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If you’re feeling overwhelmed and confused by all the information, advice, reviews and recommendations. You don’t know where to start, or how to understand what your hair needs. You’re fed up of spending money on products that don’t suit or work for your hair. Or you just want expert advice on what will work best for your hair to help improve the health, get those waves and curls back and achieve your hair goals. Then book in for a Curl Clinic!

Curl Clinics are a completely bespoke curl consultation service specifically tailored to suit you and your hair. They’re a 30-minute video consultation via Zoom. We discuss your hair, your current products and routine, what issues you’re struggling with and what you’d like my help, advice and guidance on.

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Curl Consultation – Curl Clinic ®

Curl Clinics are a completely bespoke curl consultation service specifically tailored to suit you and your hair. They’re a 30-minute video consultation via Zoom. We discuss your hair, your current products and routine, what issues you’re struggling with and what you’d like my help, advice and guidance on.

Focusing on hair health, and using my knowledge, experience and expertise, I build a complete routine of products and techniques during the curl consultation to help you achieve your hair goals. A Curl Clinic Rx email will be sent to you after your appointment, with all the recommended products, links, discount codes and full routine – specifically tailored to suit your hair, your budget, lifestyle, and any other requirements you may have.

Suitable for all curl types, ages and genders, Curl Clinics cost €75. So, if you’re ready to start your healthy hair journey, get your waves and curls back, and achieve your hair goals.

28 reviews for Curl Clinic ®

  1. Isabel

    Where do I even start? The 1:1 curl clinics by Gabriella are beyond fantastic!!!!! I saved up for them because I was dealing with some trouble after 1 year of following a modified CGM and my god!!! I cannot thank her enough. She not only created a routine but was mindful of my budget to choose the specific products (I’m a student and that was important to me :), but Beyond that she followed up with a detailed email of YOUR specific routine with tips and links for your country! Like what?!?! That is crazy! She identified why my hair was not improving for months (overmoistourized) in seconds of talking to me and gave me all the tools I needed to get my hair back to it’s healthy state and improve it even more than ever! I have looked at almost every single blog post and IGTVs of hers after the clinic and now I’m fully converted to the Curly Maven method and let me tell you it works! If you are on the fence about booking a curl clinic, do not hesitate further!! It’s a hair saver and money saver too so you don’t spend way too much on products that are not good for your hair (I’m guilty of that lol). I’m tempted to subscribe for the curl clinic monthly as well because she just explains everything so well that I know I will learn so much. Everyone has made comments about how good my hair looks after the curl clinic.
    In summary (sorry for the long review, I just get too excited), if you want a dynamic, fun and very knowledgeable person to explain step by step what you need to do plus simplify your hair routine, Gabriella is that person without a doubt!

  2. Niki

    I had a one-on-one curl Clinic with Gabriella about 6 months ago, and my hair has improved so much since then! She was able to tell me what I was doing wrong and how to fix it! Which is exactly what I needed! Since then I have been to every monthly curl Clinic and got a heat cap ( OMG the heat cap!!!) I learn something new at every monthly Curl Clinic that has only help with my journey! She has always been quick at answering any questions that I’ve had whether I DM her or emailed her. I am truly grateful I found you! Thank you for everything that you do! ❤

  3. Vicki

    I just wanted to follow up on our recent curl clinic with a big, big thank you! I did feel a bit silly when my wash day the day beforehand turned out as well as it did but, you were able to ‘see past’ the fact that my hair was curly and really listen to my concerns. The changes you suggested were small but absolutely spot on and have made a world of difference. I could have / have wasted time and money trying to figure out where I was going wrong, your immense knowledge and experience really is invaluable to any one on this journey, our curl clinic was a game changer. I lose almost no hair on washdays and the curls are quite a lot tighter, more defined and stay that way for longer. I couldn’t be happier with the results I’m getting. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  4. Ger Griffin

    Gabriella is a no nonsense woman, she knows her stuff inside out and you get results if you follow her advice. It’s been three weeks since my curl clinic and the results are incredible. Thanks so much Gabriella I am embracing my lovely curls and I am thrilled x

  5. Aoife Kavanagh

    I had a curl clinic about two moths ago and it was brilliant!!! I bought a lot of the products Gabriella recommended and they’ve been fantastic! Well worth it! My hair has never been better. I honestly think that a curl clinic would save you money in the long term as you would only be purchasing products you know will work with your hair. Can’t recommend it highly enough!

