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One of the biggest trends of 2021, February’s Monthly Curl Clinic is all about scalp care! Healthy hair starts with the scalp, so in this Monthly Curl Clinic I’ll go through the different scalp conditions, what causes and aggravates them, and offer my tips, advice and product recommendations on how to heal, soothe and maintain a healthy scalp.

This is a great way to get real time answers to your questions on everything you need to know about scalp issues, whether it’s greasy and oily, dry, itchy, irritated or flaky. Join February’s Monthly Curl Clinic to broaden your knowledge on scalp care, and understand what products and treatments will work best for your scalp concerns.

Check out some amazing reviews at the bottom of the page from previous attendees.

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Join my Monthly Curl Clinics, which are always really informative, and a lot of fun! Jam packed with information, helpful tips, advice, techniques and recommendations, this is a great way to get real time answers to your questions and live demonstrations on a set topic each month. To broaden your knowledge, help you better understand products and techniques to then apply to your own hair and implement in your routine. And learn where you may be going wrong.

Held on the first Washday Wednesday of every month at 7pm GMT via Zoom. Each month has a topic, which I’ll share in advance on Instagram @curlmaven and by updating this page. Purchase your ticket, all the details will be sent to you via email then simply join the Zoom call, and pop your question in the comments. I do my best to answer all the questions during the Monthly Curl Clinic, which lasts an hour – or usually two. You’ll get an email reminder the day before, and you can set yourself a reminder on Instagram by clicking on the event count down box on my Instagram stories in the days leading up to each Monthly Curl Clinic.

24 reviews for Monthly Curl Clinic

  1. Jenn

    Useful,practical and fun-tips I could apply the very next day and so pleased to see much better curls/curl formation.

  2. LAUREN G.N.

    This refresh curl clinic was great! Tons of helpful information. Since following curl maven method my hair has come back to life! I’ve never done a monthly curl clinic; just a 1 to 1.. but the format using zoom was great and I liked the end where ppl were able to ask questions and get real life answers! Thank you for sharing all of your curl knowledge ❤️

  3. Jennifer Dewing

    Curl Maven is so amazing and so full of wonderful information.This was my first curl clinic and I’m so glad I did it! She took the time to answer everyone’s concerns. I recommend doing this curl clinic and take notes (even though she does record it) I loved at the end we were able share if we wanted to and ask a question pertaining to our own hair issues

  4. Caroline

    Absolutely loved this new format! It actually felt like a zoom night out! We could all ask questions through out, and what i really loved, was at the end that we could jump on camera ourselves to ask a question and show Gabriella the hair issues we were having.
    Ive had 1:1 clinics with Gabriella and they are so worth it, her knowledge is astounding and her positivity is infectious!
    Cant wait for the next monthly clinic xx

  5. Melissa

    I wish I was able to attend live but I just watched it and I can’t tell you how amazing it is for someone to truly understand you’re hair! I also had a 1:1 Curl Consult in April, so this monthly curl clinic really answered all the follow up questions i have had. I already see so much change in my curls! I guess this is what my natural hair actually looks like, after 10 years of doing Keratin straightening treatments! I actually had my hair blown out for a friend’s wedding this weekend and I regretted it, my curls would’ve looked so much better! I hope I’ll be able to attend next month’s live, but even having the link to watch after is so beneficial!

  6. Cristina

    I’m glad to have joined this first monthly clinic. I appreciated the personalized back and forth with participants’ questions, especially being able to see one another’s faces/hair at the end to get a better picture (pun intended) of the concerns mentioned. Gabriella was well prepared with product suggestions to match concerns, detailing benefits for each depending on the issue. I would have liked a summary of these at the end but viewing the recording again solves this easily. I will join any of these that address issues I’m grappling with currently. If a suggestion is welcome, I would love a session dedicated to hair loss, shedding, thinning, and remedies/products to address them. I also had had a one-on-one curl clinic with Gabriella a couple of months ago and it was well worth the time and the fee – her suggestions made a difference. Her advice cut down on the time and money I would have spent on my own trial and errors. Highly recommend.

