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  1. Clair Henderson says:

    short or long, both would look amazing on you with that hair, waiting to see what you do!

  2. Elaine Foran says:

    Just had Rachel do my colour in Hair Culture and she said you had been in. Thank goodness!! I was just about to book in Dublin. Kerry is an amazing hairdresser. Plan to book with her soon. I’ll give my hair a few weeks rest, and deep condition like mad before I call her.


    1. Gabriella says:

      Oh that’s great to here, Rachel is actually an old neighbour of mine too! She’s a great hairdresser as well. x

  3. lynne allison says:

    Is it better to part your hair in the middle when getting it cut so you can change the part occasionally and it will look good….or on the side that you usually wear it? Thank you:)

    1. Gabriella says:

      I would ask your hairdresser what they advise.

    2. Gabriella says:

      Or do you mean if you’re cutting it yourself? If you’re cutting it yourself, I part mine in the middle, and then again where I normally part it just to make sure nothing looks crazy.

  4. Just found this… how helpful, thank you!! And I don’t know if you decided to do it or not, but you definitely should try going shorter. You have the type of face shape and gorgeous skin to pull off that shorter wilder sexy confident curly do!! DO IT!! And tell us how to do it. 🙂

    1. Gabriella says:

      Oh my goodness do you think so?! I did cut my layers shorter for more shape and volume, and that will be my next post. But as for shorter in length – I don’t know about that. I desperately want long, healthy hair with cascading curls again. But thank you so much! xoxo

      1. My dear, just go for it! I’ve gone short after below shoulder length hair and it felt liberating. It made me perky and I loved it! I always like to change it up, plus it always grows back. Just be prepared for even curlier hair! Thanks for all the valuable tips.

        1. Gabriella says:

          Thanks Molly! There was no preparing me for how much curlier my hair got after cutting it short again! I have to say it definitely gave me a confidence boost and perked me up after having my hair cut and it was certainly liberating. Apparently it took years off me too! But I have to say, I miss my long hair now and am now trying to grow it long and healthy now. xx

          1. OH girl, please don’t cut it again!! You’ll look like Annie!! Grow it out again. It’s so much sexier and pretty!!!

          2. Gabriella says:

            Not entirely sure what way to take or respond to that comment but yes, the goal is to grow it long again. Going the big chop was very much about cutting out the damaged hair, so the over all health of my hair would benefit. Which it did, and it totally worked!

  5. Hi there!! Love your curls, cut and blog! You do a great job communicating and describing your processes and I find myself coming back time and again to reread/absorb all the curly goodness.

    I’m fairly new to the curly girl method (4mo but I’m slow to learn it seems) and I hadn’t heard about not using a razor or sliding scissors before! My non-curly hairdresser says my hair lovers the razor. I’m grateful for the help on what to say to her, just want to know what to tell her when she asks why no razor, cause I know she will, hehe.

    Thanks again!

  6. Christine says:

    Caitlin I love your hair & your new cut! So healthy looking and curly! Your my curly idol! I want to look like you someday!

    1. Gabriella says:

      Aw, bless you! Thank you so much. I remember what it was like when my curls were a tortured mess and I wanted it to be just like my curl crushes, so that really means a lot. Thank you! Gabriella xoxo