  6. Tana Kaplan Gray

    This was WELL worth the money spent, and I only regret that I didn’t do it sooner! After a failed attempt at the curly girl method a few years back, I decided to give it another go. I’m so glad I spoke to Gabriella this time, as she recommended products that have already made a big difference in my hair and which I would never have known to select for myself. For the price of a decent haircut you get a tailored haircare routine complete with advice about not just what products to use, but HOW to use them. It’s not intuitive for all of us so I really appreciated that!

  7. Caroline

    Having spent literally decades being stressed about the state of my hair, thinning mostly, the most amazing thing has started happening.
    Twice in the past week when arriving at a restaurant, a total stranger has greeted me with, not ‘hello’ but rather… ‘Wow, I love your hair!’ You’re probably bored with this by now but for me it’s just the most amazing feeling and I owe most if not all of it to you. So, again, thank you, thank you, thank you!

  8. AnnMarie

    I was feeling overwhelmed by the sheer amount of content and voices around taking care of my wavy/curly hair. Gabriella always stood out as knowledgeable and her Curl Clinic did not disappoint! She took time to understand my hair and goals and turn that into a manageable routine that fits my lifestyle. I loved that she recommended the right products for me that were in my price range. Best of all, when I had a follow-up question weeks later, she responded quickly with more useful feedback. I highly recommend a Curl Clinic if you want to start personalizing all you see online for your own hair.

  9. Rasti

    The only reason I haven’t given up on my hair (and I wanted to a dozen times) – Gabriella. It started out with watching her super informative Instagram monthly curl clinics. I would move life plans around just to catch them because they’d be jampacked with tips and tricks and she would painstakingly and patiently address everyone’s questions. Since then, I’ve reverted to her blog only about 2 dozen times – to find handy discount codes and a solution or recommendation to practically any curl-related issue I was having. TODAY, I finally got around to attending a 1:1 and my heart is so happy. Gabriella is the most patient, thorough, well-informed, kind, encouraging and REAL hair-care-giver I’ve ever come across. My hair has already achieved such wonderful results following her techniques and methods over the past 2 years, I cannot WAIT to unlock even healthier hair for myself after my tailor-made consultation. Bless your hard work, enterprise, fire and spaciousness, Gabriella!

  10. Tania

    I had a curl clinic in April, wish I’d had it sooner! I had been having issues with my hair I couldn’t figure out how to fix. With so many products on the market, I didn’t know what suited my hair. Within seconds Gabrielle had figured out my hair type, the issues and told me what I needed to do to fix it. My hair changed within 4 weeks of her recommendations… I could not be happier! It has continued to be in great condition and fab results.
    If you’re hesitating booking a clinic, don’t! Definitely worth it and so helpful.

  11. Heather

    My Curl Clinic with Gabriella was really informative. She was very clear and got straight to business! She helped me to understand more about my hair type and why the products I was using weren’t ideal. Her suggestions have actually made my routine simpler rather than over-complicate things, which is great! I am already seeing far better ringlets, and it’s only been a couple of weeks. It’s still a work in progress but I feel I am on a more informed path to achieve consistently better results!

  12. SueAnne Robinson

    I booked a Curl Clinic with Gabriella when I knew I had 3 products on their way to me that I was pretty sure were not right for me. The clinic was money well spent, she confirmed that while they were not bad products, I could do better for MY hair. She asked tons of questions and gave me some great information about products, techniques and more. I’ve been wearing my hair curly for many years but I’ve grown it recently so some things have come up. I’m confident that I am on the right path with my hair now. If you are someone who feels like their products are not working, book a 1 on 1. I also did the Frizz Clinic for September and really like that too!

