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  1. Jacey Cobb says:

    I love how you have broken down each of their products by which hair type they are best for, and what they can do for your hair type. I also like how you add in which is your favorite. The fact that they are doing good things for the environment and keeping costs on the low end, is so helpful.for those of us still searching for the right products. I’m interested in trying their mask and leave-in conditioner spray. Sounds perfect for summer hair care at the beach! Thank you for your thorough and honesr reviews, they are always so helpful! I’m in the USA.

  2. Maria Malaveci says:

    I have heard such wonderful things about these products! Sorry I already commented but forgot to put where I am! The Gel sounds like it would work wonderful on my hair! Thank you for your content and reviews. Looking forward to trying this line! I am in the U.S.!

  3. Maria Malaveci says:

    Thank you for the review! Have heard a lot of good things about these products and can’t wait to try them!

  4. Reka Szabo says:

    Thanks for the detailed review! I’m definitely interested in the Restoring Intensive Mask and Curl Inspiring Conditioning Leave in Spray – both sound like something my hair would definitely benefit from!

    I’m from Belgium.

  5. I’ve been wanting to try out Imbue ever since you answered *my* question about affordable brands in your latest live <3
    I would love to try the leave-in spray. I have fine hair that's easily weighed down, plus it's always craving protein, so the spray sounds perfect!
    I'm from Slovenia, EU.

  6. Debra Skelton-Bethell says:

    Thanks Gabriella, I trust your reviews and will try these products. I love that they are paraben and sulphate free etc. I use hair mask everytime I wash as conditioning does nothing for my hair. Being recyclable materials tops the brand off! Thank you Debra UK xx

  7. Looking forward to trying these curly hair girls need more products like these on the market

  8. Love the price point of these products Never heard of them before this review, thanks Curl Maven xx

  9. I’m looking to try a new shampoo and I le the sound of this one. I always know that Gabriella’s advice is sound – I love that all products are ‘free from’. Thanks as always.


  10. Great review. I’m excited to try shampoo and conditioner. ❤️

    1. Great review and another product line to try. Great that it’s available in the high street and online.
      Have high hopes for the foam, would love to try it.
      (UK based)

  11. Shannon Dione Colby says:

    Thanks for the review and discount codes! I want to try the foam and the leave in conditioning spray along with the shampoo, conditioner, and mask. Always like to see what else is out there in the curl friendly world.

    Thank you again!

  12. Sarah James says:

    I’ve actually been using these on my son for I think 3 weeks now, I could see the difference fairly quickly, certainly looks a lot healthier and the bottles are larger than I expected so seems they will last a while! I’ll send progression pictures in a few weeks 🙂
    Sarah James
    Nottingham, England

  13. I know I don’t _need_ lather to get my hair clean, but it’s just a lot more satisfying than the alternative! So I liked learning the shampoo lathers nicely while still being sulfate-free. I’m in the UK and will definitely try Imbue!

  14. Have been intrigued to try these but put off as my curls are more Type 2-3 but now would love to try the leave in and the shampoo and conditioner as still haven’t fixed on favourites there yet. In the UK.

  15. Grace Walsh says:

    Great blog. Very excited to try this! You’ve covered everything I would be wondering about – protein, moisture, suitable for regular use… and I’ve learned that sun strips the hair of protein!? Thanks for educating us on how to care for and maintain our curls. I had been fighting them for years and now they’re a huge part of my identity. A lot of that is thanks to your guidance.

    1. Kathy Kucemba says:

      Your posts are aways so in-depth and informative. The foam and leave-in are what I’d most like to try. I’m preferring foams/mousses to style my hair with these days. I was always a gel girl, but my hair has changed and they aren’t working as well. I’m from Canada where it isn’t easy to try new products without having to pay lots of shipping, and more often than not duty/customs. Makes things pricey.

  16. Another great review, Gabriella. I can’t wait to try the curl liberating sulfate free shampoo & the curl respecting conditioner. Will be heading to Look fantastic to purchase them. Also nice to be helping out a British brand too as that is where I’m from. Thank you for bringing this brand to our attention.

  17. Thank you for your post! Always love hearing about new products that you have tried and like because it takes the guess work out of it! I want to try the mask and the leave in spray because I am looking for products that will give my hair the shine but with the protein needed to still keep a beautiful curl pattern, and the price point is wonderful too!

  18. Julie Colon says:

    Really liked this review on Imbue products they are all natural and pure which is what I like in a product also the fact that they have protein my grey hair likes this as well as paraben free. Also the fact that it moisturizes as well since my grey strands tend to be dry

  19. Debby Babcock says:

    I like that you always explain the ingredients and what kind of curly hair would benefit from each product. I’d love to try the Curl Restoring Intensive Masque and the Curl Inspiring Conditioning Leave In Spray. My hair does well with wheat protein, Shea butter and most hair oils, along with strong hold gels, including DIY flaxseed gel. I’m curious to see if lighter weight products would work for my hair. I live in the United States.
    Thank you for your consideration!

