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  1. Hi Gabriella,
    Your hair looks fabulous, you’ve obviously found what works for you. Fellow Irish lady here, and I had similar curls to you when I was younger but with auburn hair. Since menopause and multiple bereavements, as well as mental and physical health issues, however, I’m pretty sure that I have hygral fatigue. This hasn’t been helped by hairdressers overtreating my hair with moisturizing deep conditioners, and then blow drying my hair because they couldn’t “do” naturally curly hair. My hair is now very long, definitely due a post-covid cut, and my curls have disappeared with just some gelatinous noodles here and there. The only time it looks good is washday, when I’m left with juicy curls and seemingly healthy hair, but I know it’s far from healthy, the next day it will resemble the jelly noodles again. I’ve been using olaplex 0 and 3 regularly, and I’ve used Ecoslay matcha protein boost, which again gave a fab result, but only for a day. I’ve ordered the Aphogee two step protein treatment as I feel I need to break out the big guns, but I won’t use the number 2 as silicone does terrible things to my hair and skin. What I’m mostly bothered about is that the hygral fatigue appears to be all the way to the roots, even though I haven’t coloured my hair for over a year, and menopause has meant my hair is growing through grey now, and has been for 12 months. I know I’ll need a big chop, but do you think there’s any hope that I can regain some level of curl again? Could you explain how you dealt with hygral fatigue? I would be so grateful. Many thanks for your inspirational posts and all best wishes, Yolanda x

    1. Hi Yolanda, I went through my experience with hygral fatigue in the first blog post of this series called Following the Curly Girl Method – One Year On, if you’d like to check that out. If you’re looking for advice and recommendations specific to your hair, I recommend booking in for a Curl Clinic, more info here: http://www.curlmaven.ie/services

  2. DEANA ENGLAND says:

    Hi! I have been following your recommendations for a while. I have had great success with you suggestions and application methods (praying claw). The last recommendation on TreLux was spot on. That product was a total game changer for my curls. Recently I saw your review on Bounce Curl. I ordered the shampoo, conditioner, clump and define cream, and creme gel. I also added the mousse after as I have adopted you LMG method prior. I have to day Bounce curl was a total disappointment. I was so excited and as soon as I put the creme gel on, my beautiful big clumps turn into ” stringlets.” I have attempted it a few times adding more clump and define cream, terrible. The last attempt I had to be somewhere and couldn’t start over so I added the TreLux HI Definition Gel on top just to save it. I just can’t figure out my issue with this product line (mostly gel). I wanted to love it.

    1. Hey Deana, I discussed this very thing in my Bounce Curl Review post if you want to check that out. The only way I can use the gel is when I layer a mousse on top otherwise I get flash drying and stringy curls too, so definitely try that. Their conditioner and clump and define cream are very rich, with lots of oils and highly, highly concentrated so you really do need to be very careful/sparing with those.

  3. Connie Johnson says:

    Hi Gabriella: I just started following you, watched you Hair, loss, scalp etc. Clinic this week and have read/watched almost everything on your website. I desperately need your help on a basic product plan for my thinning, fine, coloured curly ( I think over moisturized)hair. I’m very confused with all the wonderful products you suggest. I would like to buy them all ! but can you please tell which ones I need. Thanks so much. You have the best hair !
    Connie in Canada

    1. Hi Connie, thanks so much! I’m glad you enjoyed the monthly Curl Clinic. I suggest you check out my 1:1 Curl Clinics, they’re a 30 min consultation via video where we go through all the products you’re using and the issues your experiencing. I then put together a routine and recommend products to suit your hair’s needs, your budget and any other requirements you have. If that’s something you’re interested in, please fill out this form, and I’ll get back to you via email with all of the details. http://www.curlycailin.ie/contact

  4. Thank you Gabriella for another great and accurate post!

    Have you tried Trepadora gels ou Camille Rose gel?

    The Boucléme ones are sold out on lookfantastic…

    Thank you so much

    1. Hi Ana, I have tried pretty much the entire Trepadora range. I found the gels quite drying. I haven’t tried anything from Camille Rose apart from their Curl Maker year ago.

  5. I am a bit confused. In many of your posts you list co-wash, but then in this post you say you stopped co-washing. When should someone co-wash? When should then not? How do you know?

