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  1. Great tips as usual and thank you for sharing so much helpful information on all hair topics, you’re my go-to for all things curly. As a fine haired curly I’d love to try the Hair Love Prep Spray and I Create Shine. (in Ireland)

  2. Kathy Kucemba says:

    Ooops, I was too anxious to reply and didn’t tell you I’m from Canada in my previous reply. I can’t really pick one tip from this blog, because they are all so helpful. But I think the I Create Waves for more texture is a good one. I have silky roots and sometimes I find my hair doesn’t have enough grit. So the prep spray and I create shine would probably be good options for my hair.

  3. Thank you for this great post! I am from Italy and I would like to try Hair Love Prep Spray and I Create Shine. Thank you for your great blog!

  4. Rachel Eriksson says:

    I really like how you explain things in simple terms,step by step for individual hair types.
    I’m 51 perimenopauseal and have always had my hair curly but you’ve taught me so much,the science behind the styling,love your posts.Oh I need the Innersense Serum,sounds just what my routine is missing for my coarse curls.
    Rachel from North Wales x

  5. Becky Davidson says:

    I was just telling a friend today how much I’ve learnt from you over the past 5/6 years, and here I am, still learning! Thankyou, I’m in the UK

  6. I love reading your articles. You always provide so much useful information. I have wavy, fine, easy to frizz hair and love the Innersense brand, for both the results and for being natural. I have yet to try the Hair Love Prep spray or I Create Shine. Thanks from Canada!

  7. The timing of this post is perfect for me! I gave up my straightener when starting to embrace my curls a few years ago but have been getting an itch to straighten it again now that my hair is healthy. I love the tip about helping keep hair voluminous and prevent it from being flat and lifeless when heat styled!

    I live in the US and would love to try the Innersense Love Prep Spray and I Create Shine.

  8. Ger Vallely says:

    Hi, loving your post, as usual. I find the layout of the blog as well.as the information very easy to navigate and follow. It definitely makes it easier, with meno brain, to follow. I’m in Ireland and I find due to rain, wind and humidity I lose volume. Actually, meno has aided the loss too. I have not got as much root lift either, it is really something I struggle with. I would absolutely love to try the Hydrating Mask. It sounds ideal and something that might really help with my issues.

  9. caroline Fallon says:

    I love your attention to detail/ how describe things in layman’s terms. I would love to try Hair Love Prep Spray and I Create Shine for my very low density hair. I live in ireland.

  10. nichola Curran says:

    I was only messaging you the other month asking about heat protectant and you told me to keep an eye out on the blog so i’m so excited to read this. Yours was the first curly hair page I followed and always the one I trust to be honest. I’ve been embracing my curls for 2 years and it’s never been healthier. I’d love to try the heat protectant.

    Following In Ireland

  11. Christina says:

    I am finally far enough in to my wavy hair journey that I am contemplating heat styling once in a while. There were so many great tips in this article. I would love to try the prep spray and the shine serum. Those are two tools I don’t have in my arsenal of products. Thank you from Canada!

  12. Ellen Jimenez says:

    Never used innersense products but would love to try. Have 3a-3b curly hair, aways afraid to straighten my hair. With these tips and products I might give it a try once every so often, maybe once every other month or so. Ellen

  13. As a girl that needs to change up her look these tips are gold.
    I would love to win Hydrating Hair Mask and I am based in Charlotte, NC

  14. Helpful as always! I’ve really been struggling with dry hair this summer because I haven’t been as careful to replenish protein after days in the sun! And have been itching to do a blow dry so I feel better about life for a little bit, hehe. Very curious to try out the Hair Love Prep Pray and Smoothing Cream. Love from Pakistan.

  15. Chelsea Rigney says:

    Hey Gabriella! I am from the USA! I have been reading a lot of your blogs trying to decide what would be best for my hair and overall how to get my curls back! I would love to try a lot of the products you have mentioned through out all of your blogs but from this blog I would love to try the Innersense Hydrating Hair Mask or the Serenity Smoothing Cream since during the summer months I tend to do a lot of yard work and projects outside! I am currently on the 2nd week of getting my curls back from years of heat damage and processing! I have been doing pretty good with that so far since I cut most of my hair off! All of your tips and tricks are absolutely amazing! It is just hard to pick one thing out of this blog. The one that really stuck out to me is to at most heat style curly hair a max of 3 to 4 times a year! Thank you lady for sharing all of your wisdom and can’t wait to keep learning more!

