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Curl Clinics are a completely bespoke hair consultation service specifically tailored to suit your hair, budget and lifestyle. During a 30-minute video consultation via Zoom, we’ll discuss what products you’re using, your struggles, frustrations and hair goals. I’ll identify your hair type and explain why things may not be working for you, where you’re going wrong, and what you need to change. Using my knowledge, experience and expertise, I’ll put together a bespoke routine of recommended products and techniques in a Curl Clinic Rx PDF which you can download, print and shop from, to help you reach your healthy hair goals. Click here for more information and FAQ.

126 reviews for Curl Clinic

  1. Mikenzie

    I’m really glad I finally booked a session with Gabriella! Its only been a few weeks but I’ve already seen more improvement in the health of my hair than I have in years of trying new products and styles. Definitely recommend this for any curly girl who is struggling to get control of her curls

  2. Magda

    Although it’s early days – 2nd week since I started using the recommended products -and I am the most impatient person you can imagine – I am delighted I spoke with Gabriella and got the 30 minute chat. Her advice made a lot of sense, the products recommended are very good and not overpriced and I am starting to see improvements in the way my curls are coiling , frizz and hair health. I know it’s a journey and it will take time but I can start seeing results already. Small steps on a long journey. Thank you Gabriella!

  3. Milan

    Gabriella is very helpful and knowledgable. She is very experienced and is always there to answer your questions and making sure you have all the necessary information you need. I would HIGHLY recommend Gabriella.

  4. Cathy

    Have been following advice from Gabriella’s website for a long time. The detailed reviews of products are especially helpful and save a lot of wasted time and money. I just recently had my first clinic with Gabriella and she was so lovely, friendly and helpful. She was able to pinpoint issues and make recommendations without any hesitation. I have directed many curly friends to her website and would definitely recommend the one to one sessions to anyone. Great follow up emails as well.

  5. Alex

    Gabriella’s a curl whisperer and I can’t recommend her enough. I recently started trying to embrace my curly hair and found her blog through desperate googling and learned a TON, but it was really the Curl Clinic that made me fall in love. She’s so knowledgable, so good at translating her wisdom into practical tips, and really inspired me for the journey ahead. 10/10!

  6. Zuzana

    I came across Gabriella page one day and I must say it packed with lots of great information looking for wavy/ curly hair. When I noticed there’s option to book Curl clinic session, I haven’t hesitated and I’m so glad I didn’t .Definitely recommend it to everyone. I have been following routine for couple of weeks and I can see the difference.

  7. Ruby

    After the meeting with Gabriella few weeks ago, I am so happy with my hair ongoing results. I know it will takes time to get my hair in healthy state. Our meeting was so productive and I learned to get to know my hair in the right way. She analyzed exactly what was wrong with my hair and she recommended the products that my hair really needs. I immediately brought the products online and in stores. These products actually work well for my hair. I would recommend to anyone who have struggling with hair.

  8. Janette wheeler

    Been using products for justg under 2 weeks now and after initial organising I am now finding my curls are more defined and much less frizz. Hopeful that over the next few weeks that some shine returns to the curls. Overall enjoying the new procedure although getting hair dried can take ages as got thick hair.

  9. Ruth McKenna

    I’ve had a number of curl clinics with Gabriella and she always gets to the root of whatever issue I’m bringing. Her advice is clear and accessible, which I really appreciate as I’m coming from a place of complete cluelessness! Most recently I had a 15 minute follow up which was absolutely brilliant. A few tweaks to my routine and I’ll be flying again.

  10. Charlotte Portero

    It is AMAZING how Gabriella analyzed so quickly what I have been doing wrong and what was needed to improve my hair quality. After just a few questions she diagnosed my problems, made great recommendations, and I will correctly order the products she suggested for my hair and situation. I am confident that after just a few months I will have curls that I will no longer hate. She is absolutely the BEST! If 10 stars were available, I would give her 10!!!

  11. Ellen Malcolmson

    Don’t hesitate to book a session with Gabriella – First she is lovely and friendly and funny and easy to talk to. She is also full of knowledge; she asks great questions and gives very practical advice. I was struggling with maintaining my curls after washing so I was washing daily; with one or two small tweaks I had the best washday ever and I am on day 3 and still look fine. Very very helpful. Thanks so much!

  12. Niamh

    Excellent! My only regret is not having done this sooner, the tips even for how to wash and style my hair are so helpful and my curls were already more bouncy before the products Gabriella recommended arrived. It will take time to get my hair back to full health but I’m confident all the time and effort will be so worth it. Highly recommend!

  13. Stephanie Bannister

    My hair benefited more during this half hour than it has from any other service in my life! Gabriella is the curl whisperer. She asked a few questions and knew exactly what my hair needed. I saw changes immediately by just following her behavioral suggestions. Now that I have all my recommended products in, it’s like my hair has new life! I can’t wait to see how it continues to improve as I keep up with the routine. This was well worth the time and money. I have new-found confidence!

  14. Catherine

    I am so glad that I booked a curl clinic session with Gabriella. I’ve been on my “curly hair journey” for the last 1.5 years and felt like I wasn’t making the progress I wanted. Only one week into my new products and routine, I can already see a difference and my hair feels great. I’ve always hated my curly hair and Gabriella helped me to feel excited about my future with curly hair. The products she recommended are affordable and they arrived in the mail quickly. I highly recommend doing a consultation with Gabriella, I wish I had discovered this sooner!

  15. Heather

    Had one of the new short format follow-up curl clinic sessions and it was really helpful to re-focus and refine the routine and products. The summary sent through afterwards was really clear and I am so grateful for such specialised, personalised advice!

  16. Sarah James

    I had a curl clinic for my young son who has curly hair. Really helpful session and follow up. Within 4 weeks the difference in his hair health was really evident and I was getting a lot of comments from friends and family who noticed. I definitely left the session feeling more confident in my own ability to care for his hair. Thank you 🙂

  17. Roisin Mulcahy

    About 2 years ago I did this curl clinic and I have been following the routine ever since. It has absolutely transformed my hair! I never in a million years thought I would wear my hair naturally curly for my wedding day until finding the curl maven page. I got married over the summer and wore my natural curly hair. I am so so happy I was able to be myself on my wedding day. I got so many compliments and the photographers loved it!

  18. Jennifer hammett

    I loved this one on one video chat! I’m a stylist but I love to always learn more specially pertaining to health of the hair! Very informative!

  19. Lisa Somerlot

    Today, for the first time in years I was complimented on my hair, twice and it’s not even noon!! I met with Gabriella earlier this week and with just her techniques my hair is 100% better! I’m new to curly hair (my grays are curly). I can’t wait for my new products to get here!! I am so grateful that Gabriella is willing to share her expertise! Chef’s kiss

  20. Anna

    I just had a curl clinic with Gabriella and well…. she knows what she is talking about!!!! My hair has been going there a rough period and she knew exactly what i needed to do!!! As soon as we finished the session i felt confident that I will get my curls back. Really looking forward to trying her suggested routine. I highly recommend for everyone looking for the right advice to book a curl clinic with Gabriella!!!!

  21. Susan

    Awesome clinic; well worth the money. My wash ‘n go style was a disaster until I started using the recommended products. I live a busy life and I need an easy hair routine. So glad I booked an appointment!!!

  22. Nicole Crosbie

    I had a 1:1 curl consultation with Gabriella, and it was amazing. So informative, I really hadn’t a clue how to manage my curly hair and Gabriella was able to give me so many tips and tricks around what I was doing that absolutely didn’t suit my hair (but I had no idea I was hindering my curl rather than helping it) invaluable information where I can now confidently overhaul my routine and not leave it up to the goddesses how my hair turns out on washdays. Gabriella is direct, straight forward, no fluff, which I love, she gave me all the details and facts I needed to understand that I genuinely don’t think I ever would have figured out had I not booked this clinic. Everyone’s curly hair is so different, it’s an art that she breaks down so simply in step by step format. Book a consultation you won’t regret it.

  23. Claire Spooner

    I had my 1:1 today and so pleased I did. I’ve come away feeling hopeful and excited to start on the right track. After reading everything I could and buying lots of products which I didn’t need Gabriella gave me some great advice which I will be putting into practice. She’s really easy to talk to and in no way judges all the mistakes you’ve been making. I know I’ll never have gloriously thick bouncy curls but I think I might have healthy fine wavy hair which is great!

