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  1. Love your posts! Is the discount code no longer active?? I can’t find it here 🙁

    1. This post was written a good few years ago now. And if I recall correctly, the code was only a limited time only. However, you can always get 20% off Boucleme on Look Fantastic using code CURLYCAILINLF

  2. Followed and Subscribed yay! Great article, thank you 🙂

  3. Sarah Hughes says:

    You are my curl inspiration! I’m 5 months into my Christmas journey and still experimenting to find the right products for my thin 3b high porosity curls. I’d love to try the Boucleme products as I’m struggling to find something that really works for me and the reviews are amazing but the prices have deterred me until now. Fingers crossed for the competition so I get to see what all the fuss is about x

    1. Sarah Hughes says:

      Stupid auto correct not Christmas *CurlyGirl

  4. Siobhan Scott says:

    Entering! Fingers crossed

  5. Followed and subscribed! Great review 🙂

  6. Done, done, and done! I’m new to the CG method and am definitely looking for new products to help my curls!

  7. Recently found you and find blogs so interesting! Subscribed and followed on Instagram and liked on Facebook ☺️

  8. Lyndsey Butler says:

    done! would love this as an early birthday present to myself for next week! avid lover of the yellow boucleme gel but im mad to try the whole range! great prize for anyone to win xx love this blog also! my curls love all the great tips!

  9. Would love to win this

  10. Caitlin Eve Bray says:

    Thanks for the thorough review, I have yet to try boucleme and it can be daunting knowing where to start! I have followed and subscribed 🙂 fingers crossed!

  11. Marisa Evason says:

    Done. ✅ brilliant in depth review Hun!

  12. Aideen Gleeson says:

    Liked, followed & signed up!
    I’d be lost without ya…4 weeks into the CG method…after years of straightening &’the struggle is real!!

  13. Marie-Louise says:

    Hi. Loving your videos, tips and reviews. I’m a few weeks into my journey after years of bleaching and straightening with ghds. Would love to win as I know it will help me on this journey.

  14. I am dying to try Bouclème. Thanks for the thorough review!!

  15. Ella Magal says:

    Done! Great review and a big thank you for your insta where I lurk on a daily basis! I’ve recently started on my curly hair journey, having stopped wearing it curly at age 11, and I’m finally falling in love with my hair. Thanks so much for sharing all of your info! I’d love to enter the giveaway as I’m still finding products that work for me. Thanks again for everything I’ve picked up from watching your insta stories!

  16. Erin Scharp says:

    Followed you and Bouclème –
    Wish me
    Luck for the giveaway and my cg journey

  17. Great details in the review. Thanks! And fab giveaway I have subscribed and followed

  18. What an excellent review…I now know which of these products I should consider for my curls. Keep up the good work.

  19. pippa_dus says:

    Love your blog and this is a great review. As someone who has a tight budget when it comes to hair products, I find these reviews extremely helpful!!
    I admit I came back to this post for the giveaway and would love to try their gel (still looking for one I really like!). But whether I’ll be the lucky winner of not – keep up the great work and I’d love to see more product (line) reviews on here!! xx

  20. A great and extensive review! I’m curious about the effects of Boucleme on my curls. Definitely worth trying them out soon. I also entered the giveaway! X

  21. Done! Such an informative review as well can’t wait to try this range

  22. So glad I found your blog!

  23. I love your blog, Gabriella! 🙂 Thank you for your posts and review. Here in Italy I can’t find this brand, so hope for this giveaway!

  24. Love ur posts and ur insta page. Thanks for the review as a fellow uk Curlee I’m eager to try this brand!! Fingers crossed I win x

  25. Brilliant giveaway! I already follow both on Instagram (jo.does.stuff.and.tings). I found you via FB and love all your recommendations that I have tried so far, it’s great finding a low porosity hair twin!

  26. What a brilliant giveaway, I’ve been loving your posts and tried the rice water rinse which worked so well!
    Have been really wanting to try the boucleme gel and don’t have a hair towel either so this would be a fantastic prize! X

  27. Emma Brayshaw says:

    Lovely review! I’m new to the CG way, and this was one of the first brands I tried. I purchased the holiday size bottles, and so far am liking the results, and experimenting with different styling techniques. Of course, I have massive curl envy of all the ladies who have left their curls to develop and are well into their curl journeys! ➰➿ PS giveaway entered!!

  28. Sian Rutherford says:

    Ooh these products sound right up my street! I love Deva products but can’t just pop over to the US so would love to give Boucleme a try. I’ve followed them on insta. Love your blogs so informative and easy to follow tips. Keep up the great work.

