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  1. Love the detailed review, and your honesty. I’ve never tried any of the Curlsmith line. I’m sensitive to scent; makes my scalp itchy so I appreciater you mentioning this. I am a mousse/foam girl and this one sounds good. Will have to give it more thought and maybe try it.

  2. Thanks a million. Great review. I happy for you that you are finding answers for yourself.

  3. Ciara Campbell says:

    Completely agree about the mousse – it’s my new favourite thing! I made the mistake of using too much first time and while things looked great, I didn’t like the feel. Less is indeed more. Thanks as always for the discount code!

    1. Gabriella says:

      Yes! I did the exact same, used way too much the first time I tried it but get much better results when I use less.