  24. Tarryn

    Only wish I had done it sooner….
    I’ve been following curlmaven on Instagram for over a year (also been wearing my curls for a year and struggling), I’ve read almost all her blogs and bought a crazy amount of products. Always wanted to try a clinic but worried would she know how to handle my texture 3C, would I really learn and have the curls I’ve dreamt of. On impulse and frustration 3weeks ago I booked a clinic and im so so glad, just wish I had done it sooner and not wasted so much time and money on products. I have frizz free, hydrated curls (my main concerns) and I couldn’t be more happy. Gabriella really does know her stuff. So instead of wasting time or money book with her it’s sooo soo worth it. I’m soo happy and glad I did it

  25. Rachel

    Absolutely brilliant. Exactly what I wanted. I now know exactly what products to use for my hair that are all within my budget. Couldn’t recommend highly enough.

  26. Lori Ferry’

    This is a continuation review from 18/06/2023… After my curl clinic it was my wash day. I didn’t have my new products yet, but simply following the Curl Maven Method and I was super excited with the results. I went from frizzy cotton candy hair to well defined curls that made me feel a bit more confident about my hair loss.

    All my new products finally arrived and today is the day. My first wash day with my new products. I am so happy I booked my appointment. This curly girl is beyond ecstatic with how fast the change has been and I feel it’s just the beginning. Thank you!

  27. Lori

    I have been loosing my hair, not just the thinning as one ages, but diagnosed with alopecia and it turned white very early in life. However now the roots are still white but its a buttercream yellow. I have been researching for years for products and remedies and exhausted by all the information “out there” now more than ever. When I “miraculously” stumbled upon Gabriella’s website and curl clinic. I took the plunge immediately and so glad I did. She understood my particular situation immediately, she was compassionate, knowledgeable and created a sense of trust. She recommended techniques and products to help and followed up with an informative email so I didn’t have to try to keep up with note-taking during the video call, something I can refer back to again and again. Super grateful for the expertise and I feel a sense of joy to start my new journey to my best curly self. Thank you and continued success!

  28. Connie

    What a great 30 minutes with Gabriella! I had attended some of Gabriella’s monthly curl clinics, so I had a fairly decent routine. With this 1:1 clinic, just a few tweaks in my washing and styling routine (both products and application), I am already seeing results after 2 washdays. I know there will be continued improvement in the coming weeks (moisture balance). And thanks for the follow-up E-Mail, as I know I didn’t remember all we discussed. Gabriella’s willingness to share her knowledge is so appreciated!

  29. Maren

    A couple months ago I attended a curl clinic session for my toddler’s fine curly hair. I was really lost about how to care for my toddler’s hair since I have naturally straight hair.
    It was by far the best purchase I made that month. Gabriella is not only lovely to chat to but she really understands curly hair and she was able to recommend products and hair washing and styling routines that were easily accessible to me! I really saw a difference in my toddler’s hair after following Gabriella’s advice. I highly recommend the curl clinic. Thanks again Gabriella for helping me understand how to care for curly hair!

  30. Alexis

    Gabriella is amazing!! She’s wonderful, friendly, and extremely knowledgeable. She asked questions about my hair and current routine and was able to pinpoint the exact reason my hair was feeling a little limp/unable to hold a curl (protein moisture balance) and products that were slightly too heavy for my curl pattern. She recommended an affordable new routine of products to meet my hair needs and I’m only 2 washes in and already seeing major improvement! No matter where you are in your curly journey, I’d recommend booking a curl consult with Gabriella. You won’t regret it!

  31. Amanda Roush

    The Curl Clinic with Gabriella is such a great investment if you’re thinking about jumping on the curly train. There are so many different options for products and styling, and Gabriella really takes the time to understand your hair and make specific recommendations for what will work for you. As a product junkie, I confess that I usually go crazy and buy too much out of the gate, so the Curl Clinic absolutely saved me money as I was able to focus on products that would defintely work for my hair. 10/10 recommend!

  32. Fatima

    I recently had my 1:1 curl clinic with Gabriella about my toddler daughter’s curls (or lack thereof!). She had a big haircut that affected the way her curls formed and Gabriella has given us a really simple and effective routine to help combat that. She also identified why this has happened and reassured me that her curls will come back eventually. I have just received the products Gabriella recommended using her discount code and after 1 use I can already see my daughter’s hair start to get wavy (it’s a good start!)

    Thank you Gabriella x


    I just had my 1:1 curl clinic yesterday with Gabriella and I’m so glad I did! It was so nice to get her advise on products and techniques and just be able to talk to her about hair. I bought the products I needed and used the method she suggested and I can already see a difference. Don’t hesitate, it’s totally worth it! Thanks Gabriella!

  34. Dana

    Gabriella was such a delight! And so helpful! I knew what I was doing before wasn’t working, and had done a lot of trial and error with products. I should have done the curl clinic sooner! It’s only been about one week since I’ve started styling based on her advice and it’s already making a huge difference! She explained all the steps needed with what products I should use, and also what products to stay away from! Like I said, I’m already noticing a huge difference. I have very loose curls, and before the curl clinic they were already dull and lifeless at the end of the day on wash day. Now it’s day 4 and I still have nicely defined curls!
    Thank you so much Gabriella!!! You are a life saver!!

  35. Donna Duncan-McCormack

    This is the second Curl Clinic I’ve done with Gabriella, Curl Maven. The first one was a year ago. My hair has grown and changed quite a lot in the past year all in thanks to the advice she gave me. With that being said, I thought I should check in with her to see if I needed to make changes. This young lady knows her curls!! She tweaked my curl routine just a tad and confirmed what I thought would be helpful (but was hesitant to do it because I’m really loving the length of my curls) and that is -get some layers. Currently I’m trying to find a new hair stylist as my longtime stylist has been having some health issues. This past year’s journey using the advice she gave me has resulted in the healthiest curls I’ve had since I was about 9 or 10 years old. If you are hesitating or think the cost is too high, check under your sink at all the products you’ve tried but just aren’t working. The cost for this clinic is WELL worth it, ladies! Trust me, you will be so thankful when you do!

  36. PK

    Simply brilliant! I have been caring for my curls for years but over the past couple found they weren’t looking the way I wanted them to. Gabriella gave me great advice and product recommendations and, most importantly, gave me options so I could mix and match to figure out the best combo for my hair. I’ve always been a daily washer but, with the new product lineup I’ve been using, I can FINALLY start spacing out my wash days. Each product recommendation was great, none of them a dud at all, it’s simply been a matter of finding the right combo from the product lineups she’s given me. Now that I know which work best with my hair, I feel confident that I’ll be able to swap out products in the future to try new ones with the same key ingredients which is great because it leaves me room for experimenting! Thank you so much, Gabriella!!!!!!!!!! <3

  37. Geraldine Gormley

    Had a 1:1 clinic with Gabriella in Feb 2023, it was fantastic, she told me what products to use and more importantly how to use them, I am building up my routine and my hair is looking better and healthier all the time. I would definitely recommend Gabriellas clinics to get started on the right track, follow her newsletter and videos all the time now to pick up new tips!! Thanks a million Gabriella

  38. Dhabia

    Gabriella was so helpful! She took the time and explained to me why my hair is behaving the way it is and provided me with a simple, easy to follow routine. I loved how she didn’t give me a long list of products to purchase. She worked with what I have and identified which products I was using that could be the issue.

    I noticed a change in my hair after the first wash. I didn’t even style my hair, but I noticed my curls were tighter, my hair was bouncier and full of volume. I can’t wait for my wash days now that I know the right products to use and the right techniques when washing my hair.

    Thank you so much for all the help. I only wish I booked the consultation sooner!

  39. Ali

    I came to Gabriella a total mess. I had been using prose for quite a while, when I did their ‘review and refine’ quiz to liven up my curls w volume. Within 6 weeks over half of my hair fell out (stopped using product after 3 weeks when shedding started)
    They told me that they had no idea how that could happen and were no help at all. I tried all kinds of products, treatments, went to salons ..lots of money wasted because no one really understood my hair or what had happened to it.
    Gabriella walked me through each step of a new and healthy routine. And she explained why the volumizer did that to my type of hair, which was so helpful. No one else had been able to pinpoint it.
    I’m already happy with my new routine. It’s going to take time to grow my locks back, but I’m so glad I had someone to help. Thank you so much!