  7. Lisa Bedker-Madsen

    I missed part of it but was able to join in halfway without an issue and also able to play it back in it’s entirety. It was great having the live questions, many of us have the same concerns so EVERYTHING was answered and then some. Awesome refresher of basic curl care in addition to the clinic topic

  8. Hayley Pearce

    Summer hair was such a great clinic. My key tips I learnt for me was how to treat my hair while out in the sun and how to style over the Summer months and how protein is vital at this point. Also how to put your hair up do it does not pull out the curl. Very informative, a good session being 2 hours and great value for month would recommend.

  9. Jillaine

    So helpful! Not only does Gabriella take the time to answer everyone’s questions, she then shares direct links and discount codes for all of the products mentioned, and links to blog posts and videos for using them. The time that must take is insane. SO appreciated, and so worth the nominal fee. Definitely going to do the annual subscription.

  10. Ann Page

    As always August’s Curl Clinic did not disappoint and was super helpful! Will be using lots of the tips and tricks on my next wash day & purchasing some of her recommendations. Gabriella is very knowledgably and friendly and takes the time to answer everyone’s questions and does not make you feel like it is a silly one. She then sends everyone an email the next day with direct links and discount codes for all of the products mentioned, and links to blog posts and videos for using them. The time that must take is insane. SO much appreciated, and so worth the nominal fee. I love these sessions and can’t wait for next months. Thank you Gabriella

  11. Sarah

    I attended the frizz clinic last night and I can already say having made some small changes to my wash routine has made a huge difference. I still have pretty bad frizz but I’m fairly sure this is down to needing to deep condition/do a protein treatment and just look after my hair better. The difference in changing a few small things in one wash is amazing. Once I’ve gotten the hang of the basics I’d definitely book in for a one on one to further refine my methods for my hair type!

  12. Jennifer Fernandes

    Gabriella is absolutely incredible at understanding and showing you how to correct the simple mistakes that can make ALL the difference to your curl pattern.
    From last nights monthly curl clinic tips, the difference in my hair on my wash day this morning already! ​It’s like a total make over with my hair! I just changed a couple of small things that I was doing and found such a huge difference in my curls from it.
    I had a 1:1 curl clinic with Gabriella early last year and my hair has gone from strength to strength, not just in my frizz reducing, but my curl pattern is so good and I’ve gotten so many compliments on my hair! 
    Gabriella has such a huge amount of knowledge for curly hair, and the information  she shares on the curl clinic allows you to understand what you might need to change in order to get your best curl !  Looking forward to booking onto future curl clinics.

  13. SueAnne Robinson

    I attended the frizz Curl Clinic last night and learned so much. I’ve been wearing my hair curly for at least 15 years and I’ve been to some of the most renowned Curl professionals around. The level of instruction we got in Curl Clinic was outstanding, clear and it makes so much sense. Gabriella’s point that the front end of taking care of our curls is not to be overlooked, really resonated with me. Additionally, I did a private session with her too and the I’m happy I did both!

  14. Denise

    I cannot recommend the curl clinic highly enough, you will learn so much and Gabriella is so knowledgeable and explains everything in simple, easy to understand ways. The demos are brilliant because you can really see how to do it for yourself on your own hair. You can ask questions throughout which are answered during the clinic. Try it, you won’t regret it and your hair will thank you❤️

  15. Gráinne Whelan

    Didn’t join the live clinic but watched the playback. Brilliant clinic, so informative, practical and honest. I’ve identified a few steps where I’m going wrong, looking forward to wash day. Does the Gama Diffuser fit the dyson? I have the black orchid diffuser but it’s very heavy when on the dyson.
    Thank you for all the info

  16. Lisa Sinton

    Wow, I took the frizz curl clinic yesterday and my hair already looks better. I bought a couple suggested products yesterday and changed my washing techniques. I am so impressed. I wasn’t all that hopeful going in TBH… I’ve tried many things, and generally the person seems to know about her own hair and that doesn’t always work for my hair. I am so glad to be proven wrong. I washed my hair last night and it looked great, and this morning I had the best second day hair of my life. I can hardly wait for the rest of my new products to arrive. Now I just have to figure out what to do with the old ones!

  17. Elke

    I had booked the curl clinic for September and I am so happy with it. Such a bunch of knowledge and openness to share everything that is relevant for the developing and maintaining healthy curly hair, it is amazing! The next day I washed my hair and knowing what to do I went even quicker through the routine than ever before because I could focus on what matters for MY hair. It was and is so much worth the little investment.
    You really made my (washing) day and surely much more to come 🙂
    Many greetings from Germany.

