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  1. Lucy Ross says:

    HI, i was wondering where I could find your review on the Garnier hair masks. This blog says that the review will be coming soon, but it was posted in 2019. Thank you!

  2. Hey, I’ve just recently discovered the CG method and follow you because you also have low porosity hair so I trust the products you recommend would suit me better than other CG’s with high porosity hair 😛 have you tried out the Garnier Hair Food? I was using this as a leave in and wondered what you thought of it. I’ve just ordered the As I am cowash so will continue to use up my hair food tub as the leave in. Thank you for all your insight I am super excited to start this journey.

    1. Hi Reeny, my hair is medium to high porosity. I used to think it was low porosity, but that was due to incorrect information regarding porosity. I suggest you read my Hair Porosity post to make sure you’re not in the same boat I was, you can read it here: https://staging3.curlmaven.ie/hair-porosity/ However, Garnier Hair Food is extremely moisturising and I would not recommend using it as a leave in conditioner, it’s far too heavy and rich for that and will lead to over moisturised hair. Combined with the As I Am Co Wash, that’s all moisture moisture moisture and not enough/any protein. I suggest you read this post to make sure you get the protein moisture balance right: https://staging3.curlmaven.ie/protein-moisture-balance/

  3. Hi Gabriella,

    I live in Canada and Look Fantastic has a Canadian site. Unfortunately not all the brands are available on the Canadian site (Hairfinity, Denman), but some are (Boucleme! Yay!). Do you know whether your code works on the Canadian as well as the UK site?


  4. Great blog, very useful. Sadly the lookfantastic voucher code didn’t work

    1. Gabriella says:

      There are some products and brands that are excluded. And if the product is already discounted, my code won’t work on top of that.

  5. Hi Gabriella, I wanted to order a Silke hair bonnet just there, but the Silke site isn’t recognising the discount code you gave above. Just wondering if the discount has expired?

    1. Gabriella says:

      Hi Laurie, my discount code is only valid for Look Fantastic, who stock Silke London. NOT the Silke London site.

  6. Hello!
    Have you tried/tested Design Essentials Natural Curl Enhancing Mousse, Almond and avocado collection? Any insight would be appreciated! Thank you for all your work you put into this webpage!

    1. Gabriella says:

      Hi Brynne, thanks so much. No I haven’t tried that brand, I’ve only recently become aware of them.

  7. Thanks for this, Gabriella! I am curious about the Silke bonnet. I tried using buffs, but they dry out my hair so fast and give me so much frizz. I currently have been using a satin scarf, but, like you said, my curls get SO FLAT at the back of my head. Do you really like the Silke? I’ve never used a bonnet before, and there are so many different silk bonnets to choose from!

    1. Gabriella says:

      Hi Carrie, I’ve been using the Silke London bonnet/hair wrap for the past few weeks now and I have to say I really love it, and haven’t reached for my Buff at all! So much so, I want to go back and update my post on how to protect curls at night post, because I’ve been loving my Silke bonnet so much. It’s the first one I’ve used that’s large enough to hold all of my curls, without flattening them, and that also stays on all night. So it’s an absolute winner for me. The Buff may be drying out your hair as it’s made of cotton, whereas the Silke is made using silk, which doesn’t pull the moisture out of your hair. Hope that helps! xoxo

  8. Thank you so much for this blog; it’s so helpful! Is your Look Fantastic code only applicable to certain brands/products because I just tried to buy the Matrix conditioner and it didn’t work? Thank you so much x

    1. Gabriella says:

      Hi Imogen (beautiful name btw!) Look Fantastic often discount certain brands and products on their site, so for those that are already discounted, my discount code doesn’t work. As soon as that brand/product comes out of LF’s discount, then my code will work on it again. Hopefully that makes sense! x

  9. Thank you for this great post! I’ll be ordering from this site for sure 🙂