  40. Jackie

    Why didn’t I do this ages ago?? After 2 years of buying products that didn’t suit my hairs needs, following what other people do with their hair and never figuring out how I got a good wash day – I booked into a curl clinic.
    I have ordered all the products Gabriella recommended and am looking forward to using them and trying out the techniques she explained. Gabriella knows about the right and wrong products, knows about curly hair and what the customer does and doesn’t need and she knows how to help us get the best out of our curls
    I would highly recommend

  41. Rasha Kaki

    I did a curl clinic with Gabriella after discovering her blog and her advice already was helping. The curl clinic was so informative and tailored to my needs and I now have a routine and how to adapt it when I’m travelling to other countries. What I liked was the emphasis was not on just product recommendations but why use certain products at certain times and understanding the needs of my hair. She took the products that I liked, recommended some others should I like to experiment. She also explained to me why certain products weren’t working perhaps due to the way I was using them. After listening to my wash day routines, she offered simple tweaks to make it more effective. I learned so much and I love having a guide I can refer to instead of just buying product after product. I’m so excited to see long term results and I feel this is the perfect way to ground me into consistency without feeling overwhelmed.

  42. Fiona

    A lovely consultation today for my young daughter. We have struggled managing her hair over the years with washday often ending in tears. With Gabriellas advice today we now feel confident that we will be able to manage and love these beautiful curls.

  43. Lorraine

    Would highly recommend a curl clinic. I found it so informative and worthwhile in understanding my hair and how to use the products. Gabriella is so knowledgeable and knew exactly what I needed to do to improve my hair. I can’t wait to get started on my new routine.

  44. Marilia

    Gabriella is lovely to talk to and she is so very knowledgeable! She was able to pinpoint where I was going wrong and Gabe me very clear insight on how to properly care for my hair needs. I am so glad I found her!

  45. Sue Ann Reynolds

    I finally had a chance to join Gabriella for a Curl Clinic, and the experience was amazing! There is so much advice out there, but it quickly becomes cost and time prohibitive to go it alone. I’ve purchased and applied different products with limited results, knowing little about the fit between the product and my hair type, or even how to apply and style.
    Gabriella taught me about my curls, offered advice and suggestions specific to my needs, and recommended products within my preferred price range. I now have choices and options, and feel good about giving new products a try. Such a great gift to myself. 🙂 Thank you, Gabriella!

  46. Anne-Marie

    Happy to have attended! Gabriella is so knowledgeable and knew right away what to suggest to address my problems issues with my curly hair and not having it a drag on my already busy schedule. Highly recommend!

  47. Diba

    I had my appointment with Gabriella this afternoon and I feel so reassured and optimistic. I’ve been struggling with my curl pattern for close to two years now, having tried countless products and tutorials. Gabriella was instantly able to tell what the problem was just by looking at me, and gave me great practical advice, including products suited for my hair, and pigments I can use to maintain my current balayage while growing it out. As we all know, curly hair is unique to every single person, and it can be so difficult to find advice applicable for you in a sea of often conflicting information. Furthermore, Gabriella was really prompt to reply to any further questions I had over email. I’m so grateful to her. Thank you Gabriella (and well done on powering through despite being unwell). Ps. Hope you feel better.

  48. Emily

    I waited quite some time to make this review but simply because I really wanted to speak not only to the clinic call but to how the products worked after being consistent for a bit of time.

    Gabriella was fantastic and honest about how I was simply using the wrong products for my hair. I was using a lot of products with heavy creams and oils and my hair was done with it. Would barely hold onto my curls and I felt defeated. She was able to give me clear goals and different products to use that were be specific to my hair’s needs which was protein. After using these products for some time they really have come back to life and continue to hold now for multiple days. I almost think I like my second and third day hair better than my freshly washed day hair. Wild to me as I had always wanted that and never thought it would be something I could do. Thank you so much for everything and love reading the blogs to continue working on how to best take care of my hair.

  49. Elizabeth Davis

    The curl clinic was amazing. I found out I was doing everything wrong lol. And since I’ve made the changes suggested, my hair is fantastic. I struggled getting my hair to last to the second and third day so always ended up putting it in a ponytail. This has solved that problem. I’m on day 3 hair right now and it looks better than ever. I highly recommend this service.

  50. Gail

    If you’re thinking about booking a one-to-one curl clinic with Gabriella, do it – it’s so worth it. Gabriella has such a wealth of knowledge about wavy/curly hair and what products work best for the individual, as opposed to any kind of one-size-fits-all method. Her suggestions for your routine and her product recommendations are targeted to the specific needs of your hair, which is so valuable when faced with the vast array of curl products that promise to be the answer to all your prayers! I highly recommend investing in yourself and booking a consultation with Gabriella.

  51. Sally

    I’m really pleased I booked a 1:1 curl clinic appointment with Gabriella. I saw her less than a week ago and my short curly hair already looks and is feeling better. It’s early days but I think I’m now on the right track. Thanks so much Gabriella!

  52. Erin

    Just had my Curl Clinic and I have to say it was an absolutely wonderful experience! Gabriella answered my original questions and even spur of the moment ones. Her patience as I went through my stages of product mania and addressing my hair goals was exactly what I needed to hear. It’s a half hour well spent and it goes by so quickly! Thank you again Gabriella for cutting through the clutter!

  53. Mary Maher

    Thanks a mill Gabriella for all your help in the curl clinic really knew your stuff and the detailed explanations of where I was going wrong and what I can do to fix it was amazing! The follow up details with clear descriptions of what to use , when and why was perfect! Really recommend a 1:1 clinic !!

  54. Mara

    Dear Gabriella, I can’t thank you enough for your advice on my hair issues. I have high porosity, rather thick, wavy to curly hair (well, rather wavy, honestly). After a few months of following a modified curly girl routine, my hair was over-moisturized and limp. The products I used were mainly drugstore products (didn’t want to spend a lot of money on the wrong products as I was just trying the curly girl stuff out). Your list of quality products and the routine you suggested immediately helped! And I noticed only later that most of the products you sugggested contained proteine. And that was it for me – that’s what my hair needs. And you knew that from a 30-minute zoom meeting – wow! I stick to these products for about 10 months now and never again had issues with over-moisturized hair. I am so glad I decided to get a curl clinic rendez-vous with you. I also very much appreciated that you took the country I am living in into consideration when suggesting products (concerning humidity, heat etc.). I really had the impression that you absolutely know what you are talking about.
    Thank you very much, as well as for the valuable information on your blog, I find myself returning to it again and again for tips and reviews. Please keep it up.

  55. [email protected]

    I cannot recommend highly enough. Growing up with curly hair can be tough and I never felt like I belonged. I grew to resent my curls and spent years straightening and distorting them. I only wish I cam acrros Curl maven sooner. The session was really informative and her tips were easy to follow. She has recommendations for every budget and while some may look expensive, when you use them as described they actually last ages so work out better value in the long run.
    For the first time ever I wore my hair curly to a wedding and I felt beautiful.
    Thank you Gabriella. X

  56. Erica Saperstein

    I have no doubt that 1/2 hour with the Curl Maven saved me hundreds of $ In hair products that would have ended up in the trash. I decided to go with my natural texture after two failed Brazilian treatments, but I’ve really been struggling with my fine, wavy, frizz-prone hair, especially in the Atlanta heat and humidity. Gabriela “prescribed” lighter conditioning, less frequent washing and more frequent clarifying — simple tweaks to my routine and product lineup. She really is a curl savant, and her product knowledge is encyclopedic!

    Gabriela’s post-consult email even included details on my styling products to help me know what to use when, on wash days and refresh days. I’m so glad I found her, and I recommended a Maven consult to all my curly (and curly wanna-be) friends. Best money I ever spent on my hair!

