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  1. I’m new here but you have already helped me so much. I have had an interesting hair journey… growing up with mostly straight hair with some gentle waves. Got breast cancer in my 40’s and lost all my hair and it grew back VERY curly then relaxed again. My hairdresser told me it retained more texture when it became straight again. I hit menopause in 50’s and in the past 6 months my hair has become super wavy! I am now growing out what was a really shorrt, straight pixie cut and thanks to you keeping it healthy as it is now very textured.

    I LOVE your chatty style… I feel like you are a friend to all who join you here.

  2. Sara Lefquihi says:

    Sorry to hear you’ve been suffering from burnout. Having gone through it and had to take 3 months off work last year, I can sympathise; it really is no joke.. Look after yourself and don’t try to do too much too soon (definitely second the social media step back!) Loved the chatty email and great blog post, even when you think you have your routine nailed, still found something new and helpful in this!

  3. Welcome back and thank you for all the great information as always

  4. Amazing blog – as all of your posts are just wondering what you think of Ogx hair products as I have seen some of their shampoos are curly girl approved and I am in need of some VERY budget hair products but I don’t want to ruin the health of my hair.

  5. Great post! I just bought the Bio Ionic Universal Diffuser and I LOVE IT! The air from it is very gentle and it doesn’t blow your curls all over the place. I don’t know if it’s available in the UK or Ireland, but in the US it’s about $24 and it attaches very nicely to my cheap Conair Infiniti Pro hairdryer. Sadly, the Dyson fried my hair even when I used it on the lowest heat setting and only for a few minutes. I regret buying that one.

  6. I am happy to see you back, and I enjoyed your chatty email.

  7. Knocking it out of the park as always, thank you Gabriella x

  8. Fantastic blog post as usual

    1. Jacqueline says:

      Love your blog and all your videos and posts. I have 4 year old very curly haired twins and all your advice and guidance has really helped me look after their hair.