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  1. I’m trying all the things at the moment. My daughter and I don’t have curly hair but mine is bleached and the medicated treatment makes it really dry and knotty. And my daughter’s hair is so thick. I found this helpful and had reached the conclusion I’m going to try mayonnaise next. I was also planning to buy neem oil and a few more essential oils. Oh and a nitty gritty comb, a few people have suggested them. Or I might end up asking my daughter’s friend’s mum to do it as she is a hairdresser so will be good at all the sectioning because this is driving me a bit nuts rn. So far I’ve used lyclear, then I sprayed our hair with white vinegar then the next time I did coconut oil mixed with lavender and tea tree over night with shower caps on, then shampoo with added essential oil left on for five minutes then combed through with conditioner then tonight I used hedrin all in one but I’m still finding alive ones when I comb out. But at least I’m just finding a couple of very small alive ones so hopefully I will have this beaten soon. I’ve also cut more off my hair than I intended so there’s less to comb through. My neck is covered in bites and I would like to see the back of this soon!!!

  2. Stacy Feldmann says:

    I have been loving reading your blog and website. And then this came up! We had the same incident just the other week and my poor hair after the lyclear treatment. Did a medium condition today and it feels better but now on the lookout for those joico products. Thanks!

  3. I actually worked for a lice removal hair care company . We used a mix of mix if acv and rosemary and peppermint oils to spray the hair smd then used the conditioner to cosy the hair and yes used a very similar comb ,we then dived the hair in sections and went through it, took a couple of hours ,it was extremly effective, I would add though using conditioner go through your head with the comb one a day for awedk and then maybe a week later ,just to confirm it’s completly gone , wiping the comb after each pass will help u see if you have any more nits!

    1. alexandra says:

      Hi Kelly! Regarding the comb, i’ve nits right now and i’m combing my hair every day with a nit comb that has the teeth tighter than this one and, even though, the nits can pass through and don’t get stuck in the comb. I was wondering if that grooved design is in fact better even if the teeth are looking farther apart from each other. Thanks.

      1. Gabriella says:

        Hi Alexandra, I prefer the grooved design of the comb because it catches the eggs AND the lice – that’s what you want. Hope that helps

  4. Very useful information as the schools are open again for the new semester.
    Thank you very much for sharing.

  5. Curly Hair says:

    The blog is just so on point and has helped me so much because I myself is a big fan of curly hair but the lice attack tey get under is a really tough situation to combat with. Thanks for these tips.

  6. Alexandra says:

    That is great great information! I got lice several years ago and it took me 2 months of combing to get rid of it. The over the counter treatments left my hair terrible and clarified with joico every week, following the three steps later. Itchiness every seven days! It was too long… I’m always thinking that if happens again (horror). Definitely this information it’s a relive

  7. Great info. Thanks. Have also found the Nitty Gritty comb isn’t the best thing. Is the Giovanni Triple Tea Tree ok to use every wash? My daughter has straight hair and I am looking for a gentle shampoo to use once or twice a week on her hair. She is 10

    1. Auto correct! Nitty gritty IS the best….