  57. Leila

    Gabriella got right to the point with no nonsense or time wasting. She quickly identified the products that my hair needed, what I needed to change (I was using almost all the WRONG products!) and answered my questions about styling for sleeping/workouts. This info was then compiled in an email so that I had my complete routine and product list laid out for me. She also took my preference for low budget products into account and kept my routine simple which I appreciated. I just wish I’d done this at the beginning, before wasting time and money (I especially hate the thought of all the time I wasted watching videos and reading blogs when I don’t really want to become a curl expert – I just want a routine that works for me and to forget the rest). I just wish there was someone offering a similar service for skincare! If you’re wondering about whether this is worth the money I would advise you to weigh it up against time and money you would otherwise spend trying to create your routine.

  58. Nancy Rush

    Wow, I am so impressed! I’ve been a long-time follower of Gabriella’s, but getting to work with her 1:1 was awesome! She got right to the point on what I’ve been doing wrong and outlined the perfect mix of products and how to use them. I loved the targeted and tailored recommendations that just cut through all of the noise and confusion! Totally worth the time and $$!

  59. Melanie

    Gabriella really knows her stuff, I’d been putting off booking a curl consultation as it’s a considerable amount to pay, but frankly it is really good value, not least because you don’t waste any more money on useless products, but you also end up with gorgeous hair, it also means, at least in my case, that you can stretch the time between haircuts, so although you might have to splash out on products at the beginning, it really does pay for itself. Definitely worth the investment.

  60. Heidi

    Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the consultation and that your recommendations have been spot on! I’m getting my prettiest, most touchable curls ever with great 2nd – 4th day performance. The advice about washing my hair upside down has actually made my wash time faster (for some reason it’s easier to get my roots wet) and I’m seeing better curls at the top of my hair, which I expect will improve over time as well. Your time is worth every penny! Thank you again, and best of luck!

  61. Lottie

    Wish I had booked a curl clinic sooner, way exceeded expectations! I’ve never known someone with so much knowledge and advice on curls. Gabriella could immediately tell me what I was doing wrong and why my hair is the way it is. Before booking the clinic I didn’t know how she would be able to know from a video call, but she did and exactly described the issues I’m having, which now make so much sense.

    I have spent years hating my hair and thinking that I always would, as nothing I did really worked. Gabriella has inspired me to love my curls and I’m so excited to buy the products and start using them. I received the email with my recommended products and routines the same day as the clinic, and she was just as lovely, warm, welcoming and informative as you would expect! Wish I had booked sooner and I cant wait to see the results of finally using the right products. Thank you!!

  62. Nat

    Over whelmed by the amount of information out there and products available.
    I was frustrated and going around in circles. After my consultation , I’d got a plan… an educated one this time, with product recommendations and links to sites to buy them from with discounts too.
    My hair is in much better condition than it’s been for the longest time.
    Genuinely one of the best things I did for myself.

  63. Hayden

    If you’re unsure what to do with your hair and your confused and spent money trialling products; I can safely say Gabriella will save you a small fortune. Bypass the guess work and ask an expert! She had done the hard work for you! I thought I had a handle on things but she takes one look at your hair and gives a tailor made guide on what you need to buy and do.
    I’m actually thinking of booking another soon because your hair can change and new products come out all the time etc.
    You won’t regret it

  64. Anna H

    Without a doubt the best investment I made in my hair was a 1:1 with Gabriella. Her recommendations and advice have been spot on and my hair is in much better condition since.

    Don’t hesitate, book with Gabriella!

  65. Danielle

    I am so grateful to have had a curl clinic with Gabriella and to have come across her. I did not know where to start and use to hate my curl hair until hearing and learned from Gabriella thank you so much

  66. Emma Novitt

    Better late than never in booking my appt. Was in a real pickle with products and applications and just not making progress with my curls. Gabrielle was fantastic at removing all the products that were doing my hair no favours and then providing me with recommended products and application methods. Am one month in and can happily say I am beginning to see improvements. Highly recommend booking a curl clinic appt if you are struggling with your hair.

  67. Sharon O’Connor

    I’ve had 2 curl clinics with Gabriella and loved them both. This time my issue was over hydration after a holiday, and she quickly changed up my products which my hair is loving already. I’m sure it won’t be my last curl clinic. Thank you Gabriella.

  68. Raina Miller

    Worth the price and waking up early on my day off (due to time zone differences ). Gabriella is knowledgeable and was attentive to my hair needs. I was worried that I’d run out of things to talk about in the allotted time, but it flew by and wasn’t awkward at all. She really helped to filter through the abundance of information provided on her website and gave personalized recommendations. I received an email following the clinic with links for each product she suggested and directions on how often to use them, which was helpful as well.

  69. Hilary H

    I was literally at my wits end with my curls. They were frizzy, they were dry, they were limp, and they were not flattering. I was at the point where I was almost ready to chop them all off for a pixi cut… but instead, I booked a Curl Clinic with Gabriella. Needless to say, I still have my curls, and they are long, bouncy, defined, and luscious.

    Gabriella and I chatted about everyting from my goals to my texture to my frustrations to my current hair routine. Then, we went through my gigantic collection of products, and she quickly and confidently cut what I needed to avoid, and cultivated a new routine out of products I already had! Turns out, I was over moisturizing and under-clarifying. I was using heavy, buttery, creamy everything, and my hair was just about suffocating because I kept piling the buttery waxes on top of each other, without doing anything to allow any moisture to penetrate. That also caused it to be weighed down, which attributed to the loss of volume and bounce. I also had the wrong cut for my hair, and wasn’t properly protecting it at night.

    Gabriella guided me towards the proper products, gave me solid a routine to follow, made a few recommendations for sleep protection, and voila—my hair is healthy, happy, and beautiful again. She even sent me an email with her product recommenations and outlined the exact routine we discussed so I have something to reference whenever I need it.

    I cannot recommend this service enough—it’s a chance to connect with Gabriella (who is a beacon of light and love in this universe) and gain a real understanding of your hair and how to care for it. She’s a wealth of knowledge and is so helpful, confident, and skilled I cannot think of a better investment I have ever made for my hair.

    Thank you, Gabriella! From me and my hair :).

  70. Eleanor Baylon

    First of all Gabriella is a magician, her product knowledgeis incrediblewhich saved me time, effort and money because the products recommend Worked. No more guess work.
    The 1:1 personalised breakdown of what i needed to do to sort out my curls was incredible. Yes, it does take Time and consistancy but oh my God it works. My curls have surpassed my expectations. I’m so grateful for what my curl clinic has done for my hair health and confidence. Thank you x

  71. Deva

    I was on the brink of falling out of love with my curls. I’ve always followed Gabriella on FB and love her blog. So one evening, I decided to take action. I looked at booking a curl clinic session and was pleasantly surprised at the cost & availability. And I wasn’t disappointed, I just wish I’d done sooner. I can away feeling informed and empowered. It was everything I had hoped for and desperately needed. I’m now excited about my curls again, I can’t wait to try the recommended products and I trust the results will be amazing. The detailed plan and list of recommended products is an excellent resource to have and you have the confidence that these were selected for you & your hair. Thanks Gabriella!

  72. Ioanna Kotsiopoulou

    Gabriella is amazing in what she does.
    She gives simple to follow information and suggests products that are great and doesn’t cost a fortune.
    She has lovely personality and was amazing to have a chat with her.
    I am implementing her recommendations and I am already seeing better results with my hair routine.

  73. Kristi

    I had a great 1:1 call with Gabriella! I appreciate how she listened to me, addressed my specific concerns, and helped troubleshoot some problem areas. She gave me clear-cut, step-by-step information for my hair and curl type. I received a detailed email with links and discount codes for the products we discussed.

    I am WOW’d by Gabriella’s service and knowledge.

    I HIGHLY recommend her 1:1 curl clinic service. You will not be disappointed.

  74. Anne Yates

    Hi Gabriella I really enjoyed my appointment and it has saved my frizzy hair. I love the products but just am not sure if I need to clarify my fine, medium density hair.

  75. Jennie Scanlan

    So glad I booked a 1:1 Curl Clinic. Gabriella is so knowledgeable and just knew the right questions to ask to get the info she needed in order to help me out. She changed up some products and techniques and within 2 weeks, I’m so happy with the improvement I can see and feel in my hair. I’ve still got a way to go to get my hair to where it needs to be but the frustration is gone from the process now thanks to Gabriella.

    The morning after my 1:1 I got an email full of links to blog posts, advice, product suggestions and how-to info, not to mention discount codes. I had a tonne of questions and the email had all of the answers.

