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  1. I wanted to love this foam! I cleanse and condition with innersense hydrating cream line then use 2 pumps of quiet calm then I create hold with tre lux hi def on top. I was hoping this new product would narrow me down to only one styling gel, but no matter how little I use (even one pump on my whole head) it’s way too crunchy and makes my high density, fine corkscrews feel coarse and dried out, so it’s sitting there full and unused 🙁 any tips? Other than just going back to my original regimen, which I’ve now done? Thanks so much for the amazing content over the years, I’m a longtime fan!!!

    1. Gabriella says:

      Hey Susannah, thanks so much! The I Create Definition definitely gives a lot of hold and a really good crispy, crunchy cast. You can try using it to refresh, as a really lightweight product that defines + holds on the days in between washing if you need to tidy up any frizz and re-define your fine corkscrew curls – this would be ideal. Wet your hair down with a little warm water, spread the foam in your hands like you would a cream/gel and glaze it over the hair, praying hands to smooth down and then scrunch up. Or use on individual curls or sections if preferred. Let me know if that works for you x

  2. I love the new product combo and styling recommendations. Do you have any suggestions for the best way to break the cast for the new definition foam? I only use about 4 pumps for my short hair and sometimes it breaks well and other times it’s a bit intense. My hairdresser mentioned that it’s because of the high sucrose levels.

    1. Gabriella says:

      Hey, yeah it definitely can give a strong cast. You can use your hands, or the Innersense I Create Shine or my favourite way it to use silk, whether that’s a silk pillowcase, scarf or turban. But it’s the best way to scrunch out the crunch with minimal to no frizz.

  3. Thank you for this review!! I am LOVING the combo of this plus the I Create Volume as you suggested. I struggled to get a cast with the Bounce Curl Light Creme Gel, but switching out to the I Create Definition is a game changer for me. Yay!!

  4. Very interesting review.
    I am still trying to figure out what works best on my very fine scandinavian 2bc hair – not easy 🙂
    Could the Innersense foams be paired with the TréLuxe ReFlex Curl Styling Serum? I read your review on that serum as well and think of trying it out.

    1. Curl Maven Assistant says:

      They sure can be paired up together! Give it try! I hope it works out well for you! x

  5. Nope.
    Even 1 pump of this turned my hair to stringy straw & if it is raining of humid outside, that last for % takes Forever to dry.

    I was so hopeful for this as the Lift foam seems to do OK for my hair, but it just doesn’t provide enough support. ALL other foams leave my hair looking greasy and limp, even with a small amount (Verb Foam Gel too). Innersense avoids whatever in those products does that.

    I normally use about 3/4 tsp of TreLuxe HiDefinition over 1-2 pumps LUS 3-1…

    Sometimes I will use Lift foam.
    If i cocktail some Hold in there it spreads but hold (Flash Dries?).

    I was hoping Definition would be my HG.

    I started with 3 pumps that & 3 pumps Lift & COULDN’T break the cast… so I went down to 1 pump mixed with 2 of Lift on Really Wet Hair.

    Turned out very stringy and quite straw like. Sad day.

    Fine, low density, low porosity 2bc3a wurls.

    1. Have you had any luck with I create definition by trying it again with the method used in the blog post .

  6. Jennifer Pitts says:

    I would love to see tutorials where you use the different Innersense products mentioned in this post (like adding Prep for texture, or Hold plus a foam) & then show the same products with different application techniques.

    Have you tried mixing the foams?
    An Innersense teacher told me that you can cocktail Hold into Lift for example.

    1. Curl Maven Assistant says:

      Hey there! Innersense products are perfect to cocktail together! Definitely give it try!

  7. Andrea Kuykendal says:

    Would this be a good substitute for the Pantene Level 5 Mouse that has been discontinued? Looking for a replacement!

    1. Curl Maven says:

      There will be a blog post soon, with all of the substitutions for the Pantene mouse!

  8. Julia Marie Khoury says:

    GURLLLLLLLLLLL… This critique/review is OUTSTANDING!!! I want to try ALL of these products and I will shop your links FOR SURE!!!!
    I also want to reschedule another curl clinic with you – for follow-up from last time!
    I adore you and all that you contribute to our WORLD and specifically our curly community – CURL MAVEN STYLE!
    Julia K!

    1. Curl Maven says:

      I’m glad that you found the review helpful and that you’re excited to try the recommended products. I’m excited for you to try them as well!

  9. Hello!
    Thank you for another great, honest review.
    This sounds like a product that could really work for me 🙂
    Do you think it would work well on top of Treluxe reflex serum – or just go straight for the foam?
    Thanks! x

    1. Gabriella says:

      Hey Jenny, yes I’ve tried it layered on top and underneath the Reflex Serum and both times it looked great. I probably found I got more hold when I layered the foam on top of the serum though! Hope that helps!