  29. I have entered the giveaway and I love your blog. It’s easy to read and understand and it’s so helpful!

    1. Gabriella says:

      Thank you so much Alice!

  30. Kayleigh Wilson says:

    Have been wanting to try these products for ages! Been on my wish list so I am thankful for your discount code. I have subscribed and thanks for the fabulous giveaway opportunity x

  31. Charl Fiander says:

    Excellent post, subscribed and followed on Instagram, absolute love your curls xx

    1. Gabriella says:

      Aww thank you! It’s been a journey and a process, but I love them too!

  32. Becky davidson says:

    Another wondrous review!! Thankyou for sharing, and for the fabulous giveaway!!! Xx

    1. Gabriella says:

      Thank you Becky, your so sweet!

  33. Mandie Duke Leenheer says:

    So happy to have found an Irish based curly blog.

  34. Fab post, thank you! I’ve subscribed and followed – fingers crossed x

  35. I bought the pink one just yesterday in Dublin- -€26!!!! First time to buy from the range.Def will be using your discount code.

  36. Thank you I’ve been wondering about these products for a while will definitely try some soon xx

  37. Karen Lester says:

    I was already following you and Boucleme on Instagram and I am a subscriber to your excellent curly blog
    I absolutely love Boucleme products, I’ve just started using the intensive treatment too and my hair has never been better. I haven’t tried the Curl Cream yet, so I really hope I win x

  38. Great review.
    Thanks very much.
    The curl defining gel is my favorite thing I’ve tried too. Would love to try the towel as I have low porosity too and struggle with most plop fabrics xx

  39. Great review. I Already follow you and Bouclème! X

  40. Deborah Wilmshurst says:

    Well i have definitely been sold…must admit only 2 months in and im ready to give up but i know i need to try this product as so many good reviews I’d be silly not to…loving your shorter hair by the one gave myself a good DIY cut and i perfer it 🙂

  41. Angela Bond says:

    Wow this is a fantastic article. Now I’m desperate to try some of these!

  42. Sharyl James says:

    Subscribed and followed. Have a CG granddaughter still trying to find the right products for her, haven’t tried Boucleme yet!

  43. Great review, have been wanting to invest in some high end products once my budget ones run out!! Already follow you and Bouclème! Xox

  44. Followed and subscribed! Thank you for sharing – such great content

  45. Carmen Meck says:

    i would looove try boucleme. thanks for the detailed review!! ❤ love youd blog (and finally subscribed)

  46. Laura A Mathews says:

    I’d love to win these products. I’ve tried the gel and cream loge them!
    I’ve subscribed and liked xx

  47. Subscribed and followed, fingers crossed!

  48. Thanks, all done and fingers crossed x

  49. Subscribed and followed for the giveaway! Really enjoyed this post, been trying to find out more about Boucleme before I invested in any, so thanks!

  50. So great to read about each of their products in detail – have been meaning to give Bouclème a try for a while but was never sure which to buy!

    1. Gabriella says:

      I’m so glad you found it helpful, I know it was a really long post so thanks for reading all the way through!

  51. Joanna Owens says:

    Following both on ig and already subscribe to your page.

  52. Very good and detailed review! I live in Ireland and it’s not easy to find a lot of products. I’ve tested the conditioner and the cream so far and my curls love Boucleme. I’d love to try the gel !

  53. Charlotte says:

    Love this post! I’m desperate to try this range and now think I might just treat myself 🙂
    I’ve subscribed too x

  54. Great review. Have just started on my curl journey. Trying to get as much info as possible
    Thanks for the review. Subscribed and following

  55. Jo TULLOCH says:

    So great to have a uk brand celebrating and championing curly hair. Thank you for bringing this brand to my attention, will be making the mistake of the 10% discount.

  56. Lisa Sayers says:

    I love that you’re Irish and have an Irish slant on things! Been dipping in and out of this site for a while now while following the cg method. It’s SOOO hard to find products readily available in Ireland that I really apprecappreciate it when I do! Now….I just need to decide what products I need the most right now!

    1. Lisa Sayers says:

      Oh and I’ve done all of the following and would love a hair win!!

    2. Gabriella says:

      Aw thank you so much Lisa! I do almost all of my curly girl product shopping online. Have you checked out My Favourite Curly Girl Products post? You might find that helpful. Gabriella xoxo

  57. Subscribed and following. Will definitely be trying these products

  58. Amazing reviews. I Can’t wait to order. Thanks hunny for your feedback. Follow & subscribe Xx

  59. Great review, I’d love to try some Boucleme products. Have subscribed and followed on Instagram.

  60. Always ready to try new products, followed & subscribed.

  61. Thanks for the detailed review, I’ll definitely try some of these products ^^

  62. This post has been so useful, thank you. Being new to the CG life style there are so many products I want to try and Bouclème has definetly been one of them 🙂 Looking forward to learning and reading more from you! Great site!