  13. Gillian Smellie

    I wish I had booked a curl clinic when I first came across Gabriella. I would have saved the cost of the clinic in all the products I had bought and which were doing no good whatsoever. I developed curly hair (previously VERY straight!) during menopause and I had no idea what I was doing. Gabriella got right to the point and knew exactly what I was doing wrong and why. Two weeks later I am a different woman. My hair is no longer frizzy round the edges and heavy everywhere else and the curl definition is getting better by the day. Book the clinic. You won’t regret it. And the September Frizz clinic was excellent too.

  14. Louise

    How many times have you had (yet another) failed wash & thought “I wish someone would just tell me what to do”. Well, this is the answer! Gabriella is so knowledgeable. I was simply using all the wrong products. So while I was following CGM & had invested in loads of products & tried all the techniques I was essentially pursuing entirely the wrong path. I’m a few washes past the clinic now & the new products have made a world of difference. My hair doesn’t feel “full” of product anymore but the curls are more defined & the frizz is more manageable. It still needs time but I’m committed again now, after briefly returning to my straighteners out of frustration. This was my last attempt to stick with my curls & I’m so glad I did it. Could not recommend this more!

  15. Sarah

    I booked a curl clinic with Gabriella in March and the results have been astonishing. I’m the only one of my siblings with curly hair and to be honest never knew how to care for it, I got so annoyed I ended up shaving half of it off! I discovered CurlMaven online and booked in, within 2 wash days my hair was already different but now 6 months on I can’t believe the difference. Gabriella is so knowledgeable, all you have to do is take her advice and get to know your hair. Worth every penny and would 10000% recommend.

  16. Natalie Schulte

    Where should I start? I am completely overwhelmed by the knowledge Gabriella Curl Maven has acquired. The meticulous preparatory work and preparations that have to be made for the Curl Clinics, the amount of time and attention to detail that she puts into them is absolutely amazing. And everything is self-developed, self-tested and no question remains unanswered. Hats off, Gabriella.
    I had taken part in a free one (when they were still free) or looked afterwards. I was happy to pay €20 for the FRIZZ and now I will also book the 6-month one. I’m also thinking of booking a 1:1 Curl clinic, but I want to work on the length and density of my hair a bit first…to make it worthwhile.
    Thank you for your knowledge and your lovely way of sharing your knowledge with us, Gabriella

  17. Dóra

    I felt lost and I didn’t know where and how to start my Curly Girl journey. I had a 1:1 Curl Clinic with Gabriella, and I feel so much more confident now! She gave me personalised product recommendations and put together a routine for me, tailored for my hair type and hair goals. I couldn’t thank her enough! Really recommend turning to her with any curl-related questions – her knowledge is gold!

  18. Shayna

    I have been trying to manage my very curly hair for some time on my own. I’ve watched countless videos, read blogs, tried many products, but I always felt that my hair wasn’t looking its best. I find most women online don’t have the same curl type as me or want tons of volume and I felt lost. After scheduling a 1:1 clinic with Gabriella, I truly feel my hair is looking its very best! My wash days not only looks impeccable, but I can make it to day 4 or 5 and still wear my hair down without a major refresh. My hair looks healthy, holds big clumps or curls, and I feel confident and put together.

    I don’t know why I waited so long to have my consultation. Often there is an embarrassment that we should know how to take care of ourselves and our hair, and at first I felt silly scheduling an appointment online when I have a hair stylist who cuts my hair perfectly fine locally. Meeting with Gabriella was what I needed. She understood that my needs, even though they may be different than what others want, are valid and she helped me achieve them. My hair looks great and I feel great!

  19. Ciara

    I had been doing a version of the curly hair method for quite a while and had been buying products for ‘curly hair’ which were a big investment, without really investigating what MY curls really needed. I’m transitioning from a brunette to blonde because I just don’t want to keep trying to deal with all of the grey I now have, but highlighting has had a big impact on the condition of my hair. With so much information out there on porosity, balancing protein etc etc etc, I was left feeling quite overwhelmed on how to deal with it. I just wanted someone with expertise in curly hair, who knows what they are talking about to advise me on what my hair now needed, before I spent any more money. I was so glad that I booked a 1:1 with Gabriella. The time flew by, but she went through all of my concerns and ( I’m very happy to say) asked me lots of questions to help figure out what the right products are for me. She confirmed that some of the products I have been using were really not the best ( although advertised for curly hair) I was also not really placing enough emphasis on the basics of using a good quality shampoo, conditioner and clarifying shampoo. Although I know it is going to take time, consistency and patience, I finally feel that I am on the right road. She even sent me information for my little girl’s curly locks! I feel that this has been money really well spent. I know once I am a few months in, I will probably book into a few of the monthly sessions for some further tips to help me along the journey. I can’t recommend Gabriella enough!

