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  1. Marion nixon says:

    Thank you so much for your advice. I found it really helpful. I’ve only just found curlmaven on the Internet and think your advice is brilliant I have very fine 2b wavy hair on top but it’s much curlier underneath. It forms ringlets at the back of my neck

  2. I had a curl clinic today which was so helpful, I wish I’d done it ages ago. I now know what ingredients and products my hair needs and the technique for styling.
    Can’t wait for all my new products to arrive so I can get started.
    Thank you Gabriella x

  3. Hello,
    I know I’m replying late. But I read your posts on fine hair and it was like you were talking to me. I have been following the curly girl method up until about a year or so ago. My once thick, long, curly hair has become thin, breaking, dry. I’ve had to cut it to get rid of the damage. But it is still so thin and breaking. I read your wash day post and thought “Why not give it a try?” when I was finished brushing the conditioner through, I noticed hmm, not as much hair in the brush. I did what you said with the rinsing, thinking this is going to weigh my hair down. I applied a small about of mousse, about the size of a golf ball, then applied a 50 cent piece size of gel and brushed it through. I gently squeezed out the excess and diffused immediately, which I don’t normally do, I usually plop for 15 minutes. It took a little longer to dry my hair. But what a difference this all made. My curls looked great. I almost cried. My hair is till thin but I’m hoping the new products I’m using will help along with your wash day routine. This is great. Thank you.

    1. Curl Maven says:

      I’m so glad to hear that it helped you! Thanks for your support!

  4. Julia Khoury says:

    I can’t thank you ENOUGH for your care, patience and expertise. I follow many… And it wasn’t until I came across your content and then booked a 1 on 1 Curl Clinic with you, that I actually felt like I was going to get somewhere. As you may or may not remember… as you took one look at my hair and KNEW immediately that I was in hydrafatigue… and we had… I HAD work to do! I was devastated… but somehow, you calmed me immediately and you prescribed a routine that would help repair the damage and get me back on track. There is no doubt that I am a Curl Maven GURLLLLLLL for life! Thank you my Sicilian Irish Curly Girl SoulSista! Can’t wait to connect again to show the fruits of this labor of love!!!
    Julia K.

    Book your one on one Curl Clinic NOW! Stop all the guess work…Gabrielle has your back and your best most beautiful head of hair AWAITS!!!❤❤❤

  5. I read this again after our 1:1 Curl Clinic today and with other eyes and now even more confident. I´ve bought my missing products to get the best results we spoke about.

    Thank you for your knowledge shared with us. This washday- workbook is a great reminder to follow up on routine and patience. Thank you, Gabriella XX

  6. I had been online checking out lots of posts & websites about finding curly girl tips. So much information to sift through. I came across curl maven and everything fell in to place. I booked a 1:1 and it was a great appt. I received so many helpful tips and a workable plan. Thanks so much curl maven.

  7. Thank you very much. My question is: after the washday routine do you put styling products in. If so, what is the technique. If you use styling product do you need to wash the next day or rinse with water. Thank you for your valuable time.

    1. Gabriella says:

      Hi Susan, yes I apply my styling products as soon as I’ve squeezed out the excess water from my hair after rinsing my roots. And everything I did in the conditioning step, I then do in the styling step. Just with my styling products instead of conditioner. So apply from the ends up, brush to distribute, detangle and define, then scrunch scrunch scrunch! If you focus on a good wash day and protect your hair at night, then you shouldn’t need to refresh or wash again the next day.

  8. Hi! Love your site. Just wondering if you are likely to do a separate post on kids’ hair – my daughter has wispy, wavy hair that gets damaged easily and frizzes. I’ve tried using my adult products on her hair but they don’t help. Also she is really fidgety and active so getting her to sit still somewhere with a product on for half an hour isn’t happening! She gets comments at school (from her teacher who should of all people know better) and I really want to help her but I’m stuck to know what to try! Since you also have kids I’d love to know what you use. We live somewhere it’s almost impossible to get curly girl products so I want to know things will definitely work for my daughter before forking out or asking friends to bring products from overseas. Thanks!

    1. Gabriella says:

      coming soon! I’ve got a blog post for curly haircare for kids coming in September x

  9. Laura Dovalo says:

    Thank you so much for an amazing post, Gabriella! I’ve always tried to fix my problems with the styling products and have way too many of those… Also, I’m terrible at styling! Now I’m going to follow your tips religiously to see if I can get my looser, frizzier top waves to match the ringlets underneath. Grazie mille!

  10. Hiya,
    Thanks for such a great post!
    I wondered how many pumps you use of your Innercense Conditioner. Not sure if I’m using too much or too little!
    Thank you 🙂

    1. Hi Lydia, glad you love it! It depends on your hair, how thick, long, dry it may be etc. For me, I use about 6-8 pumps, maybe 10 sometimes. But Innersense only pumps out a small amount of conditioner, and it’s extremely concentrated! I go through one Innersense Conditioner a year, and generally use about a €2 sized amount. But always apply to soaking wet hair, start with a small amount, if you think you need more product, add more water first, and then see how your hair is and if you need more. Hope that helps x

      1. Thank you so much! Really appreciate it – so helpful as always 🙂