  10. Great review, thanks for this, it’s definitely on my list to try! I really appreciate that you put in how much product you use, I have fine, highlighted, high density hair and sometimes I feel like I’m doing something wrong because I use SO MUCH product compared to what I see other people use. Thanks for normalizing it, that makes me feel a teensy bit more sane. 🙂

    1. I’ve been loving I Create Definition. Before I read this I’ve been using it after Sweet Spirit, and before I Create Volume. I’ve been using 4 pumps on my shoulder length hair and it’s *plenty*. Combined with a quarter size of I Create Volume, it’s a very strong hold that I scrunch out with 2 drops of I Create Shine rubbed into my hands. Now I’m really excited to try it your way with I Create Lift to see what results I get. My hair is very fine and I’m about 30% gray, and my gray hairs are *very* dry, so I need moisture and hold but do get easily weighed down. I Create Definition is really exactly what my type of hair needs. Amazing stuff!

      1. Curl Maven says:

        I’m so happy to hear that you’ve been enjoying using I Create Definition and that it’s been working well for your hair type! It sounds like you’ve found a great routine with using it after Sweet Spirit and before I Create Volume, and I’m excited for you to try it with I Create Lift as well. The fact that it provides both moisture and hold without weighing down your hair is a great bonus.

    2. Curl Maven says:

      You’re very welcome! I’m glad that you found the review helpful and that the information on product usage was particularly useful for you. It’s important to remember that everyone’s hair is unique and requires different amounts of product to achieve the desired results. So don’t worry about using more product than others, do what works best for your hair.

  11. This is great! I have lower porosity very fine hair, and if i Microplop/plop I loose 80% (?) my product… BUT my curls like to be microplopped… conundrum.

    Any suggestions since you say to use this wet? I have been MP my hair after using a cream & then glazing and scrunching a foam often emulsified with Lift to distribute it (most gels will disperse), but it sounds like this might be looking for…except if it needs to go in soaking.

    Lift isn’t quite enough hold, but is the ONLY foam that doesn’t react badly with my hair & make it look greasy. There is something common to most of the others that is not in Innersense.

    I have mixed other gels in to Lift as a delivery mechanism, but Innersense Hold is recommended by them, but it makes my hair a bit dry.

    1. Curl Maven says:

      You can still micro plop and use this foam because your hair is still in a wet state after micro plopping and it is not completely dry. I would try to use this, like you’ve used other foams in the past!

      1. Jennifer Pitts says:

        Thank you!

        So you ended up using 6 pumps of Definition & 6 of Lift over it?

        What kind of texture does Hair Love Prep add?

        That will be ideal that I can use it in after a MP.

        It just came in tonight. Scared and excited.

        I have very fine, low density, low porosity mid-neck shag.

        I am thinking I should start with about 3 of each?

        I have usually been using LUS 3-1 (1-2 pumps) Lift and then glazing and scrunching HiDefinition. It is a little less hold that I need, I think, but I can go 3-4 days between washing (or much refreshing).

        I made a scalp oil that shockingly has let my hair Not get oily, At all very little shedding either.

        Thanks for all you do and how thorough you are!!

        1. Curl Maven Assistant says:

          If you have a lower hair density, then start with 3 pumps! You’ll have to experiment to see what works for your hair.
          Good luck!

  12. Hiya Gabriella, this looks like an amazing product! I’m based in Ireland, just wanted to let you know it’s not on the Clean Beauty Edit website at the minute and Kiyo beauty give your great discount but charge £26 for delivery! Definitely want to try this so will have a look in salons instead ❤️ thanks for another great and detailed review x

    1. Gabriella says:

      Hi Siobhan, it’s only just launched so it’s not available across all distributors just yet. But The Clean Beauty Edit will be stocking it in the coming weeks, so keep an eye out for that so you can avoid the shipping cost and support an independent, female-founded and owned, local Irish business if you would prefer to do that x

  13. This sounds brilliant – I think I need to get my hands on some I Create Definition Styling Foam as soon as possible, it seems like exactly the product that would work best on my fine, medium-density, wavy hair. Thanks for the heads-up!

  14. Deirdre Walsh says:

    Thanks so much Gabriella, can’t wait to try this!
    Just clarifying was that 12 pumps you usually use with foam or 1 to 2 pumps?
    In other words, would 6 pumps of the new Definition Foam be sufficient for mid length hair?

    1. Gabriella says:

      Hey, yeah 6 pumps would absolutely be enough for mid length hair. That’s how much I found was best for my hair. But try it out and see what works best for your hair. Usually I style my hair in 3 sections and use 3-4 pumps per section, then smooth another couple of pumps over the top/halo of my hair. But with the I Create Definition I found I needed much, much less product per section.