  18. Rebecca

    I’ve done the last 3 curl clinics as well as read and re-read all of Gabriella’s posts. The information she shares in writing and on video is invaluable. During her curl clinic she is patient and answers all the curly hair questions. Her method of focusing on the health of your hair is one that truly resonates with me. She truly vets all the products she recommends which is a huge plus for me. She really cares about healthy hair and not just the latest product. Since applying her method to my hair, I’ve seen my curl potential coming to life and hair growth! I’m so happy with my hair progress to date and I recommend everyone to take her curl clinics!

  19. Teresa scannell

    Thanks to the curl maven clinics. She is such a wonderful woman. The way she explains everything in such detail. The time and effort she puts in. I love watching her content .she is so real and honest and I am so thankful for her and hope she continues to do what she does and look forward to seeing her for me she is worth the 20 euros. She is kind and honest and funny. Thank you Gabriella for all you do I appreciate it so much thank you.

  20. Cristina Rowan

    Thank you! I booked the November clinic and I learned a lot! I have a very defined curl, but my problem has always been products and technique. Next day after the curl clinic, I followed your advice and my curls revived from the scalp down, I couldn’t believe it!

  21. Hari Priya

    The session was super helpful. I opted for the monthly curl clinic and after such an insightful session i couldn’t resist but go for a 6 month subscription. It’s better to invest in such informative session rather than investing in random products that influencers market.

    @Gabrielle you are probably the best curl expert I have ever seen.

  22. Sinéad

    Gabriella’s monthly curl clinics and Instagram tips have given me back a sense of fun and enjoyment with my hair! I’m 40 now and didn’t get a good curly cut until I was on my 30s and learned how to style it from the hairdresser. But that was it – I had no knowledge of what my hair needed at different times, no idea that my hair needed clarifying sometimes or protein. I’ve learned a lot from the monthly curl clinics and I now look forward to wash days and enjoy my hair, plus get better looking curls for longer!

  23. Tanya K

    Gabriella has CHANGED MY LIFE! I came across her IG account in 2020 when I decided to try embracing my curls for the first time since I was 12. After years and years of chemically straightening my hair, I was left with a mess of texture, and no idea where to start. Armed with a wealth of knowledge from her amazing content, I religiously followed posts, videos, stories and monthly IG lives and tried her tips and tricks to will my curls back. 6 months into going curly, I booked a 1:1 clinic with her and I’m so glad I took that plunge. She created a personalized routine for me with a selection of products, methods, and the WHY behind all of it. On just my very first wash day after that 1:1, my hair was already transformed! I shed 1/8 of the hair I was used to losing with every wash, and my curls slowly but surely, got bouncier, shinier, more defined… within 6 months you’d never have even known I had ever NOT had curly hair.

    Just 1 year later, my hair has grown 3x the length, going from chin length at my first curl clinic to currently being just past my bra, and there is so much more of it! Despite the immense improvement, I’ve found my hair getting into a little bit of a rut over the last few months and felt like I might be over-moisturizing. Something in my routine definitely wasn’t working anymore. After playing around with my lineup and routine a little bit without improvement, I decided to book another 1:1 with Gabriella as a followup to get her expert insight on what to tweak to get back on the right track.

    She is just magical! In just 30 mins of talking through my routine and looking at my curls, their shape, texture, and where I get frizz, she identified the parts of my routine that needed tweaking and recommended where I needed to change things up. She also took me through how to change my routine to adapt for my length and patiently went through all the whys, hows, whats of it all so that not only do I know what to do next but understand why and what to look for and how to adapt as I keep figuring out how my curls should feel and look when things are going well. I could go on and on forever but bottom line, Gabriella is truly an expert! Her free content is already next-level, but both the monthly curl clinics AND the 1:1 are invaluable. I cannot recommend booking a 1:1 with her enough – it will change your life!

  24. Hayley Pearce

    As always a great curl clinic. I love that though I have learnt so much in the last 9 months, firstly on your blogs and now your clinics, you are still teaching me so much about my hair. Thank you Gabriella x

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