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  1. Can’t wait congratulations on a big step !!

  2. Clodagh McC says:

    Beautifully articulated- love the down to earth honesty and authenticity – my curls have improved too & love the varied product reviews – they are even often #hilare!!

  3. Congratulations, Gabriella! Been following for a while. Enjoy all your content. Excited to see your new brand come to life!

  4. Cristy Mendes says:

    Great blog post Gabriella! So happy for u congrats. You’ve helped so many of us!

  5. Looks like I’ve started following you at just the right time as you grow into Curl Maven! I’ve been following the cgm loosely for 1.5 years and still hoping for lots of improvement. Thank you for all your hard work

  6. Awesome! I’m so happy for you and your realization of your dream. Curly Girls everywhere are cheering!