    In short, I’m absolutely thrilled I booked the clinic and I’d highly, highly recommend it to anyone who is struggling or has questions. The curly journey can feel daunting at the start (it certainly did for me!) and it’s people like Gabriella that take the hassle out of it.

    Thank you so much x

  76. Lesley

    Getting a curl clinic with Gabriella was such a great idea. She really knows her curls and was able to get straight to it! She stopped me in my tracks with some bad habits and gave me specific information to suit my hair and lifestyle. Then she sent me on specific instructions to get me on way. I’ve already seen a huge improvement after one wash! Would definitely recommend getting a clinic for anyone needing some guidance with their curls. Thanks again!

  77. Priyanka Mishra

    Gabrielle is absolutely amazing!
    She knew what my hair needed as soon as we started the consultation. I was totally lost in my curly hair journey and my hair had become lifeless and was not holding the curl past the wash day. After my consultation with her , i started doing all the things that she mentioned and its absolutely amazing how my hair feels now.
    During the curl clinic she was absolutely great. She listened to what i had to say and the problems i was facing. After curl clinic she sends an email with products that i should use along with the links where to buy them and discount code. That’s dedication!

    I would 100% recommend her if you are lost in your journey or just dont know where to start. Thanks Gabrielle ❤️

  78. Natacha Itzel Badar

    So much to say!! I absolutely love Gabriella and wish I’d contacted her as soon as I came across her page rather than waiting months. I have 3b/3c curls and prior to our curl clinic, was never able to get my hair past day one. It was frizzy and impossible to manage.
    There was immediate payoff after our clinic. The styling tips and washday wisdom she imparted was incredibly impactful. The products she recommends are so specific to your hair needs.
    Prior to working with Gabriella, my hair felt like a task. I didn’t like the way it looked and it really affected my confidence. I am an actor and confidence is key.
    It’s been a few months since our first curl clinic. My hair is so healthy and lasts for days. I get complimented daily. I feel beautiful. I feel confident. There’s really no price you can put on that. So grateful!

  79. Alexis

    Couldn’t be happier with the results from my curl clinic with Gabriella! I have been having a lot of anxiety and loss of self-esteem due to my recent struggles with my wavy hair. BUT Gabriella put all of my worries to rest and help me gain my confidence again! The product she suggested made a HUGE difference from the jump- instantly better results with her suggestions. Not only was she helpful, but kind and reassuring. Never made me feel silly for my mistakes (that I learned from too many insta stories oops) – felt like I was talking with a friend who understand the ups and downs of wavy hair. 10/10 recommend to anyone a solo curl clinic or one of her monthly classes. Best money I have spent on myself in a long whike- may even ever! Thank you Gabriella for all your help and kindness:)

  80. Jenna Kahn

    Just completed my 1:1 curl clinic yesterday and I’m finally feeling 100% confident in my routine! After months of wondering what I was doing wrong and wasting $$$$ on products that weren’t right for me I can finally just enjoy my curls and know the products I have are working well for my hair. Also, finding out all the little tips and tricks for timing, application & diffusing is priceless very fun and helpful clinic. The state of our hair can be so much more than superficial, for me it’s been very emotional and has come with scalp issues and hair loss- the curl clinic has helped me with all of these issues!

  81. Francine Chussler

    I had my first interaction with Gabriella yesterday. I’ve had poker straight hair my whole life. After recently having 18 rounds of chemo my hair came back very, very curly and I had no clue where to begin. My hairdresser who I adore (curly locks are not her specialty) and been going to for years did not have much advice for me except that I needed to find the products that worked best for my curls and it would take a lot of experimenting. So I went to Google and thankfully stumbled on Curl Maven. After our 30 min zoom call yesterday I feel very confident I will be using what is right for my hair and furthermore to get the results I want. Reading labels doesn’t do it. Gabriella asked a lot of questions. My answers told her what products I needed for my cotton candy like, fine, wild hair! If you are hesitant to pay $75 for a 30 minute call you are missing the boat. Do it!

  82. Sinead

    Book a session now! Gabriella immediately figured out I had lost my curls from using the wrong type of products and recommend a new regime. One tip: give a new regime and products Time. It’s taken me 5 months for me to see a real improvement as my hair was damaged. Highly recommend.

  83. Mina

    WOW. I hesitated buying a curl clinic b/c I thought I needed trial and error of products and techniques to get to ‘know’ and truly understand my hair. Well, I wish I had known how much time and money could be saved had I just done a curl clinic at the start of my journey rather than 6 months in.

    Gabriella simplified my routine and products and walked me through the wash and style techniques that would work best for my hair— since meeting with her I’ve had 2 back to back KILLER wash days with consistent and long-lasting results. I was expecting information, not immediate change, but my hair legit looks awesome.

    It blows my mind that Gabriella accurately typed the width and porosity of my hair through a zoom screen, clearly explained exactly what to do with my hair when wet, and set me on my way prepared with products for all seasons. Before this session I had spent months researching products and techniques and brushes and watching endless YouTube videos, and was seeing some improvement but never loved my hair.

    This was the best 30 minutes I’ve invested in myself since starting my healthy hair journey. I’m still kicking myself for not doing it earlier.

    (Side note: Before 6 months ago, I was a straight hair for life type and was tolerating my waves/curls in the interest of hair health. I never really liked the curly look on me, so the leap from tolerating them before the session to loving them after the session was a HUGE HUGE jump. It’s a testament to Gabriella’s skill and I’m very grateful to Gabriella for helping me find the beauty in my natural hair).

  84. Samantha Anslow

    For a while I had followed Gabriella on insta and looked through various blogs of hers to try and get a sense of what I needed to help my hair. But I really wanted to try a curl clinic to get that personal touch and advice so saved up for one and I’m so glad I did. Mine was a good few months ago now, and I am finding my hair is keeping consistent and holding better over a couple of days compared to before. I love the products recommended- Gabriella, chose products that were cruelty free and have sustainable intentions which is important to me, she was mindful of my medical condition and drew on her own experiences to give me advice to how to manage my hair on my bad weeks. I loved my personalised email that followed and regularly read it back to keep me on track. She’s such a warm and kind hearted person who is passionate about hair health and it just shines through in everything she does, high recommend booking in with her.

  85. Sheri

    I felt the 1:1 session was well worth the money. I was given clear advice on how to improve my hair. I wish I would have had this advice years ago! I have struggled and spent so much money on products that really didn’t work with my hair. Recently, I had purchased several of the curly girl products, but was getting mixed results. I needed the extra information Gabriella gave me to pull it all together. I am nothing but grateful.

  86. Stefanie

    Gabriella is awesome. I went to her because, after over a decade of having great hair, I moved and discovered I have hard water in my new location. It did a number on my curls and once I realized what was happening it sent me into a tailspin. I already felt like she was a wealth of true knowledge in this community, so I immediately followed the recommendations she already had in her very detailed blogs, but wanted more support in terms of devising a game plan for the long term. Not only did she help with that, but I got the added bonus of going through my current routine and having her identify a few products that might not actually be optimal for my hair type, and some new washing techniques I can’t wait to try! So even if you’re not having any curly hair issues now, keep her in mind in case you ever do! I’m so glad to have her as a resource. Thank you, Gabriella!

  87. Anne Yates

    After 7 months of following the ‘curly girl method’ and spending a small fortune on products that didn’t help I decided to get a 1-1 with Gabriella.
    It’s the best 30 minutes !
    She has me on the road to reducing so much frizz !
    My stringy 2C hair is already responding and I haven’t even received all the products she suggested yet !
    Thank you so much Gabriella – I’m really pleased !

