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  1. Love this post! Some of these I have done, others are things I have wanted to try, and the rest is totally new to me. My goal for this year is to try something new, like vision boards. I have never done a vision board, but have been interested in learning how to do them. So thanks for inspiring me!

  2. Happiest of New Years! I have just recently found your post and I’m very glad I did.

  3. Maricris Valdez says:

    Your posts have always been a great resource for me. I’m focusing on my wellbeing and financial health this year.

  4. Donna Griffiths says:

    I’ve always believed in manifestation!.
    It truly works o also use positive affirmations through Hypnotherapy and listen to Minds in union everyday to keepy grounded a d clear any negativity. This one has been instrumental in changing my whole mental health.
    Some great info here Gabriella, thanks for bringing awareness!.
    Donna ☮️❤️

  5. So grateful for all I have and hopeful for the year ahead! Also thankful for discovering you and all your curly hair knowledge. Almost 2 years into my journey and hair is transforming

  6. Laura Martinez says:

    Great read! This year I really want to focus on my health. Now that I’m getting closer to my mid forties, I’m just not feeling like myself. I need to work on feeling better and being happier with myself. Hope you and your family have a great 2023.

  7. stacey Rowland says:

    Love this! Thank you for sharing This year for me is all about manifesting the right home for me, my partner and our four boys. This, as well as starting my new career in the curly hair industry. I finally invested in myself in November and completed a curly hair stylist course, so this year I will be doing different courses in cutting and working towards setting up my own business ✂️➿️

  8. Thank you Gabriella for everything you do! I only found you a few months ago, but you’ve been so helpful in getting me to a point where I’m finally comfortable in living with my “real” hair and not desperately trying to turn it into something it is not. It’s a turning point of finally being comfortable being the real me.

    I read every comment posted, and I too would like to put as much attention into myself as I have to work, family, friends. I have always put my needs on hold while I take care of others. Last year, after some health issues, I shifted my eating habits and feel so much better. It was one step but I’m so proud I stuck with it. Now I need to make an actual plan for how I’m going to prioritize other things that make me happier, healthier, calmer.

  9. This year my goal is to focus on my creative and spiritual growth. I love this method you have developed! Creative and inspiring as always <3

  10. Elizabeth S. says:

    I really enjoyed reading this post. You have so many helpful ideas here. Did you know that the spring equinox actually is New Year in some cultures? For example, Newroz, Kurdish New Year, falls on the spring equinox.

    Also, the spiritual worker I consult told me that Aries is in Jupiter until spring, which to paraphrase, she said can be good for going after your goals, especially if you have Aries featuring prominently in your chart.

    As someone disabled by chronic health conditions, I often find the idea of New Year’s resolutions overwhelming, as I never know how much my health is going to disrupt my plans. I often have to temper my “I will” statements because I know that my health may disrupt my life in ways I can’t predict or control. I hope it’s okay, but I wanted to share this post in case it’s helpful for other people who might feel overwhelmed when trying to set goals for the New Year. https://www.washingtonpost.com/wellness/2022/12/30/disability-new-years-resolutions/

    Wishing you all the best in the New Year! Thank you so much for taking the time to write such an extensively detailed piece about how you set your goals for the year ahead! I particularly enjoyed the part about the vision boards.

  11. This year I want to manifest health, happiness and to be a good mom to my little girl.

    Need to try the tips above to help focus me.

  12. I wrote down my intentions for 2022 at the start of last year and no word of a lie, I lost the page and only found it in December. 85% of the goals I had actually achieved. I truly believe I sent a message to the universe and it answered. It was a bloody tough year but it ended so good! Love this post and will def be incorporating some of the ideas into this years intentions ❤️

  13. Hi Gabriella, wow, such a beautifully informative post. Thank you. You have given me wonderful new ideas of how to make a ritual out of setting manifestations & mantras & giving gratitude. Something I had never thought of doing.
    What a beautiful evening I am going to have!
    I love the idea of pulling an Oracle/ Tarot card….
    I will unwrap the dusty silks….. its been a long time.
    I will sit beneath the next full moon….. & set in action the life I will have.
    I will be kinder to myself…. I am enough.
    I will place a picture of Pompei on my board….I have wanted to go since I learned about it in primary school….I am 60!
    I will finish my journey & finally reach my desired weight goal….. Its been a long road.
    I will continue to be inspired by you…. you have such a lovely way with the written word & so very informative.
    I wish you joy, happiness & prosperity for your coming year.

  14. This blog post is very enlightening and gives me the courage to try setting goals in a different way. I found the post with taking care of your curls if you have anxiety and depression, as I struggle with both and there I times I struggle doing just the basic and necessary things for myself. I greatly enjoy reading your posts and they are very informative and inspirational. It is good knowing we are not going through the struggle of mental health alone.