  16. I have tried a few innersense products but need to get more . I’d be happy to win either product . Your tips ref the conditioner before and after I will start . Thank you

  17. Rachel Couch-Burden says:

    wow love reading your blogs and totally didn’t know you did a curl clinic, my scalp is so sore I need to change out what I’m using, struggle with frizz and I’m trying to grow length, I have no preference it would just be a joy to try any of the items from the innersense branding I’m in the UK

  18. Neasa Hogan says:

    Love this article. Having straightened my hair for 15 years I have been leaving it natural for the last 18 months and really enjoying it. I am stunned at the curls I can manage to get when I do follow the guidance but will try a heat style for special occasions! I would love to win any of the products as I still haven’t found my ‘perfect products’ but have been enjoying trying them based on your suggestions. I think I need more protein but what I really need is to get my a in g and book a one-to-one clinic like I keep promising myself. I bought my daughter the diffuser you recommend and it is super! Also, the Bumble & Bumble products are great for her and I was delighted to get 20% of the Sunday Shampoo last week thanks to your code! Champion!

  19. Claire Hammett says:

    My fine, peri menopause hair has been quite challenging lately and I noticed with hig heat a few weeks ago in the uk a change n texture, it felt very dry therefore I have changed to a product with uv protection and noticed a big difference, the curls are back
    I’d be very keen to try the innersense serum as a protective layer before gel. after reading your post it’s another extremely useful pointer for my hair care regimen during summer.

  20. Cheryl Serra says:

    I love the idea of using the more intense conditioner before using heat tools. I have, at all times, trouble with frzzles! No matter what I do! If my head starts to sweat, even a bit….frizz!!
    I would love to try the serenity smoothing balm and the advanced hair masque. Actually, they all are inviting…. All would be lovely to try!
    All of your blogs are so very helpf
    Thanks so much!
    Cheryl Serra
    United States

  21. Your hair looks lovely! Innersence describes the Prep Spray and Smoothing cream products that you mentioned above as “preparation” for heat styling and “Care” for heat styling rather than “heat protectant” products and say they don’t coat the hair with a protective layer like other (even CGM friendly) heat protectants do. They seem v careful not to describe their products as heat protectants. For that reason, I haven’t been confident to rely on them to protect my hair from heat damage – do you know how they actually protect the hair if they are not forming a protecting coating like certain proteins do? Would love to use them if this was clear as I love their other products.

  22. Geraldine Gormley says:

    Love your tips and advice, would love to win the Hair Love Prep Spray and I Create Shine – and would love to try it out. I live in ireland

    Thanks a million

  23. USA. I’d love to try the masque and cream on my higher porosity, coarse, dry gray hair. I’ve been experimenting more lately, but have never tried Innersense products. Thank you for dependable content and for always saying the type of hair for which products work best.

  24. I need to try the heat protectant!! Always on the hunt to find something that works well on my hair.

  25. Sarah Yasinchuk says:

    Hello from Canada! I’m interested in the prep spray and shine product. I, like you, hear style my waves 3-4 times a year but did nothing to protect my hair beyond my usual styling products that I use when I wear my hair naturally wavy. Learned a good approach from you. You’re a great teacher. Thanks!

  26. I have been desperately trying to find an article about UV heat protectant and so happy you have written this! I use the Innersense conditioner anyway (recommended in our Curl Clinic) so it’s great that the brand has something for that aswell. I’m based in the UK and would love to win the Hair Love Prep Spray and I Create Shine for your UV protection recommendations!

  27. Patti Shank says:

    Thanks for these important insights about using heat. Am finally getting my hair back in shape with your recommendations. I live in the US and would love to try Innersense Organic Beauty Hair Love Prep Spray and Innersense Organic Beauty Serenity Cream for my wavy hair.

  28. These are wonderful tips. Thank you!

  29. Thanks for all the fab tips Gabriella! I’ve been following the curl maven method for a while now and have been seeing lots of great results (yay!). So happy to have found some advice on the occasional heat styling I still like to do. Definitely want to try the Hair Love Prep Spray!
    Lots of thanks from Clare, Ireland.

  30. Eileen Mackey says:

    Great article with a great choice of products for my 2b hair but more important my daughter who seems to have 5c waterproof curly hair to which I am on a learning curb. So the serenity smoothing creams seems a good buy for my daughter who has a big top layer of fuz from the summer uv rays and chlorine from the pool. For me I think it’s the hair love prep spray.

    We are in Ireland and embracing the curls.

  31. I absolutely love Innersense brand. I have fine high to medium porosity curly hair. I struggled to find protein lightweight products for curly hair. My curls are starting to get back to where they were when I was younger (20 years of heat damage from straightening). I get so many compliments I always say Innersense is my secret weapon.

  32. Mary O Brien says:

    Really good tips there , thank you
    I have never tried Innersense products

  33. Sarah McDonagh says:

    Great tip about using the hair mask the day before and day after to give your hair some extra nourishment before and after heat!
    I’d love to win the Hydrating Hair Mask & Serenity Smoothing Cream, and I’m based in Ireland. Thank you Gabriella