  88. Nina

    Thank you very much, Gabriella! I’ve been caring for my curls for about 6 months. I have a lot of products and learned some techniques, but had absolutely no idea that my hair was on the overmoisturised side and that some of these products were too heavy for me. Each and every hairdresser told me my hair was dry, and it’s just not true. Thanks for saving me from hygral fatigue 🙂 I’m ready to see more bounce ad I’m switching to more lightweight products 🙂

  89. Sarah Lavelle

    My hair had been neglected following four years of caring for a terminally ill relative. My general routine was wash, condition, let air dry and throw up into a bun, on the rare occasions I went out, I straightened it.
    Last summer, I tried to get my curls back in order. I started following the curly girl method, co washing etc. Nothing was making a difference. In fact it got much worse, a severe bout of scalp eczema, a huge amount of shedding and snapping mid lengths. My hair was dull, frizzy, dry and so tangly!
    I started following Gabriella on Instagram, quickly bought a silke bonnet & pillow cases and then treated myself to a 1:1. Since that morning I have never looked back. I have a routine, an army of products that feel great in my hair which were all linked in the follow up email, so no hunting!
    Gabriella was not judgy or preachy, she spoke clearly and with enthusiasm. She is so well informed and researched, you could tell she knew the answers to the questions she asked me before I did! I got great tips and tricks and the follow up email is still invaluable to have.
    It’s been just over one month since my clinic, my hair has transformed. It is silky & shiny, I’ve zero breakage now, I’m definitely shedding about 90% less and have a whole lot of regrowth where my hair had thinned. My curl clumps get nicer with each wash and my scalp is so healthy. The itch has finally gone!
    Most importantly, I have a routine that I’m sticking too & I know in the long term my hair & scalp will be all the better for it!
    So if like me you’re fumbling through the masses of unclear info on curly routines, thinking “it’ll get worse before it gets better” and you just want a simplified plan for you, don’t hesitate. Book a clinic ASAP. I wish I did this years ago!

    Thanks so much Gabriella! Xx

  90. Tracy Byrne

    I was at the end of my tether with my curls when I had my curl clinic with Gabriella 8 weeks ago. I’m just coming to the end of the course to remedy my hair from the damage I’d done to it and the difference in my hair is phenomenal. It’s so healthy and glossy and the curls are starting to form from my scalp rather than down by my ears. I have every faith that my new routine will keep my curls looking their best. The volume at the scalp has also improved. It’s been so amazing every wash day to have my mam and sister comment on how much better my curls are looking. Gabriella you are incredible, your knowledge and understanding of hair is second to none. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  91. Kim Millar

    I booked a 1:1 curl clinic just a few months into my natural hair journey. I had read literally everything on her blog but I just couldn’t figure out my own hair and how to really understand it. I wasn’t sure if there was much more she could tell me, but wow. I was amazed at how much help I got from an online consult. She totally understood my hair and knew straight away what I needed. I have been following her method for 9 months now and my hair is sooo much healthier. I finally get consistent results every single wash day and I hardly every refresh my hair. Now my hair is so healthy I can play around with different styling techniques and products to see how they work.
    Gabriella focuses on hair and scalp health and now my hair is so healthy and it’s GROWING so quickly. Her golden triangle for healthy hair is literally the fundamental basis for everything around hair health and I swear by it now. I highly recommend the curl clinics, she will set you up for life with a good solid hair care routine specific for you. It’s the best money I’ve ever spent on my hair.

  92. Barbara Finigan

    My curls have developed from barely there kiss curls of childhood to full on curls in my teens. I always said that the universe had sent me a head full of curls to remind me daily that I was in charge of NOTHING in my life, not even my hair. Frizzy but limp hair became the bane of my life and having grown up in the 90s, every hairdresser had perfected the straight blow dry. Even the look on their faces as they took in my hair said it all. “Will I just straighten it then?” was the go-to result.

    So after 30 years of hoping for the best and searching for something to make my hair behave, I found the curly girl method. Moisture and cream and masks all the way – sorted, right? Wrong. More limp frizzy hair.

    Then I found Gabriella and her flowing locks, something I could only dream of. I read blogs and watched videos and then eventually booked a 1-to-1 curl clinic. I have one regret about it all -that I didn’t do it much sooner. Gabriella is a straight talking knowledgeable curl advocate who makes you realise that curly hair is amazing. She works within your own situation, budget, style needs, etc.

    It can seem overwhelming in the beginning, like you need to buy 20 products. You don’t and you are guided in where to best start your journey. The protein rather than moisture injection was mind-blowing and so so what my hair needed. Spending a significant (but not huge) amount on a shampoo and conditioner after spending a tenner or so on them in the past seemed huge, but now almost 11 months after that curl clinic I have just bought the second bottle. That paid for curl clinic in itself!

    I am loving my curly hair now, I know what to do with it, I need to wash it less and it looks better for longer between washes. That horrible “only looks good on a washday” feeling is gone, as is the need to tie it up in a ponytail because it needs to be washed and looks like a bush look is also gone. I see definition and volume and now have defined curls growing down my back. My hairdresser even asked me what I was doing and I’ve had comments on how well my hair looks. I am thrilled with the process, I started as a non-believer, but now I am converted.

    If you are thinking about it, just book it. It will be the best present you can give yourself. I credit Gabriella as the woman who made me love my curls again. You will not regret it. Thank you Gabriella.

  93. Aoife

    I had a curl clinic 8 months ago now and my hair has become so much healthier since! The clinic itself felt like a lovely chat, and the email following had everything we spoke about detailed in it. I bought all the products she recommended and most are over half full still – so massive financial savings on buying and overusing products that don’t work. My curls are now so silky, soft and defined. I can wear it down comfortably with little to no refreshing for days after wash day! Would highly highly recommend

  94. Lorna

    Hey, I never got back to you after our curl clinic a few weeks ago. Thank you so much it was fab, the thing that even made me book it was the feeling from your stories of how respectful you would be of my needs. I have health issues that you completely respected and helped me adapt my routine for, I would normally just avoid things for fear that someone would put pressure on me to do something and leave me feeling more shitty that I can’t do them. So thank you again for a fab 1:1 that was completely tailored to me and my life. No over selling of products etc, just really targeted help and the products are already working. Wishing you a lovely Christmas xx

  95. Miriam

    I have purposefully waited a couple of months to post my review to really be able to tell something about my experiences since. 🙂
    I had booked a curl clinic in the beginning of the year, close to the end of winter. At that point I had been caring for my “virgin” curls for 1 year and used LOADS of Gabriella’s advice from her blog and Live curl clinics already. Before my 1:1 with Gabriella I therefore really wondered whether there would be any more she could tell me as I was already mainly following her advice on IG/the blog – but Oh, she did!
    Being generally very healthy, my hair did not look bad at all in the first place, but I was struggling to get consistent results and could not figure out what I was doing wrong. So I decided to book that 1:1 curl clinic and it was SO WORTH IT! During the winter I had, as turned out during my 1:1 curl clinic, overmoisturized my hair (which I really wouldn’t have thought was the problem!). Moreover I already had many of the recommended products but I was not using them on the optimal way/in the best combinations for MY hair. I have since followed my personalized Rx and after just a few weeks my curls really started to change for the better! I felt like I understood the ins and outs of everything now and was able to play around with products and techniques again after a while. I finally had pretty consistent results! Now when winter started again I noticed my curls were starting to behave similarly again as to before my 1:1 curl clinic – only now I noticed it immediately, knew what was happening and was able to immediately revert to Gabriella’s advice. And within just a few wash days my curls are already back to their great self even though we are well into winter now!
    I am really, really glad I decided to book that curl clinic back then and really feel that I finally truly understood my curls after my meeting with Gabriella! Thanks so much! 🙂

  96. Benedicte C

    I recently had a 1:1 curl clinic and I regret not doing it sooner.
    I could have saved myself a lot of money and stress. I had the right products on hand, but my routine was wrong. And that’s why I bought other products that weren’t actually necessary. I also have much less hair in my brush, and the focus was not even on that. Are you struggling with a problem and can’t find the right routine? Don’t hesitate any longer and book that 1:1 curl clinic and you will be very grateful to her just like me. It’s worth every penny

  97. Tanya K

    Gabriella has CHANGED MY LIFE! I came across her IG account in 2020 when I decided to try embracing my curls for the first time since I was 12. After years and years of chemically straightening my hair, I was left with a mess of texture, and no idea where to start. Armed with a wealth of knowledge from her amazing content, I religiously followed posts, videos, stories and monthly IG lives and tried her tips and tricks to will my curls back. 6 months into going curly, I booked a 1:1 clinic with her and I’m so glad I took that plunge. She created a personalized routine for me with a selection of products, methods, and the WHY behind all of it. On just my very first wash day after that 1:1, my hair was already transformed! I shed 1/8 of the hair I was used to losing with every wash, and my curls slowly but surely, got bouncier, shinier, more defined… within 6 months you’d never have even known I had ever NOT had curly hair.

