Style + Refresh Masterclass

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Discover what styling products to use to give you the look you want, and the different looks you can achieve using different products, tools and application techniques. Taking your hair from wet to dry, giving you the results you want. Learn how to maintain, refresh or switch up your results on the days in between. Because if you understand how to style your hair, you’ll understand how to refresh.

2 reviews for Style + Refresh Masterclass

  1. Rebecca (verified owner)

    I’ve done many of Gabriella’s classes, webinars, and IG Lives since I found her website. The Refresh and Styling Masterclass I attended was one of the last things I had to nail down in my curly hair journey. And as usual, this class went above and beyond in helping me figure out my hair 3-4 days post washday. I advise new people who are looking to purchase any class from her to start with the fundamentals. This class should be towards the end of your knowledge because if you have your fundamentals right, you won’t need to refresh so drastically or as often.

  2. Jennifer (verified owner)

    I loved this masterclass! Every tip Gabriella shares changes my hair so to have a full session with her was amazing. I highly recommend this.

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