    1. That’s correct. And a blog post on co-washing answering all those questions is coming soon. x

  6. Thank you Gabriella for you lovely posts… I have been following your method for nearly a year now and have got quite tight ringlets underneath ( about same size as a sharpie pen) but is still just wavy on the top…. so I am going to have a perm to get a more uniform look ( I know this is not the best option but … I would really appreciate any advice on what to do with my hair in preparation for the perm to protect it as much as possible? Thank you again for sharing your knowledge – you are an inspiration

    1. Hi Bev, my biggest advice is to not get a perm. You’re doing so much chemical damage to your hair, it’s not worth it. Firstly, not everyone’s hair pattern is the same throughout the hair, for example, I still have everything from 2c waves to tight 3b curls. That’s normal, that’s natural, my hair is healthy. Secondly, if you are standing up in the shower washing your hair, with the temperature turned up high, and a high pressure shower, that will all be contributing to damaging that top canopy layer of the hair, making it drier, more brittle and it will also pull out the curl pattern into more of a wave than a curl. If you’re having a shower like that 3 or 4 times a week, that’s an hour of damage to your hair on average, every single week. To me, that’s most likely the reason why you’ve got tight ringlets underneath, that hair isn’t getting the same amount of damage. So I suggest turning the temperature down, turning the pressure down and turning your head upside down too. It will take a while for the hair to heal, weeks if not a few months, but you will get there and in a much more healthy way than a perm.

  7. May I ask, have you ever colored your hair? I’ve always had curly hair and colored it since I was 12, but recently I’ve been in “a funk” with US quarantine and when I last had it colored (very blonde) it seemed to just not take well. I don’t know if it was the color with so much bleach drying it out or a mixture of things but I just wonder what you think about hair color. Thanks

    1. Hi Andrea, I coloured my hair and did a massive amount of damage to my hair colouring it for a few years in my mid-20s and it’s what eventually led me to discovering the curly girl method, because I had completely trashed my hair. Unfortunately, bleach is one of the worst things you can apply to the hair, it does so much damage. And if you didn’t use damage-reducing/protective treatments before, during and after the colouring process, such as Olaplex, then honestly, you’re just going to have to grow out or cut off the damage. You will need to do lots of deep conditioning and Olaplex, bond building treatments to get as much health as possible.

  8. Hello – which low poo shampoos do you recommend/use to cleanse your hair twice a week?

  9. Brenda Kenworthy says:

    You are beautiful. This post is super helpful and wonderful. I adore you.

    I am mid-50’s and had long gorgeous silver curls with the no-poo method (I got compliments like, daily)… up until 2 years ago. Then my hair lost definition, has been frizzy and quite a mess, a struggle. I think I need protein. I look forward to trying your Rice Water Method!

    You do an amazing job here and help us all so much! Hugs for all you do! We appreciate you so much. 🙂

    1. Hi Brenda, yes most likely your hair eventually became over moisturised. You would most likely benefit from switching to a low lathering cleanser, and making sure you’re clarifying once a month with a cleanser that’s sufficient for your needs.

  10. Hi Gabriella, first of all thank you so much for this blog. I discovered it and my curly hair journey only in lockdown and I credit it with getting me out of what could have easily ended up in depression.
    I have two questions please: when you put the aphogee in the rice treatment is it literally the hairfinity, the rice treatment and a teaspoon of aphogee then under a heat cap for 30-40mins?
    And also do you need a deep moisture treatment or even just moisture conditioner after/to rinse it out?
    Best, Tess

    1. Hi Tess, yep, that’s it! No, you don’t need a separate DC or conditioner afterwards, that’s the genius joy of my modified version. It’s all in one, no fuss, no mess, hassle free and why I love it so much!

      1. Thank you! Can’t wait to try it.

  11. Thanks for this post, it’s always so helpful to see/hear someone else’s journey and how they have modified methods to work for them. I’ve been struggling to get the Bounce Curl gel to work for me but now I’m going to try it underneath Pantene mousse so thanks for that suggestion! Do you use a leave-in or cream under the gel? If so, do you use a protein-free or protein-containing leave-in? My hair really likes small proteins so I will probably try the Curls Blueberry Bliss leave-in underneath but I’m curious what you like to do.

  12. As always well written and full of useful information!

    Does this mean you no longer recommend Jamaican black castor oil like you have in the past?

    1. Hi Thati, The Tropic Isle Living Jamaican Black Castor Oil is the ONLY oil I think is light enough to use and the only one I’d be willing to recommend if someone really wants to do scalp massages using an oil to encourage hair growth. But I still wouldn’t recommend putting it on the hair, or using it as a hot oil treatment etc. Hope that helps.