    Just 1 year later, my hair has grown 3x the length, going from chin length at my first curl clinic to currently being just past my bra, and there is so much more of it! Despite the immense improvement, I’ve found my hair getting into a little bit of a rut over the last few months and felt like I might be over-moisturizing. Something in my routine definitely wasn’t working anymore. After playing around with my lineup and routine a little bit without improvement, I decided to book another 1:1 with Gabriella as a followup to get her expert insight on what to tweak to get back on the right track.

    She is just magical! In just 30 mins of talking through my routine and looking at my curls, their shape, texture, and where I get frizz, she identified the parts of my routine that needed tweaking and recommended where I needed to change things up. She also took me through how to change my routine to adapt for my length and patiently went through all the whys, hows, whats of it all so that not only do I know what to do next but understand why and what to look for and how to adapt as I keep figuring out how my curls should feel and look when things are going well. I could go on and on forever but bottom line, Gabriella is truly an expert! Her free content is already next-level, but both the monthly curl clinics AND the 1:1 are invaluable. I cannot recommend booking a 1:1 with her enough – it will change your life!

  98. Joanna S

    These one-on-one curl clinics are amazing! Gabriella is so kind, knowledgeable, and helpful. She very specifically addressed my concerns, based off my hair type (fine AND low density), and has taken time to answer follow up questions. It feels like she is truly committed to helping and making my hair happier! She has made me feel like I am on the right path to getting my hair how I want it, and that is half the battle. Of all the ways we curly girls spend money on products and tools, a curl clinic should be added to the top of your list!

  99. Caoimhe

    My Curl Clinic with Gabriella was very recently and I am impressed with her knowledge and easy manner, I felt I was talking to a friend.
    This 1:1 was to have my curls look their best, which they already are, but if anything this last 2 years has taught me is the importance of slowing down and making me time.
    Gabriella gives you the tools to make your hair healthier, Wash Day has become a time to pamper myself, without guilt.
    If you are thinking about having a 1:1, go for it, you and your hair will be very happy ye did.

  100. Ryan

    Gabrielle was incredibly sweet and helpful. Very efficient in eliminating the wrong products from my routine and directing me towards the right ones. I only wish that it was a slightly longer session, as we definitely needed more time to discuss other aspects of my hair. Overall I genuinely enjoyed meeting Gabrielle and look forward to seeing results from her recommendations and advice!

  101. Helen

    This was a total impulse buy but definitely not one I regret. It’s taken me to my late 30’s to be able to manage my hair. Gabrielle’s recommended products have made a massive difference to my hair. It’s still got a way to go but it’s so much better and I actually have defined curls now. Will definitely keep following

  102. Elaine

    Wish I had done it sooner! I was spending money on the wrong products, so this was a much better investment. Gabriella was so nice to talk to and really knows her stuff. I had so many questions and she answered them all. It will take a while to fix my curl issues but it’s great to finally have faith that I’m on the right track! Thank you Gabriella!

  103. Vicky Copeman

    If you’re thinking of paying for a curl clinic with Gabriella, don’t fanny around like I did, just do it! If I had done it earlier I would have saved so much time and money on products and techniques. Gabriella really knows her stuff and will create a routine specifically designed for you, your hair and your budget. Thanks Gabriella, I can already see the difference after one wash! Xxx

  104. Stephanie

    I am so delighted that I booked a Curl Clinic with Gabriella . I had picked up so many useful tips from her website since finding it , but the 1:1 aspect of the Curl Clinic is even better. I was making so many mistakes and, now corrected, I am really excited to see what I can achieve in terms of my curls. Gabriella is so knowledgeable and her clear info -packed email after the consultation has made ordering all the new products so easy.

  105. Vicky Macrae

    I had a curl clinic a few months ago and got some fantastic information. Ive completely changed my routine from using every product under the sun to just a few and its so much easier. The products that Gabriella emailed to me were suited to my hair needs, lifestyle and budget. I received information on how to apply them which i struggle with and what would work best for my hair type.
    Following the consultation i received an email with everything she said so dont worry about writing it all down as she speaks. Its better to sit, listen and enjoy!!!!! My hair is still improving, nothing happens overnight but im happy I spent the time and money. Thank you

  106. Jennifer

    Found the curl clinic brilliant. For me I’d been wasting time and money over last few years trying to figure out what worked me! My curls look the best they have ever been after following the Curl Maven guide I was emailed after the consultation. Cuts out all the messing!

  107. Kelly

    I put off booking a Curl Clinic because, to be honest, after all this time I was a little embarrassed that I still couldn’t figure out my hair. However, as soon as I joined Gabriella on the call, I immediately relaxed because it truly felt like talking to a friend. The things that she suggested were small changes and tweaks to my existing routine, but after the call I felt focussed, like all the curly hair “noise” faded away if that makes sense? I am determined to be consistent with my routine but am already seeing improvements. To anyone considering booking a clinic, please know that it is a “judgement free” zone. In fact, I felt more confident about my hair after the call – Gabriella could see the potential in my hair that I was having trouble seeing, and I will always be grateful for that.

  108. Ciara

    I had been doing a version of the curly hair method for quite a while and had been buying products for ‘curly hair’ which were a big investment, without really investigating what MY curls really needed. I’m transitioning from a brunette to blonde because I just don’t want to keep trying to deal with all of the grey I now have, but highlighting has had a big impact on the condition of my hair. With so much information out there on porosity, balancing protein etc etc etc, I was left feeling quite overwhelmed on how to deal with it. I just wanted someone with expertise in curly hair, who knows what they are talking about to advise me on what my hair now needed, before I spent any more money. I was so glad that I booked a 1:1 with Gabriella. The time flew by, but she went through all of my concerns and ( I’m very happy to say) asked me lots of questions to help figure out what the right products are for me. She confirmed that some of the products I have been using were really not the best ( although advertised for curly hair) I was also not really placing enough emphasis on the basics of using a good quality shampoo, conditioner and clarifying shampoo. Although I know it is going to take time, consistency and patience, I finally feel that I am on the right road. She even sent me information for my little girl’s curly locks! I feel that this has been money really well spent. I know once I am a few months in, I will probably book into a few of the monthly sessions for some further tips to help me along the journey. I can’t recommend Gabriella enough!

  109. Shayna

    I have been trying to manage my very curly hair for some time on my own. I’ve watched countless videos, read blogs, tried many products, but I always felt that my hair wasn’t looking its best. I find most women online don’t have the same curl type as me or want tons of volume and I felt lost. After scheduling a 1:1 clinic with Gabriella, I truly feel my hair is looking its very best! My wash days not only looks impeccable, but I can make it to day 4 or 5 and still wear my hair down without a major refresh. My hair looks healthy, holds big clumps or curls, and I feel confident and put together.

    I don’t know why I waited so long to have my consultation. Often there is an embarrassment that we should know how to take care of ourselves and our hair, and at first I felt silly scheduling an appointment online when I have a hair stylist who cuts my hair perfectly fine locally. Meeting with Gabriella was what I needed. She understood that my needs, even though they may be different than what others want, are valid and she helped me achieve them. My hair looks great and I feel great!

  110. Dóra

    I felt lost and I didn’t know where and how to start my Curly Girl journey. I had a 1:1 Curl Clinic with Gabriella, and I feel so much more confident now! She gave me personalised product recommendations and put together a routine for me, tailored for my hair type and hair goals. I couldn’t thank her enough! Really recommend turning to her with any curl-related questions – her knowledge is gold!

  111. Natalie Schulte

    Where should I start? I am completely overwhelmed by the knowledge Gabriella Curl Maven has acquired. The meticulous preparatory work and preparations that have to be made for the Curl Clinics, the amount of time and attention to detail that she puts into them is absolutely amazing. And everything is self-developed, self-tested and no question remains unanswered. Hats off, Gabriella.
    I had taken part in a free one (when they were still free) or looked afterwards. I was happy to pay €20 for the FRIZZ and now I will also book the 6-month one. I’m also thinking of booking a 1:1 Curl clinic, but I want to work on the length and density of my hair a bit first…to make it worthwhile.
    Thank you for your knowledge and your lovely way of sharing your knowledge with us, Gabriella

  112. Sarah

    I booked a curl clinic with Gabriella in March and the results have been astonishing. I’m the only one of my siblings with curly hair and to be honest never knew how to care for it, I got so annoyed I ended up shaving half of it off! I discovered CurlMaven online and booked in, within 2 wash days my hair was already different but now 6 months on I can’t believe the difference. Gabriella is so knowledgeable, all you have to do is take her advice and get to know your hair. Worth every penny and would 10000% recommend.