    1. Gabriella says:

      Thank you so much Athena, I’m glad you found it helpful and useful. xoxo

  63. Have subscribed & followed would LOVE to win! My hair would truly thank you! Xx

  64. Love this post , so helpful, will definitely try

  65. Aideen Kinch-O'Kane says:

    Love your instagram and blog. Would love to try some bouclème products xx

    1. Gabriella says:

      Thank you Aideen xoxo

  66. Sinead Duggan says:

    Brilliant review..Dying to try these products! Have finally begun my curly girl journey and am already seeing improvements in the condition of my curls. All steps completed. Fingers and toes crossed

  67. Followed both and signed up. Will give this Boucleme a try!

  68. I love this range so much but unfortunately its a bit out of my price range, it’d make my day, my week, my year to win!

  69. Great read. I use boucleme gel and I’m looking forward to trying more products

  70. Niamh Wilson says:

    Great article! Following

  71. Vikki Patis says:

    What a fab review! I switched my cosmetics and toiletries to cruelty free (and vegan where poss!) last year, and I’m always on the lookout for cruelty free, CG friendly products. So excited to try this range! (though my bank account may disagree…) x

  72. Great informative read and valued reviews. Subscribed , followed both

  73. Roisin Farmer says:

    Wow what a great comprehensive review! I’ve been using the curl defining gel and love it but am not sure what to try next. I have the towel and love love love it, especially for after my plop when I scrunch in my stylers with it, I just love how it seems to give me great definition without any frizz. I’m already a subscriber and follower, thanks so much for the exciting opportunity. Roisin

    1. Gabriella says:

      Aw thank you so much Roisin! I love the Boucleme towel too, it doesn’t give any frizz at all, unlike the microfibre towels.

  74. Christine Ward says:

    I absolutely love your posts and this review did not dissappoint! I was already subscribed and following you but added Boucleme to my instagram in the hope I may win the competition as I’ve been dying to try the towel for ages. I love the gel and curl cream already but find I need more hold for my weak 2b waves. A hard hold gel would be amazing, please make one Boucleme! And thanks for all the combo advice too, I will be trying the gel with the pamtene mousse next wash day x

    1. Gabriella says:

      Thanks so much for your sweet words Christine!

  75. Very interesting. Unfortunately we don’t have many curl friendly products in Ireland so it’s definitely worth a try.

  76. Michelle Hope says:

    Keep hearing great things about this brand… beccadudley also recommended it on instagram. Love that it’s cruelty free and eco friendly. Going to have to try the whole range. Followed & subscribed 🙂

  77. Thank you for reviewing Boucleme. I really struggled to decide which products to choose, as I’m a mum that doesn’t work- so every penny counts.
    I’ve recently started my curly journey and I’m desperate to try something that would give softness and definition- something that I’m currently struggling with, using Tresemme conditioner and Tesco value gel!

    I’m happy to see that I could purchase trial sizes, so I won’t feel like I’ve wasted my money if the range isn’t for me.

    By the way- your rice protein rinse is the bomb!

    1. Gabriella says:

      Thank you Asha, yes the rice water treatment is the best DIY treatment I’ve discovered so far!

  78. Mary Cummins says:

    Big fan of Boucleme products! They were the first ones I tried on my curly journey just over 15 months ago. I keep coming back to them. Following u and Boucleme! ❤️

  79. Lisa Hinckley says:

    Nice review! Still looking for my holy grail of products – could these be it?

  80. Mrs Emma Lee Oakley says:

    Love the review love the products I have used really to, like reading how you describe them because I agree with so much especially the gel!
    Thank you xx

    1. Gabriella says:

      Thank you Emma! xoxo

  81. Alice vesty says:

    Love love love boucleme!!!

  82. Jo Rickard says:

    Fab review, I love the detail. I’ve subscribed and followed. Fingers crossed on a win. X

    1. Gabriella says:

      Thanks Jo, I was worried I’d made the post too long with all the details. So thank you! xoxo

  83. Lisa Green says:

    I love this post/review. I’m one month in on my CG journey & your insta was my inspiration. The advice you offer on all your posts is so helpful for us newbies. I had by toe dipped in the boucleme world as it was in April’s Curly Girls Allowed box & it was love at first use, and oh boy, that smell, it’s divine. I’ll definitely be investing in others x

    1. Gabriella says:

      Aw thank you so much Lisa, that’s so sweet and I’m honoured to be a part of your curly girl journey. Yes, the Boucleme scent is amazing! I’d love a candle of it. xoxo

  84. Karen Griffiths says:

    I am now following you and Boucleme on Instagram and subscribed,
    I have only just discovered the world of curly girls and haven’t started my journey yet so any advice is very helpful. Would love to win.