  13. Mariafranca says:

    Perfect! Thanks a lot Gabriella for this post! I started to follow the CGM March 2019. But only after discovering your IG and blog this March I was really able to improve my curl pattern. You just are my curl crush 😉
    Your blog has become something of a Wikipedia for curls for me. Everything is so clearly written and it simply makes me want to follow all the tips and tricks.
    Thank you, thank you thank you!!! 😀

  14. Kerry Tidmarsh says:

    Hi Gabriella, thanks for this really useful article. I was on the brink of giving up with the cgm but you’ve inspired me to persevere! I recently bought the Bounce Curl clarifying shampoo after reading another of your articles but my bottle seems to have completely different ingredients to the one linked in your blog even though the name is the same. Do you know if there is a specific ingredient I should be looking out for to be sure it will be sufficiently clarifying for my monthly “reset” wash please?

    1. Hi Kerry, that’s very strange because as far as I’m aware the formula hasn’t changed. Although the packaging has recently. For a monthly clarifying reset, I recommend the Bumble & Bumble Sunday SHampoo, you can get 15% off using code CURLYCAILNLF at Look Fantastic who ship worldwide.

  15. Hair goals!! Thank you for the update. Your blog was one of the first I found when I started my CG journey a year ago (today, actually!) I’m shocked at how far I’ve come but I also know I haven’t reached my max curl capacity. I appreciate all the detailed information and the sentiment about the curly girl routine being more of a guide rather than do-or-die. For example, I’ve found that if I clarify my hair every 3-4 wash days or about twice a month, my curls look better. Thanks again for all the tips and advice. I put many of them into action and they made a difference for me.

  16. Hi Calin! Love your blog it has helped me so much on my curly hair journey! I was just wondering if you have any tips for enhancing and encouraging your hair to curl at the roots/top of your hair? I find that mine is staying flat and looks straight and I’m not sure how to go about changing this.

    1. Hi Vanessa, not everyone’s curl pattern starts at the root. Many people’s curls start a few cm or even inches down the hair. You can do different things to encourage whatever natural pattern you have to start at the root, such as washing, applying styling product and diffusing upside down, using root clips etc. But your hair may naturally just start to curl a little further down the hair and that’s totally normal and fine.

  17. Benedicte colla says:

    can I find your whole routine somewhere? I mean, when you use what? wash day 1: shampoo (which), deepco ….
    was day 2: shampoo, conditioner …
    when you put the rice water in your routine …
    That would help a lot,
    I have Innersense: hair bath and conditioner pure harmony, the deepco and all styling products.
    The bounce curl clarifying shampoo, conditioner and the cream gel.
    Basically everything you use and my hair is doing well. But struggle to maintain my moisture / protein balance.

    1. I do plan on doing a post of my monthly routine, wash day to wash day which I think will help. But in the mean time, you can see my full wash day routine here: https://youtu.be/b3y593StTcA

  18. Thank you for the effort you’ve gone through in sharing what you’ve done and learned over the past few years. To those of us new to this, it’s a goldmine of help before we head in the wrong direction and get impossibly discouraged.

    I also want to cheer you on for your openness about mental health. Talking about this openly helps destigmatize the issue and create a more supportive world for all of us, and it takes courage and power!

    Wishing you all the best,

  19. Deirdre Walsh says:

    Fantastic! What a journey and what amazing results! You’re an inspiration. I’m at the beginning of my journey and more bad wash days than good at the moment but I’ll persevere. Your product and technique advice is so clear and so helpful. I’m going to go back and read this again! Grazie tante!

  20. Katherine says:

    Thank you so much for this thorough and helpful blog post! It’s really inspiring to see how your hair has changed through the years with hard work and persistence 🙂 Maybe one day my hair will get there too.

  21. Loved reading this! Now a year in and loving how my hair has turned out – I too have now learned how and when my hair needs a little sulphate attention, so it’s interesting to think it may get better still! Also lovely to hear from someone with what appears to be similar hair in very similar climate (South Wales)! Looking forward to your next blog 🙂

    1. Thanks Donna! I love the Welsh accent! Although for years, I thought it was pronounced “wale-ish”…Irish, English, Scottish, Wale-ish…! ha ha.

  22. When you say that you wash your hair twice a week, does that mean that those are the only times you completely wet your hair? In other words, you don’t every just condition and style your hair without shampooing? I wash with shampoo about twice a week, but condition and style every night. Should I be worried about too much moisture?

    1. Hi Allie, correct. I only wash/completely wet my hair twice a week. I don’t refresh, or apply any water or products in between. And yes, if you’re only cleansing your hair twice a week, but adding conditioner every night then yes, I would be worried that you’ll end up with over-moisturised hair, or hygral fatigue. So I’d definitely reconsider your routine.