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  1. Hi Gabriella! Thank you very much for this informative article ! I’m already using and loving many products among those listed…I have a haircare-related question : I’ve been noticing lately that I’m getting acne and on my forehead, close to the hairline, and on my back. I was on accutane for a year and rarely get hormonal acne now. The placement of the spots makes me think it’s because of my styling products! I’ve been doing everything upside down , so I think some styling products inevitably get on my face. I’ve been trying to cleanse my face thoroughly while wet plopping and cleaning my hairline with acid toners…Did you encounter a similar problem ? Any recommendations to prevent/combat acne caused by hair care? I also put my silke bonnet on every night…I have several bonnets that I clean regularly, but do you think it my bonnet sliding onto my forehead at night could be another culprit?

  2. What would be your second favorite SPF that you recommend?

    1. Gabriella says:

      I love Supergoop Play, Dr. Sam’s Daily Sunscreen, Purito Unscented Centella SPF and Thank You Farmer Water Cream.

  3. Aloha! I love your recommendations. I was wondering if you have another SPF recommendation since Purito Centella Green Level Unscented Sun SPF 50 is no longer on the market.

    1. Gabriella says:

      SOOOO disappointing! Sure, I’ve been using the Supergoop Play the most since the Purito issue.

  4. Elissa Carroll says:

    Hi Gabriella!
    I am here re-reading this very useful post of yours and found myself really thinking about how many different products you typically use in a day on your skin.
    I am assuming that you were sharing numerous different product options in each category (hydrate, cleanse, etc) and not that you use most of these every day. Personally, simplicity is the biggest necessity for me so that I actually do the routine regularly. It is also hard to click the links for the products recommended and have almost all of them be over $50 (I know they are worth it).
    What does your actual morning routine and evening routine look like? Or are they regularly changing depending on your skins needs?

    Thank you!

    1. Hi Elissa, correct – I was giving multiple options, I don’t use all of those products on my skin daily. I double cleanse every night, and use a serum and essence/spray, moisturizer and SPF every morning.

  5. Noga Bernstein says:

    Hi Gabriella,
    Thank you so much for your blog, I’ve been diligently following your advices on hair and skin and love your recommendations. I was wondering if the discount codes at Look Fantastic no longer works. I tried using the code and the links and as of yesterday, the discount doesn’t shoe. Many thanks, Noga (from Israel)

    1. Hi Noga, thank you so much for such lovely kind thoughtful words, I’m so glad you’ve found my content helpful. If products are already discounted or on sale, then my code won’t work. Hopefully that helps. x

  6. Gabriella, thank you! A post that packs so much information in. I would be very interested in having a post specifically on Aurellia products that you have used. They were the most interesting/applicable part of the post for me 🙂
    I have been using true moringa for a few months now and love the simplicity of the routine. I pair that with thank you farmer sunscreen. I am going to be switching to try Krave Beauty sunscreen next. Have you tried either company?
    Thank you for great content!

    1. Hi Elissa, I’ve not tried Krave Beauty yet. The Thank You Farmer one, although I love the texture and consistency and lightweight of it, it drives my sensitive eyes nuts! And eyes are the first and most prominent part of our face that shows signs of ageing, so I really need to be able to bring my sunscreen all the way around my eyes and I can’t with that one I’m afraid. x

      1. Oh! I do not currently bring my sunscreen up around my eyes…that is something I am going to have to try. I normally also have eyes that are reactive (I cannot do any mascara yet that I have tried) so am curious to see if that will be a problem for me. Thank you for your information sharing!!

  7. Fantastic post thank you so much.I would definitely be interested in the other posts as you mentioned 🙂
    Thank you for all that you do!

  8. Loveeee your skincare posts! They helped me create my own routine last year!
    With the Tan Luxe Super Glow Hyaluronic Acid, is it a buildable tan? Does it wash off? Scared of being orange. And do you put it on all of your face and neck? Does it ever look streaky? And would it look weird if I then didn’t fake tan my body? Sorry for a million questions but I trust you 100%!

    1. Hi there. So glad you love my skincare posts. The Tan Luxe Super Glow is a really subtle buildable, gradual tanning hyaluronic acid. You wouldn’t be orange with it, I use it every day and I’m never orange. I’ve never had streaks with it, because it’s not a strong enough tanner to create them – if that makes sense. And then because I wash my face every night, it’s always a clean, smooth, exfoliated surface when I reapply the next morning. I apply it on my face neck and a little on my ears with the last swipe. I have to stop using it for about 4-5 days for it to fade off my face completely. It doesn’t look weird if you don’t tan the rest of your body because it’s so subtle. Hope all of that helps x