  20. Kelly

    I put off booking a Curl Clinic because, to be honest, after all this time I was a little embarrassed that I still couldn’t figure out my hair. However, as soon as I joined Gabriella on the call, I immediately relaxed because it truly felt like talking to a friend. The things that she suggested were small changes and tweaks to my existing routine, but after the call I felt focussed, like all the curly hair “noise” faded away if that makes sense? I am determined to be consistent with my routine but am already seeing improvements. To anyone considering booking a clinic, please know that it is a “judgement free” zone. In fact, I felt more confident about my hair after the call – Gabriella could see the potential in my hair that I was having trouble seeing, and I will always be grateful for that.

  21. Jennifer

    Found the curl clinic brilliant. For me I’d been wasting time and money over last few years trying to figure out what worked me! My curls look the best they have ever been after following the Curl Maven guide I was emailed after the consultation. Cuts out all the messing!

  22. Vicky Macrae

    I had a curl clinic a few months ago and got some fantastic information. Ive completely changed my routine from using every product under the sun to just a few and its so much easier. The products that Gabriella emailed to me were suited to my hair needs, lifestyle and budget. I received information on how to apply them which i struggle with and what would work best for my hair type.
    Following the consultation i received an email with everything she said so dont worry about writing it all down as she speaks. Its better to sit, listen and enjoy!!!!! My hair is still improving, nothing happens overnight but im happy I spent the time and money. Thank you

  23. Stephanie

    I am so delighted that I booked a Curl Clinic with Gabriella . I had picked up so many useful tips from her website since finding it , but the 1:1 aspect of the Curl Clinic is even better. I was making so many mistakes and, now corrected, I am really excited to see what I can achieve in terms of my curls. Gabriella is so knowledgeable and her clear info -packed email after the consultation has made ordering all the new products so easy.

  24. Vicky Copeman

    If you’re thinking of paying for a curl clinic with Gabriella, don’t fanny around like I did, just do it! If I had done it earlier I would have saved so much time and money on products and techniques. Gabriella really knows her stuff and will create a routine specifically designed for you, your hair and your budget. Thanks Gabriella, I can already see the difference after one wash! Xxx

  25. Elaine

    Wish I had done it sooner! I was spending money on the wrong products, so this was a much better investment. Gabriella was so nice to talk to and really knows her stuff. I had so many questions and she answered them all. It will take a while to fix my curl issues but it’s great to finally have faith that I’m on the right track! Thank you Gabriella!

  26. Helen

    This was a total impulse buy but definitely not one I regret. It’s taken me to my late 30’s to be able to manage my hair. Gabrielle’s recommended products have made a massive difference to my hair. It’s still got a way to go but it’s so much better and I actually have defined curls now. Will definitely keep following

  27. Ryan

    Gabrielle was incredibly sweet and helpful. Very efficient in eliminating the wrong products from my routine and directing me towards the right ones. I only wish that it was a slightly longer session, as we definitely needed more time to discuss other aspects of my hair. Overall I genuinely enjoyed meeting Gabrielle and look forward to seeing results from her recommendations and advice!

  28. Caoimhe

    My Curl Clinic with Gabriella was very recently and I am impressed with her knowledge and easy manner, I felt I was talking to a friend.
    This 1:1 was to have my curls look their best, which they already are, but if anything this last 2 years has taught me is the importance of slowing down and making me time.
    Gabriella gives you the tools to make your hair healthier, Wash Day has become a time to pamper myself, without guilt.
    If you are thinking about having a 1:1, go for it, you and your hair will be very happy ye did.

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