  85. Yasss my favourite curly brand too, the smell is enough to put it topof my list. Still getting to grips with the curly girl method but your posts are fab, honest and real. Thank you for helping us curlies xxx

    1. Gabriella says:

      You’re welcome Jess, and thank you! xoxo

  86. Ali Bacon says:

    I’ve loved the 2 boucleme products I’ve tried, I’d love to try others!

  87. Followed instructions…would loe to try these products as ive only ever heard good things! X

  88. Helpful review… Thank you. Would love to try these products! Have subscribed and followed ☺️

  89. I received a travel sized sample of Boucleme defining gel in my Curls Allowed box. The scent is gorgeous. I’m going to try your method of combining it with lube. I currently use both products but not at the same time so will be doing this tomorrow. Followed both yourself & Boucleme on Instagram and subscribed!

  90. Catherine says:

    Thanks Gabriella! This is a fab giveaway I have subscribed and followed. I love the idea of Boucleme; a cruelty free, British brand! I’ve been CG for a while but still on the hunt for my HG products! x

  91. Shame is not opened to the Netherlands! I would love to try these products as well, since I struggle with similar issues as you do. I’ll be travelling to the UK this summer. Any tips on where to buy? Or should I find them online?

    1. Gabriella says:

      Sorry Yara! You can still buy it off their website and get the 10% discount using my code, or you can buy it online on places like Look Fantastic – my affiliate link for them is in the sidebar/scroll down below.

  92. Catherine says:

    Subscribed and followed.
    I love the curl cream but, like you, I think less is more. I only use one pump for shiny, bouncy curls. I think it has potential to be one of my ‘holy grails’; I can’t wait to try the other products in their range.

  93. Excellent review! I currently use the gel and have been considering trying other products but I was unsure what would suit! After reading your post I think I will try the cream and see how I get on. Also very interested re your thoughts on the towel as I was considering picking up at the weekend but though maybe a bit expensive but sounds like it’s worth the price afterall!

  94. Done! A really helpful review. So far I have just tried the gel and love it. Would’ve really interested in you doing a compare between these and trepadora products as they are a similar price point!

  95. Hi I love the sound of all of the products, but it’s the gel I’m thinking of buying first. My hair is pretty thick and kinda coarse-do you think this gel will be Ok? I’m using fsg then eco gel for hold atm.

  96. Was already following on insta but have subscribed now!

  97. Great post! I haven’t tried Boucleme, heard lots of fab things about it. After reading your review I’ll be ordering soon! Subscribed & following x

  98. Sounds amazing, I’ve tried some of their sample sizes & really liked them. But completely agree about them needing to launch a Foam….I keep going back to my Paul Mitchell Sculpting Foam for its extra hold…

  99. Rebekah Lindsay says:

    Followed and subscribed! Fingers crossed!

  100. Great post and giveaway. Subscribed and followed

  101. Great review !! I’ve only used the cleansers and conditioner so far so really interested about the other products ! Also…100% agree about Space NK prices

  102. Love this post!! I’ve been wanting to try this brand for sooo long- I definitely have my eye on the curl defining gel! Subscribed and followed, so excited for this competition! Xxx

  103. Would really love to try their curl towel, t-shirts don’t do it for me and drying takes ages with no help!

  104. Great post and giveaway – subscribed and followed! I’m new to my curly journey and have just started using the curl defining gel and curl cream and love them so far. I’m excited to try more of the range!

  105. Marnie Owen says:

    Great review! I have subscribed, and followed to enter the giveaway 🙂

    1. Oooo I’d really love to try these! I’ve heard a lot about the brand but haven’t tried their products yet!

    2. I’ve subscribed … and already liked the ig pages . Let’s hope i win

    3. Done!!! So glad i found your blog z

    4. All done.
      Fingers crossed! Would love to try some new products from Boucleme

    5. Subscribed and followed both!

    6. Great review thanks! I’m 4mths into my GCM journey & in need of some new products! 🙂 orla

    7. I already follow you both and have been subscribed to your blog for about a couple months!!!! Love everything you write about!! I love the rise water treatment and I even cut my hair short with u as my inspiration! I keep looking to see what you do to handle your frizz that’s my biggest problem, but I love you keep doing what you do and thank u for everything u post