  113. Louise

    How many times have you had (yet another) failed wash & thought “I wish someone would just tell me what to do”. Well, this is the answer! Gabriella is so knowledgeable. I was simply using all the wrong products. So while I was following CGM & had invested in loads of products & tried all the techniques I was essentially pursuing entirely the wrong path. I’m a few washes past the clinic now & the new products have made a world of difference. My hair doesn’t feel “full” of product anymore but the curls are more defined & the frizz is more manageable. It still needs time but I’m committed again now, after briefly returning to my straighteners out of frustration. This was my last attempt to stick with my curls & I’m so glad I did it. Could not recommend this more!

  114. Gillian Smellie

    I wish I had booked a curl clinic when I first came across Gabriella. I would have saved the cost of the clinic in all the products I had bought and which were doing no good whatsoever. I developed curly hair (previously VERY straight!) during menopause and I had no idea what I was doing. Gabriella got right to the point and knew exactly what I was doing wrong and why. Two weeks later I am a different woman. My hair is no longer frizzy round the edges and heavy everywhere else and the curl definition is getting better by the day. Book the clinic. You won’t regret it. And the September Frizz clinic was excellent too.

  115. SueAnne Robinson

    I booked a Curl Clinic with Gabriella when I knew I had 3 products on their way to me that I was pretty sure were not right for me. The clinic was money well spent, she confirmed that while they were not bad products, I could do better for MY hair. She asked tons of questions and gave me some great information about products, techniques and more. I’ve been wearing my hair curly for many years but I’ve grown it recently so some things have come up. I’m confident that I am on the right path with my hair now. If you are someone who feels like their products are not working, book a 1 on 1. I also did the Frizz Clinic for September and really like that too!

  116. Heather

    My Curl Clinic with Gabriella was really informative. She was very clear and got straight to business! She helped me to understand more about my hair type and why the products I was using weren’t ideal. Her suggestions have actually made my routine simpler rather than over-complicate things, which is great! I am already seeing far better ringlets, and it’s only been a couple of weeks. It’s still a work in progress but I feel I am on a more informed path to achieve consistently better results!

  117. Tania

    I had a curl clinic in April, wish I’d had it sooner! I had been having issues with my hair I couldn’t figure out how to fix. With so many products on the market, I didn’t know what suited my hair. Within seconds Gabrielle had figured out my hair type, the issues and told me what I needed to do to fix it. My hair changed within 4 weeks of her recommendations… I could not be happier! It has continued to be in great condition and fab results.
    If you’re hesitating booking a clinic, don’t! Definitely worth it and so helpful.

  118. Rasti

    The only reason I haven’t given up on my hair (and I wanted to a dozen times) – Gabriella. It started out with watching her super informative Instagram monthly curl clinics. I would move life plans around just to catch them because they’d be jampacked with tips and tricks and she would painstakingly and patiently address everyone’s questions. Since then, I’ve reverted to her blog only about 2 dozen times – to find handy discount codes and a solution or recommendation to practically any curl-related issue I was having. TODAY, I finally got around to attending a 1:1 and my heart is so happy. Gabriella is the most patient, thorough, well-informed, kind, encouraging and REAL hair-care-giver I’ve ever come across. My hair has already achieved such wonderful results following her techniques and methods over the past 2 years, I cannot WAIT to unlock even healthier hair for myself after my tailor-made consultation. Bless your hard work, enterprise, fire and spaciousness, Gabriella!

  119. AnnMarie

    I was feeling overwhelmed by the sheer amount of content and voices around taking care of my wavy/curly hair. Gabriella always stood out as knowledgeable and her Curl Clinic did not disappoint! She took time to understand my hair and goals and turn that into a manageable routine that fits my lifestyle. I loved that she recommended the right products for me that were in my price range. Best of all, when I had a follow-up question weeks later, she responded quickly with more useful feedback. I highly recommend a Curl Clinic if you want to start personalizing all you see online for your own hair.

  120. Caroline

    Having spent literally decades being stressed about the state of my hair, thinning mostly, the most amazing thing has started happening.
    Twice in the past week when arriving at a restaurant, a total stranger has greeted me with, not ‘hello’ but rather… ‘Wow, I love your hair!’ You’re probably bored with this by now but for me it’s just the most amazing feeling and I owe most if not all of it to you. So, again, thank you, thank you, thank you!

  121. Tana Kaplan Gray

    This was WELL worth the money spent, and I only regret that I didn’t do it sooner! After a failed attempt at the curly girl method a few years back, I decided to give it another go. I’m so glad I spoke to Gabriella this time, as she recommended products that have already made a big difference in my hair and which I would never have known to select for myself. For the price of a decent haircut you get a tailored haircare routine complete with advice about not just what products to use, but HOW to use them. It’s not intuitive for all of us so I really appreciated that!

  122. Aoife Kavanagh

    I had a curl clinic about two moths ago and it was brilliant!!! I bought a lot of the products Gabriella recommended and they’ve been fantastic! Well worth it! My hair has never been better. I honestly think that a curl clinic would save you money in the long term as you would only be purchasing products you know will work with your hair. Can’t recommend it highly enough!

  123. Ger Griffin

    Gabriella is a no nonsense woman, she knows her stuff inside out and you get results if you follow her advice. It’s been three weeks since my curl clinic and the results are incredible. Thanks so much Gabriella I am embracing my lovely curls and I am thrilled x

  124. Vicki

    I just wanted to follow up on our recent curl clinic with a big, big thank you! I did feel a bit silly when my wash day the day beforehand turned out as well as it did but, you were able to ‘see past’ the fact that my hair was curly and really listen to my concerns. The changes you suggested were small but absolutely spot on and have made a world of difference. I could have / have wasted time and money trying to figure out where I was going wrong, your immense knowledge and experience really is invaluable to any one on this journey, our curl clinic was a game changer. I lose almost no hair on washdays and the curls are quite a lot tighter, more defined and stay that way for longer. I couldn’t be happier with the results I’m getting. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  125. Niki

    I had a one-on-one curl Clinic with Gabriella about 6 months ago, and my hair has improved so much since then! She was able to tell me what I was doing wrong and how to fix it! Which is exactly what I needed! Since then I have been to every monthly curl Clinic and got a heat cap ( OMG the heat cap!!!) I learn something new at every monthly Curl Clinic that has only help with my journey! She has always been quick at answering any questions that I’ve had whether I DM her or emailed her. I am truly grateful I found you! Thank you for everything that you do! ❤

  126. Isabel

    Where do I even start? The 1:1 curl clinics by Gabriella are beyond fantastic!!!!! I saved up for them because I was dealing with some trouble after 1 year of following a modified CGM and my god!!! I cannot thank her enough. She not only created a routine but was mindful of my budget to choose the specific products (I’m a student and that was important to me :), but Beyond that she followed up with a detailed email of YOUR specific routine with tips and links for your country! Like what?!?! That is crazy! She identified why my hair was not improving for months (overmoistourized) in seconds of talking to me and gave me all the tools I needed to get my hair back to it’s healthy state and improve it even more than ever! I have looked at almost every single blog post and IGTVs of hers after the clinic and now I’m fully converted to the Curly Maven method and let me tell you it works! If you are on the fence about booking a curl clinic, do not hesitate further!! It’s a hair saver and money saver too so you don’t spend way too much on products that are not good for your hair (I’m guilty of that lol). I’m tempted to subscribe for the curl clinic monthly as well because she just explains everything so well that I know I will learn so much. Everyone has made comments about how good my hair looks after the curl clinic.
    In summary (sorry for the long review, I just get too excited), if you want a dynamic, fun and very knowledgeable person to explain step by step what you need to do plus simplify your hair routine, Gabriella is that person without a doubt!

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