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  1. Regan Sharp says:

    Really interested to know if you have any recommendations for lightweight nourishing hair oils? I would like something that I can use to scrunch into the ends when feeling dry or smooth over if windswept.

    1. Hi Regan, the only oil I like for that kind of thing is the Rose Elixer from The Innate Life but use it very sparingly. If your hair is dry you need to focus on deep conditioning, not oils. Oils don’t hydrate, water does.

  2. Hii Gabriella, love the detailed review I found it very helpful. I’ve tried 369 vitamins based on your recommendation and found it effective, even a bit more than bouncecurl one (used to be my holy grail of vitamins). I recently came across the mane choice vitamins, and found it had a similar formula, but with more vitamins not in 369. Have you came across manechoice one? Would you recommend it?

    1. Hi Yasmin, I haven’t used those ones I’m afraid x

  3. I was wondering if you have product/routine suggestions for kids (especially toddler through primary age). I have tried all sorts but find their hair gets weighed down much more easily, and they end up with stringy looking hair.

  4. Gabriella, I’ve been following you on instagram for a while and your blog is the first place I come for easy advice.

    Unfortunately my hair is in desperate need of a protein boost as it’s definitely over moisturized. I’m wondering if you have any recommendations for high protein conditioner besides the Innersense one? Unfortunately I tried it and while my hair did seem to like it the scent was too strong for me as I’m sensitive to smells and they can trigger migraines for me 🙁 I had the same problem with the Treluxe gel which was such a bummer because it definitely would have been a holy grail otherwise.

    I know I need to do a protein treatment and wash my hair less often (which as someone who sweats through my hair a lot is also a struggle) but in terms of a daily conditioner I can use that’s high in protein–any favorites or recommendations?

  5. Hi Gabriella,

    I was wondering if you have any other recommendations for a Protein Deep Conditioner Mask. The hairfinity is sold out everywhere here in the UK.

    Thank you so much for all these recommendations.

    1. Curl Junkie Repair Me! is my 2nd favourite, available at Le Curl Shop in France but sold out atm. Curls Blueberry Bliss is kind of similar, but a little more moisturising.

  6. Hey! Thank you so much for your post. I’m looking for a new diffuser that is similar to the diva pro styling xxl pro diffuser but sold in the US. Do you have any recommendations?

    1. Hi, I don’t – I’m so sorry. I was in the US last year and I looked at the various diffusers available in stores like Ulta etc and I couldn’t find anything similar. So sorry! Can you get the GAMA diffuser? That’s a little similar. Basically you want a diffuser that’s got a big, deep bowl. Hope that helps x

  7. Sinead O'Neill says:

    Thanks for another great roundup. I got a silke hair wrap for Christmas and some Innersense products on your recommendations. I’m trying to avoid buying any other products for the moment but will refer back to this. The TreLuxe gel is definitely on my list. I did want a scalp massager though so I have ordered the Boucleme one.
    It’s amazing to see how long your hair has grown since the May 2019 photo.

  8. Hi Gabriella,
    This is a wonderful article, that helps so much and see things a little more clearly!

    You have not included the products My Soigne, wich you talked about a few weeks ago. It’s because you have not enough passing time, or it’s because they are not as good as the others ?

    I have tried the clarifying shampoo from Bounce curl, and i’ve not seen any difference between the others products i use. Also, i have somme issues of greasing and itchy scalp… So i also use somme dedicated products from the drugstore…

    I want to try the Treluxe serum and i definition gel to replace my french products (kurl nectar and gel from Les secrets de Loly), but i have to wait the end of the lockdown in England…

    Can you, some day, make an article (here or in instagram) about your daughter’s routine ? I also have a little curly girl (6 years) and i don’t really know what to use on her hair, and i don’t want for her to use too much differents and expensive products…

    And have you planned to try Curlsmith brand, and Flora & Curl, and Rawkyn ?

