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  1. Do you like a U shaped cut? thanks! Michele

  2. Hello beauty 🙂
    Just wanted to thank you for this wonderful website, the Instagram effort and the YouTube help. You are so inspiring and I “eat” (hahaha) every word you´re saying and I´ve learnd a lot from you.
    Thanks for your great work and help.
    Kind regards from GER

  3. I was also a bit disappointed to not see how the look was created. I found the blog by searching DIY curly cut and was hoping to see an example. This is my first view at how the interaction occurs here.

    1. I cut my hair live on Instagram and there are clips of it on my Instagram page @curlycailin.ie Sorry you were disappointed with the free content I provide here on my Google ad-free website.

  4. I love every article and I just starting following you on Instagram. THANKS for great tips and sharing all you have learned about curls…it gives me a fabulous head start!

  5. Karine Berube says:

    Hi Gabriella

    I am french so sorry my english. I would like to know if you are on youtube and if there is a video showing how you cut your hair please ? I am visual more and really need a haircut for my curly hair and I am in love with you haircut and your hair they are gorgeous thanks to you !

    1. Hi Karine, I am on YouTube, however I don’t have any videos of me cutting my hair. Unfortunately, I cut my hair for this post on Instagram Live and it wouldn’t allow me to save the full video. You can see short clips which have been sped up on my Instagram page http://www.curlycailin.ie/curlycailin.ie

      1. Thanks so much for your reply, I appreciated so much I try the link you gave me but did not work Will try to follow you to see if you post one in the futur

  6. Jessica B Clardy says:

    Hi Gabriella, I’m sorry if I missed it, but what brand of scissors did you use to achieve this beautiful look?
    Thank you!


    1. Gabriella says:

      Hi Jessica, so sorry I thought I had linked them. I used just the basic hair cutting scissors from Boots Pharmacy. x

  7. I’m new to the CG method, as in I just started yesterday. I love your site and all the helpful information you give. It’s so much easier to take curly advise from someone that actually has curly hair!
    I do have a question. In starting this new process, would it be best to give my hair a chop, giving it a fresher start? Or waiting and seeing what results occur after about a month of doing CGM?

    1. Gabriella says:

      Hi Lyndsay, thank you so much for your kind sweet words. I do think chopping off heat and colour damage is great for the hair, but only if you’re already using good products (eg: following the curly girl method of no sulfates, silicones etc.) otherwise you’ll just continue doing damage with harsh products. Does that make sense?

  8. Should have had a video here to show you cutting your hair since it was a post on DIY hair cut. Also please do make you tube because a lot of people dont follow Instagram. Thanks

    1. Gabriella says:

      Not entirely sure I like the tone of your comment tbh, telling me what I “should” have. I spend countless hours creating content and putting it together for this website, as well as my YouTube channel and social media platforms that I’m active on.

      1. I was really starting to like your content but then saw this comment you posted. I disagree with your defensive post to this user. They were only trying to inform you of what they wanted and it could have instead been taken as constructive criticism. Instead of alienating your readers….

        1. Gabriella says:

          I’m sorry you feel that way. But I won’t apologise for holding myself with dignity and respect and defending myself and my content on my blog. I wasn’t being defensive, the initial comment left was quite rude, not even a “hello” at the start of it. Just telling me what I should or shouldn’t do.

          1. Completely agree with you Gabriella, even if they didn’t mean it like that, it does come across as ungrateful for the hard work you put into the free content you already provided. I don’t think everyone understands just how much time and effort goes into putting decent content together! A blunt “You should do a video” says to me “go spend at least another day of your time planning, filming, and editing a free video for me”. I am new to CGM and have been on your site regularly and really appreciate all the content you’ve provided, it’s been extremely helpful 🙂

          2. Gabriella says:

            Thank you so much Andrea! You totally get it. My recent Black Friday post took 2 weeks or daily behind the scenes work, then an epic 16 hours straight writing the post itself. Most blog posts take 8-10 hours just writing the content and sharing it. Some people really don’t get that, nor do they appreciate it. And hey, this is MY site and MY content is FREE, so if someone’s going to be rude or ungrateful, I’m going to say something about it! And let me tell you, a video takes a lot longer than a day! Thanks again x

          3. I’m on your side, Gabriella! Your site is beautifully put together and it seems very rude for someone to come here to tell you what they think you’ve done wrong, then tell you how to do it to their specifications next time. It seems quite entitled. There are a million videos on YouTube if the person commenting previously demands a video tutorial.

            This said, I’m about to take scissors to my hair, so thanks for your advice! Eek!

        2. I have to say I agree with this comment. Didn’t even consider that perhaps the JROSE isn’t a native English speaker and therefore used “should” instead of “could”. JROSE adds “please” and “thanks”, I don’t think a “hello” in beginning would have made a difference..

      2. I may be wrong but I think the point you were trying to make JROSE:
        Was to request if Gabriella could please provide a Video of her cutting her hair as it was a wonderful post about DIY hair cut. I think you were also trying to ask her please if it was possible to post a video on you tube as not everyone follows Instagram.

        Blog and Email etiquette go a long way in how a posted is presented or asked to a person and can set the tone for the whole dialogue between individuals, and goes a long way.

        Gabrielle has an excellent blog and great content