  15. I love this, thank you so much for sharing!

  16. Love your work Gabriella!!

  17. Honestly, I am going to purposely make the focus this year on my family. The last 3 years have been so trying on everyone that I speak with, and I want to help. I want to see everyone find happiness and some sort of clarity again. My children need help as well. So my focus is to help them navigate through this world with the best of my ability, without losing who they are, and keeping kindness at the top of their priority list. Then they will be able to help others, and meet others in need with kindness, and hopefully it will spread and heal some of the pain we have all experienced as a whole.

  18. This year I will keep my exercise routine consistent even when life gets hectic Will also try to protect my curls every night instead of on wash day alone

  19. Anastasia says:

    Have a happy new year. My goal is to be more focus on the things that make me happy and confident

  20. Amy McLoughlin says:

    This post resonates with me so much. I try most years to build up my gratitude and continue to look after myself, it’s a struggle at times but the main thing is we try and try again, and we rise up the women around us and help each out when we’re down and out and even when we’re winning. I’m beyond grateful that I discovered Curl Maven it’s been so freshing to learn to love my hair again.

  21. Tyler Jones says:

    I’m going to go through this tomorrow, can’t wait!

    For my 2023 I’m manifesting fun, family and future-looking.

  22. Mari Therese Finn says:

    Hi Gabriella,
    Great tips, thank you for taking the time to write and share! Wishing you and your loved ones a wonderful 2023!

  23. Bonnie Jo Rohrbaugh White says:

    Wonderful blog about setting goals & intentions! Thank you for sharing

  24. I try not to overthink my goals cause I’m the type of person to set too high expectations for myself but a vague idea is good 🙂

  25. Laura Williams says:

    2023s goal is to slow down, be more present and to let go of the little annoyances as much as I can.

  26. Happy New Year!!

    So happy to see you back in action!! Seeing your post, I also ordered the book you mentioned, Life Pass! I am following the process to set my intentions, what I want out of life and want to create it this year for myself and my family. Thank you for being an inspiration and sharing your life with us.

  27. Love the post!
    I want to focus on my health and spend as much time with family and friends as possible.
    And I want to create a new vegetable garden 🙂

  28. Excellent post — so much great inspiration! Thank you and Happy New Year!

  29. Claire Hammett says:

    I’m wanting to start a bussiness (a childrens shoe shop) been planning and planning but maybe I need to be brave and just go for it! I wish to work for myself so I’m in control and can be present for my 2 year old but also for my elder children 21 and 20. I would love to get to point I can buy my own little house rather than renting. I wish to be at peace with my past, enjoy the here and now and really look forward to the future and what it may bring xx

  30. Thanks a lot for this post Gabriella! I do goal and intention setting every year, thank you for sharing all these tools.

  31. Shennille says:

    To have new career opportunities and be content in myself and life in general.

  32. I love this post and reflecting on 2022 is definitely something I need to sit and do in order to enjoy 2023.
    My goal for this year is to love myself and make myself feel better (lose weight, drink less) so that by December I feel like a different person.

  33. Claire Hammett says:

    My goal is to set up the business I want to pursue, so that I can have time with my toddler and my elder children 19 and 21..A children’s shoe shop…and eventually work toward getting my own little house rather than renting..and to be at peace with my past, enjoy the here and now and look forward to the future xx

  34. Love the post and the layout❤️
    Happy New Year
    This year I would like to be more present, moving my body and being in a healthy weight. I want to build and keep healthy habits.

  35. I never really thought about it, I have always gravitated to the academic calender, and when you said about following luna cycles, I realised, the academic calender feels more in tune to me as I’m an August baby. Last year, I stood up and advocated for my own mental health, it did have a significant impact, however using that, this year I am manifesting towards completing my second year of nursing and starting my third, health and happiness for my family and me. My new mantra change your plans to suit, not your dreams. Lot’s of love for 2023 Gabriella, your blog posts and stories have helped me more than you can imagine over the last few years. xx

  36. My goal is to slow down and learn to say no if it doesn’t fill my cup. Thanks as always for the informative post!

  37. My affirmation, vision, plan (I’m not sure what to call it) for the year ahead is to have patience, to pause before I react, to model calm and stability, not reactivity and out-of-controlness. So hard with small children!

  38. This was a great read with lots of useful information, thank you. Following an opportunity that recently came up at work, I plan to focus on developing my career this year. It’s way out of my comfort zone and I know it won’t be easy for me, but I really feel I need to do it.

    All the best to you & yours for 2023.

  39. Betty Ann says:

    Thank you for this post, Gabriella. I have been avoiding envisioning 2023 – mostly because my plate is already so full – and your post has me digging into my resistance and rethinking my priorities. I have so many things I want to accomplish in 2023 but my number one intention is making time for my emotional, physical, and spiritual health.

    1. Gabriella says:

      Congratulations Betty Ann, you’re the winner of this blog post giveaway! Please contact me via the contact form on my website, or email me [email protected] with your contact details. Thanks so much for entering, and all the very best with your goals and intentions in 2023! Gabriella xo

  40. Happy New Year! Hope 2023 is all you hope & dream of. Will miss you on social media, but I will use your blog more instead. Take care xx

  41. Such a thought provoking post. Thank you for reminding me to look after myself and revisit what I want and need for 2023.