  20. Amanda Holley says:

    Always enjoy reading your blogs and reviews. Still searching for my holy grail shampoo and conditioner. Lol. Although I have found my fav stying combo from Innersense. I’m loving the new I-create Definition Foam paired with their serum for volume. Keep the curly tips coming. Thanks so much!

  21. Sarah McDonagh says:

    Thanks for another great review Gabriella. I’d love to try the Curl Liberating Sulfate-Free Shampoo, it seems to have a very accessible price point which is really important to me on my curly journey. Great it can be ordered to Ireland via look fantastic too!
    Sarah xx

  22. Love your reviews! You always say what type of curls would benefit the most from using a specific product within a line which is super helpful when trying to find if a product will be too drying/moisturizing for fine hair etc. If I had to choose only one product from this line to try, I would choose the Curl Respecting Conditioner because my hair gets easily tangled, so it sounds like it would be great for my hair plus, I love protein in my products. I am from Canada 🙂

  23. Emily Werger says:

    Ahh that conditioner sounds fantastic. My hair and my daughter’s hair both need lots of detangling in the shower. I have a hard time finding a conditioner that is wavy hair friendly with enough slip!

  24. Ger Vallely says:

    I have been strictly following Curl Girl Method for a few years but I now know my hair needs a shampoo every now and then, actually realistically it’s fortnightly. So I would love to try the Imbue Sulphate Free Shampoo. I use your rice water methods regularly. Find your method and description very easy to follow.

  25. Really curious about the Imbue Leave-in spray. Because I just haven”t been able to find a product to get my curls bouncy and hydrated. Tested several products and maybe this will be the winner!

  26. As always, thank you for the incredibly thorough review Gabriella. I know you test out products thoroughly and review them honestly before posting about them which makes it so much easier for me to look after my hair. I’m really excited about the Curl Inspiring Conditioning Leave In Spray because it sounds like it might be kind to my protein thirsty hair!

  27. Archie The Wonder Dog says:

    This is a really helpful review and I particularly like the sound of the shampoo and the leave-in conditioning spray. Thank you! (I’m in the U.K.)

  28. What a great find, Gabriella. Ethical, sustainable, recyclable, good results (most important), and at these prices? Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it! I’ve never bought into break-the-bank hair care just because I have fine curls, so I’m excited to see this range easily available for nearby Portugal delivery, where I live. Thank you for always keeping in mind those of us with fine hair. I battled through product lines and which products to use until I found your advice. Much success to you!

  29. Rachel Gutteridge says:

    Thanks for making me aware of this new brand Imbue, Gabriella! I would love to try to shampoo and conditioner. My wavy hair lacks protein but is easily over moisturised, so it sounds like these products could suit me. I also love the brand’s sustainable ethos! I’m based in the UK.

  30. Rachel Mountney says:

    Love the sound of the Curl Empowering Crème Gel, I find creams too moisturising and gels too dry so this could be perfect for my fussy curls 🙂

    1. Curl Maven Assistant says:

      If you give it a try, I hope your hair loves it! x

  31. Angelique says:

    I may need to try these products now. I love that it’s affordable but has protein in it. I think I would like to try all of the products especially the leave in conditioner. I am in the United States.

  32. Jennifer Margetis says:

    Ahhh!! I love this girl getaway you are doing!! I have heard great things about these products but your review was so thorough! I like the fact that these have protein/moisture balance since that is always so confusing to me! Lol! Thank you for explaining! I would love to be entered to win these products to try! I live in the US (Arizona)

  33. Thanks for the review Gabriella.

    I have used the mask a few times having bought a sachet of it in Boots (England). I really like that I was able to buy it in a small quantity first as there’s nothing worse than buying products and them not suiting. It will be something I’ll be buying again.

    I have wondered what their other products are like so it’s useful that you’ve reviewed them here.

    Based on your review I’ll be adding the creme gel to my basket when my current gel runs out. As it’s creme gel could it be used on its own rather than using a cream and separate gel? I currently use TréLuxe 4 in 1 cream and their gel but am looking for an alternative as I feel they dry my hair out too much.

  34. This sounds like a great brand and am excited to look into it some more. All the products sound like something that might work for my hair, I’m always looking for something new to try to see if I can take my curls. It’s hard to find something that works with what would be medium thickness hair but low density due to medical reasons because if it weren’t for that the products I’d use would be completely different. Hoping this might be the thing I need!

  35. Aishling Furlong says:

    Love that you describe the consistency of the products and what type hair the products would work for.
    Would be very curious to try the shampoo and conditioner, as I haven’t found ones that I love yet.


  36. Jennie H. says:

    I’m always looking for products to add moisture to my coarse/curly hair. This line sounds interesting! Would love to try the Curl Empowering Creme Gel.

  37. Danielle Watkins says:

    Wow they sound amazing can’t wait to try them out

    1. Curl Maven Assistant says:

      Hope you like them if you decide to try them! x