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  1. This post has been so helpful for me. Just a quick question – do you cleanse in the morning? If not, what do you use first?

    1. Hi Jade, I don’t cleanse my face in the morning. I either spritz my face with a face mist, or on alternate days I’ll use an acid toner. x

  2. Please write out your routines for morning and night. so far i understood for am: cleanse with balm?, then serum , then vit c, eye cream , spf and moisturizer; and for pm: double cleanse, the =n acid, then serum, then oil, then moisturizer??? I want to get these products but I want to know how to use them correctly
    Thank you

  3. Thank you thank you thank you! Not only am I sorting out my curls but now also my skin! I am slowly trying out things you are recommending and have started With the Summer Fridays CC Me Serum first and I cannot believe the change in my skin in only one week! Thank you . Will try the cleansers next!

  4. This was a super helpful post! Do you have suggestions for drug store brands that you think work well? I’m a college student and want to follow your routine but in a way that’s sustainable for me

    1. Hi Abby, Giovanni is a great budget brand to start out with, and you can get a further 15% off Giovanni at Look Fantastic using my code CURLYCAILINLF – they also do free worldwide shipping. I think it’s best to invest in good cleansers and conditioners and then you can use more affordable styling products for great results, such as the Pantene Defined Curls Mousse, Umberto Giannini Curl Jelly, Giovanni Foam and Gel, Aussie Instant Freeze Gel etc.

  5. Gabriella, I love this post! Just like with starting the curly girl method, you’re helping to set me up!
    Can I ask why you alternative between night oils? Is it because of the Retinol in the Pestle and Mortar one? 🙂

    Jade x

  6. Farzana Sami says:

    Loved the detailed post. started following you for cgm but loving this cg skin concept too. how often do you think one should apply/re-apply SPF a day? do you follow any strict hourly rule or it’s based on other variables?

    1. Hi Farzana, thank you so much! I’m so glad you’re loving this CG Beauty content too, I love writing it! I live in Ireland so I don’t reapply my facial sun screen. I apply a liberal amount at the start of each day and I feel that’s sufficient. If I’m away on vacation in a hotter country with longer and stronger sun exposure, then I’ll usually reapply once or twice during the day. Unless you’re doing a lot of sweating or in and out of water, then you don’t need to reapply.

  7. Just ordered a few of these and going to try to follow this routine! Thank you so much! Do you follow this routine only in the morning or morning and night? Thank you for all the wonderful content. I’ve been following you for months and appreciate all of your well thought out and researched posts. 🙂

    1. Hi Carey, I’m so glad you found this post helpful. No I don’t follow all these steps morning and night. I think I’ll do another post on my morning skincare routine and my night time routine to make it clearer and hopefully easier to follow.

      1. Would love this – especially as personally I’m looking to make some purchases of these soon!

      2. Yes, please spell out your exact routine as I find confusing what to use when . Thank you so much, been following your blog for over a year now

    2. HI Carey, I’m not sure if I’ve already replied to this comment. I don’t do all of these steps morning and night. I do Acids, Vitamin C and SPF in the morning, and hyaluronic acid and oils/treatments at night.

  8. Sinead O'Neill says:

    Thanks for such a good post and for explaining what each step does. You mention that you put the Pestle & Mortar’s Pure Hyaluronic Serum on straight after drying your face. For the other products, do you wait for one to dry before moving on to the next step? I have ordered Paula’s Choice C15 Super Booster. Even that is a splurge for me. I couldn’t quite justify ordering the Skinceuticals yet. Thanks

    1. Hi Sinead, yes for everything else I let it dry enough on my skin to go tacky before applying the next product.

    2. Hi Sinead, I usually wait a few minutes until each layer is tacky, but not quite fully dried down. I haven’t got all day! lol.

  9. Love this post! Will definitely be looking more into this. On the subject of beauty, I’d love to see an eyeshadow and/or general make-up routine and recommendations!

  10. Some of links don’t seem to go to the product that is being discussed? Either way, this is full of a TON of good info!

  11. Great article!!! Your skin is beautiful!! Thank you for the recommendations!