    Thank you,


    1. Hi Laetitia, thanks for the comment. I’m glad you found this post helpful. The reason I didn’t include My Soigné is because I’ve only used it a handful of times in December, it’s not a favourite product that I’ve been using all year. I only put my name and recommendation and endorsement behind a product once I have thoroughly tested it and used it for at least 4-6 weeks exclusively, tried it out with other products etc and really tested it out. I haven’t done that yet with the My Soigné. To answer your question about my daughter’s hair and routine, I had planned to put up content for curly children, but so far my entire site and content has been stolen by an Indian, Spanish and now Russian website. So I’m very hesitant to put any images of my daughter online, as I’m sure you can understand. But I’m trying to work around how I can write the content without risking images of my children being misused.

  9. Monica ( Faber*Smith) says:

    Your curls are Ah-mazing!! We are a curly family with all different hair types. I tried to do the CG method but ( if I am being honest) I am too lazy ( ) and not a lover of product. I used CurlSmith and passed it on to my teenage boys when I gave up( but at $72 it was a one shot deal). TWINS…One has finer hair that curls only when it’s longer and the curls are a bit tighter; the other has my family’s ‘ crazy’ hair that is thick and coarse with bigger curls looser curls. Now away at college they are specific about their products BUT ABSOLUTELY REFUSE ADVICE ON CERTAIN MUSTS( ie, detangling wide tooth comb, conditioning it regularly, and a leave in curl cream/ defrizzer). Their products of choice are in the Shea Moisture lines( different, because…Twins). They have converted their dry fit b-ball shirts into hair turbans.

    1. I’ll be honest, I have only tried one Curl Smith product, and it didn’t work for me. But I’d love to try some of their new launches. I don’t use or recommend Shea Moisture. But….I’d call you out on calling your hair, anyone’s hair “crazy.” That’s something we, as curly and textured hair people need to fight back against and not only let other people call our hair crazy just because it’s not straight, and also not call our own hair that. I’ve got a highlight discussing curls in the media on my Instagram which dives into this in more depth, you might want to check that out. http://www.instagram.com/curlycailin.ie There’s enough stigma around mental health and curly hair in society without combining the two with negative connotations or doing it to ourselves. Said with love x

  10. I’m so eager to hear your thoughts on MySoigne! I’ve loved the gel, and took the plunge to order the shampoo after seeing your stories.

    I also started on the BounceCurl vitamins since finding your recommendation. It’s still early, but my nails are already flaking less, and I’ve noticed less hair fall.

    Thank you so much for all of your content and advice! I would be lost without it!

    1. Yes! I have seen amazing results in my nails too since starting hair growth vitamins, it’s all the same: hair, nails and skin. My nails were always weak, peeling and would never grow. But now they’re stronger than ever, really healthy and grow really long. I will be getting back to testing out the MySoigné products over the next few weeks and will hopefully have a review and discount for you soon, so stay tuned!x

  11. Sanne Wagner says:

    Thank you, Gabriella, for yet another great and very helpful post. Especially the tip about the differences in the Innersense conditioners. I think I have to try out the Colour Radiance one now as I have the exact issue you described with the other two. Still love the Hydrating one though – especially for winther.

  12. Always love to look at your favourite products! It’s how I learned about the Biolage Conditioning Balm! I’m on my second huge tub. I can’t wait to try the TreLuxe serum and gel. By the way, if you or anyone in Europe is interested in. Curl Junkie products, they are available at LeCurlShop.com (France).

    1. oh my goodness that’s amazing! I love Curl Junkie Repair Me! but have to get it from the States every time. Thanks so much for shaing! x

  13. Hi! I’ve been reading your blogs for months now and definitely benefiting from a few things… I have one problem area.. there is one section near the crown of my head that is always super frizzy and dry and will not curl no matter how much product I put.. could this be hygral fatigue?? I use Jessicurl and Bouncecurl products mostly – my two favorites.
    My curly hair stylist suggested Olaplex No. 3 treatment once a week and even that hasn’t helped that specific area..works wonders on all my other curls except this one section.. it’s driving me insane. What should I try next!?
    Thank you so much in advance.

    1. Hi Miriam, it could be due to a lot of things. However, from what and where you’re describing, it sounds to me like you’re washing your hair standing up in the shower, and all that hot, high pressure water beating down on the crown of your hair is what’s causing it to be frizzy, dry, looser curl pattern and maybe even more brittle. You need to turn the temperature down, turn the pressure down and turn your head upside down. However, it can take months for the top canopy layer of the hair to heal and get healthy and hydrated once again. Hope that helps.