  42. Be secure in myself and not care what size I am on my wedding day in July.

  43. One thing in your post that makes so much sense to me is resetting your “new year” at spring equinox. I love to garden, and honestly that’s when I feel most energized and creative. Right now so many around me are clearing out their homes, starting exercise routines, and bustling with energy. I just want to cozy up in front of the fire, read books, watch tv. Both my parents died this time of year, and I find I need this time to reflect and recharge.

    The last six months have been centered around my elderly MIL illness, multiple hospitalizations, rehab, and sadly her death mid December. We are now in the long process of going through her belongings and preparing her home for sale. (Which is also making me anxious to deal with excess possessions so my children are not burdened with this task)

    I’ll concentrate on goal setting and renewal come March, when it feels more natural.

    I understand that you want to step back from social media, but I will miss your stories. I love that you show your real self, and you’ve made me laugh so many times. I wish happiness and contentment in 2023 for you, your family, and your new fellow.

  44. Brenda Henderson says:

    Loved that post Gabriella, thank you for your time and inspiration seems like a good time to start planning with my birthday in a few days I will definitely miss you on social media, you have been such a great help to me Happy New Year hope you get everything you deserve and more

  45. Thank you Gabriella for such a wonderful and inspiring post. I think in 2023 I am going to begin to look after myself more and avoid the burnout I have been feeling from work and prioritising this above all other things. X

  46. Tamie Carlson says:

    Thanks Gabriella, great post! For 2023 I am going to focus on my health. Hoping to lose a few pounds and put in place an exercise regime that is sustainable. Happy New Year!

  47. As always, thanks for your wonderful content and being personal. One of my goals is to ask for help more.

  48. Amanda Holley says:

    Hey girlie, I very much enjoy your blog posts and also you Instagram videos. I have grown a lot over the course of two years from when I began my curly journey. Thanks for all of your help. You are such a beautiful person and have an ability to help others. You will be missed from my social media feed but I will keep up with your blog posts instead. I totally get the need to step away and take time for yourself. Happy New Year! And for me I do not really have any resolutions but would like to make more time for myself as well. So we shall see.

  49. Love this post. Been thinking of 2023 goals all week & this is a great post for me to really work through them. THANK YOU! A goal I am going to achieve is putting myself first & to stop prioritising work all the time. My health is my wealth!

  50. Melissa C says:

    Amazing post as always Gabriella! So looking forward to more wellness content!

  51. My goal as we go into the third year of the pandemic is to regulate myself with morning meditation agaib. I used to do anywhere from 30 to 90 minutes of meditation a day. I’m so dysregulated from panic attacks because I am immuno compromised that meditation I feel is no longer working and I stopped. But I’m going to make it a goal of self-care again because it is my purest form of self-care coming as a child from deep trauma and neglect. so my intentions are going to be meditating, and also borrowing a tip from Shintoism and Cleaning TikTok that beautifying your space is an act of self care and a neurobiological need just like sleep. So for me that means it although I live in chronic pain and my energy levels are very unpredictable, you might want to look up spoon theory on the small chance that you don’t know what it is, and I only have so many spoons on any given day. I punish myself by not allowing myself to fall into deep rest and relaxation because of horrible childhood programming . I’m going to continue to diligently apply myself to cleaning and beautifying my apartment for ME as best I can. I have not given myself any grace for feeling like crap for the last month and not doing anything.

    So my other intention and goal is going to be to allow myself to deprogram myself from 30 years of abuse that I cannot rest unless my place is sparkling and perfect. I am disabled and I deserve rest. My other intention daily is going to be to tell myself that. Rest, rest, rest.

    So my rituals will be focused on slow meditation, slow cleaning, and slow organization. It’s hard because I struggle with poverty and that’s a huge source of anxiety for me so I love this whole idea of resetting or rather re-introducing rituals. Back in 2017 I was so good with my morning rituals and so healthy. And then the pandemic happened.

    My other ritual is I must must must find an online evening slow yoga class so that I can begin again to sleep.

  52. Hi Gabriella, this is a great post! I used to work like this when I was much younger, , and over the years the concept got kinda buried in my mind and forgotten – your post reminded of the power of visualising and affirmations. So I’d like to thank you very much. All the best from Galway, may your dreams and wishes come true!

  53. Really helpful post! Plan tomorrow is to get myself set up for a successful year by ensuring I plan and schedule time for self care and growth

  54. Kellie Rains says:

    New career beginnings, and the start of caring for my curly hair children’s hair well

  55. What a brilliant post thank you! You mention a few things I think I will add to my rituals. And a fantastic prize!! In 2023 I intend on focusing deeply on meaningful self care with a goal of feeling stronger and healthier and through this self awareness and personal development I will manifest myself a completely new career path