🙂