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  1. The CURLMAVENCB code doesn’t work on the US site.

    1. Curl Maven says:

      The code is CURLMAVEN and we just tried it on the US site, and it does work! x

      1. Am I misinterpreting the post? It says the CURLMAVEN code is 15% off and CURLMAVENCB is 20% off for the kits. I checked the UK site and the CURLMAVENCB code works there, but doesn’t on the US site. The CURLMAVEN code works on the US site for the smaller discount.

        1. Curl Maven Assistant says:

          We’re so sorry for the confusion regarding the discount codes! The was a glitch in the system and the brand has fixed it on their end. I just checked out the codes for myself, and they are both working now!
          Thank you for bringing that to our attention!