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  1. It turns out that the diameter of these magnetic attachments is exactly the same as the magnet on the back of an iphone. I found an aftermarket magnet for an iphone case, a strong one called “halolock” and it took only 30 seconds to attach!

  2. CurliCaliKeli says:

    I magnetized my Orchid with great success. I used JB WELD — it has been a while so I don’t remember which one, but it is heat safe to a high temp. I put a piece of plastic wrap on the connector part of my Dyson to protect it. I then put the magnets on top of the plastic wrap. I was even able to space them so that there were no empty spaces — the magnets went perfectly around in a complete circle. I then used JB WELD to “glue” the collar of the Orchid on to the Orchid body. Then I spread JB WELD onto the magnets in a thin bead, also making sure to WELD the magnets together a bit, that were stuck on my Dyson — the Dyson is protected from JB WELD with the plastic wrap. I let this sit overnight which was more than adequate, and then I pulled the Orchid away with the newly WELDED magnets, discarded the plastic wrap, and the Dyson attached p-e-r-f-e-c-t-l-y to the Orchid and looked factory-made for each other. The JB WELD is a two-part epoxy that you mix up and it is black so you can’t even see it. I would love to upload a picture of how perfect it looks, if I might say so myself! It has also been going strong now for about two years.

  3. The Snozzlepro works great with my Black Orchid! I did make sure to watch the video on how to attach it, which helped.

  4. Barbara Franks says:

    I tried all 3 methods
    1) glueing magnets didn’t work for resons mentioned above
    2) snozzlepro didn’t work on its own because neck of orchid diffuser too shallow
    3) Dyson nozzle magnetically attached to diffuser and other end shoved into snozzlepro works but cumbersome
    Advice – don’t bother – just use Dyson diffuser until they bring out something more appropriate!!!

  5. I have the snozzlepro and it works for me. You have to really make sure that the snozzlepro attaches onto the black orchid as deeply as possible and then use one of the usual nozzles to fit into the other end of the snozzlepro pro. And yes it does still sometimes fall off because it becomes quite ‘bowl’ heavy. But it’s the still the best way I’ve found to use the Dyson and the diffuser that I want together!

  6. Any commentary on the Dyson Dryer with the diffuser it comes with? Or is that review coming soon? Thanks

  7. Melissa Williams says:

    I tried the Snozzlepro and it didn’t work with the Dyson and Black Orchid. The Black Orchid is too heavy, and it only grips a small portion of both pieces. Not worth it. Hoping Dyson or someone else comes out with a larger, deeper bowl diffuser that truly works with the Supersonic.