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  1. This is very interesting! But what about density and texture? Aren’t they as important to your cut as length? In particular fine low density hair….

    1. Gabriella says:

      Yes they are, this is focusing more on the length, and doesn’t trump what advice your hairdresser will give you when you’re sat in their chair. Too many layers on fine density hair can leave it looking much thinner than it really is, especially if it’s curly.

  2. I went to my hairdressers with my hair styled and sitting beautifully for a change considering it hasn’t been cut for ages, and was hoping to use this technique.
    What actually happened is the hairdresser agreed to the layers but also cut off a large amount of my length with it! She had actually shown me she was just taking an inch off the length too.
    My hair is now layered and shoulder length when curly compared to down to my mid-back before 🙁
    I’m going to embrace it and work hard on my curly hair goals of growing it as healthy as possible…and will be learning how to trim it myself!